Candidates Forum Questions

I will be chatting with Keith Mashburn and Mitch Green, candidates for City Council, live on some time next week. This will not be a debate, but simply a live discussion on the issues that matter to the Candidates. We’d also like to make sure that we cover the issues that matter to YOU as well.

What would you like to hear these Candidates discuss during the course of this conversation? We’ll have a live chatroom available as well and will do our level best to monitor it and throw in your questions in real time, but it will be a challenging thing to multi-task.  If you have specific issues you would like the Candidates to cover, post them here!

I met Candidate Mitch Green this morning. He’s a friendly, sincere guy with a lot of enthusiasm about his campaign for City Council. He is genuinely looking forward to having this discussion and getting the word out to the voters.

Leave your comments here, and look for an announcement for next week!

2 thoughts on “Candidates Forum Questions

  1. Ted,So explain prceisely who is going to write individual blog posts for the SSVF website for every business in Simi Valley all the time for things like this: That did not cost Lost Canyons a dime. You want to see the daily traffic I get for article I have written on the dog park, Free movies at Regal etc? That’s hand-to-hand combat for individual businesses (or sites such as the dog park). That’s pretty much a full-time job, maybe two or three, to write blog posts for every business in Simi Valley all the time. That’s not what SSVF is, really. I know it’s a broad concept, and you’re more into posting a blog and doing some SEO diddling and seeing something immediately. Branding takes time, and approaching marketing from multiple channels. The Internet is not the tell-all, end-all solution, regardless what you think.It is sounding more and more like you have sour grapes that you did not get hired as part of the SSVF campaign. Maybe you can volunteer your services! You know, give your time for your community.And E-Verify is not a debacle. All I see is a political opportunist. If it was a problem, someone would have spoken before the Council when it was on their agenda in April.


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