New Sojka Video – Crime is Down

Here’s another video from Don Norris, an outspoken Steve Sojka supporter who happens to be an expert photographer. Obviously, he’s got an knack for video editing as well. I like the look and feel of his videos.

The latest video by Don represents his thoughts on crime in Simi Valley and how he attributes the success of the dropping crime rate to Candidate for Mayor Steve Sojka.

I love the use of video in the current election cycle and hope to see more in the months ahead.

6 thoughts on “New Sojka Video – Crime is Down

  1. Great Video too bad it’s wrong. They can hide behind the FBI’s stats and reporting guidelines all they want it’s not going to help. Whenever the there is a spike in Graffiti / Tagging that is a spike in gang activity The Incumbents will call it a tagger to make it sound less scary to the public make no mistake we have a large and growing gang problem in our town. . I won’t bother you with all the boring facts about Simi Valley Gang members that are arrested in the City of Angles, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks. And oh yeah what about that stabbing that occurred in-between Simi Valley and Moorpark a couple of Months ago. Those are just the tip of the berg. I’ve talked to some of our Police Officers from time to time and trust me when I tell you this if a copper knows the gangsters name by sight and how they tag and a lot of our coppers do, you have a problem. But hey lets show you this shiny video hoping you pay no attention to the man behind the curtain until after November 2 that’s what they want you to do. I am the only one running for city council who knows without a doubt, if it walks & talks like a duck it’s a duck not a manipulated crime statistic.


  2. I dont get it. Is that supposed to be some tactic endorsment of Sojka’s role in redcing crime. I dont see the connection.

    Come on Fluffy!!


  3. To me that is a Slide Show and not a video. I am still waiting for some actual video in one of Fluffy’s “Videos”. Seems like in such an important election Mr. Sojka would try a little harder to release quality media and not the amateur stuff we have seen so far.


  4. Sojka is pandering now. Mike Judge is correct, crime is on the rise. 40%???? Really? I’m sure all the hikers whose stuff gets stolen at the trail heads, the fitness centers, the parks and in their driveways would disagree! Badly out of touch Steve. Run Steve Run….away from the Mayor’s race.


  5. Fluffy, I’m sure if you go back 30 years you’ll have even a bigger drop. But what matters is where we are TODAY!

    Rank Order – City
    2009 City Crime Rate Rankings*

    1 Colonie, NY (83.27)
    2 Amherst, NY (82.14)
    3 Mission Viejo, CA (81.03)
    4 Irvine, CA (78.91)
    5 Ramapo, NY (78.74)
    6 Newton, MA (78.42)
    7 Clarkstown, NY (77.97)
    8 Brick Twnshp, NJ (76.71)
    9 Allen, TX (75.16)
    10 Lake Forest, CA (70.61)
    11 Sugar Land, TX (70.41)
    12 Thousand Oaks, CA (70.10) ********
    13 Chino Hills, CA (70.03)
    14 O’Fallon, MO (69.97)
    15 Centennial, CO (69.37)
    16 Greece, NY (69.13)
    17 Edmond, OK (68.44)
    18 Round Rock, TX (68.44)
    19 Cary, NC (68.21)
    20 Frisco, TX (67.69)
    21 Murrieta, CA (67.11)
    22 Canton Twnshp, MI (66.60)
    23 Toms River Twnshp, NJ (65.17)
    24 Gilbert, AZ (64.99)
    25 Orem, UT (64.57)
    26 Warwick, RI (63.97)
    27 Surprise, AZ (62.39)
    28 Newport Beach, CA (61.80)
    29 Danbury, CT (60.00)
    30 Lee’s Summit, MO (59.46)
    31 Simi Valley, CA (58.95) *********

    Source: CQ Press using reported data from the F.B.I. “Crime in the United States 2008” NA Warren, MI** NA
    *Includes murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.


  6. Does he think because he put it in a slide show that we will all believe it as fact. I know how the FBI does there stats and I know how Mr. Sedell has ordered the PD to change the way they report crimes to the state. Why do you think most calls for service end without a report taken. No report, No crime and No stat.


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