Police Endorse Huber/Mashburn

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I just arrived home from a lunch meeting and, no offense to my meeting partner, I’ve never wanted to come home faster to publish an announcement. The Simi Valley Police Officers Association plans to announce their endorsement for Bob Huber as Simi Valley Mayor and Keith Mashburn for Simi Valley City Council. Several weeks ago, I included the following commentary in a blog post regarding the endorsement of the Firefighters Association:

Representatives of the Simi Valley Police Officers Association recently had a meeting with Congressman Gallegly.  Would anyone be surprised if a press release comes out soon with another big Bob Huber endorsement?  Honestly, probably not.

Keith Mashburn, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council

Going back to those thoughts, I’m certainly not surprised by Bob Huber’s endorsement. But I’m very surprised by their support of Keith Mashburn. I’ve spoken to Keith very casually on a number of occasions and I think he’s a good man with sincere goals regarding his hopeful Council career. As a retired Firefighter, he’s had a career that involved service to his community, so I can see why he would be worthy of the nod. But I’m surprised because I fully expected Candidate Mike Judge to get the endorsement. As an LAPD police officer and outspoken supporter of Simi Valley’s finest, it seemed like a sure thing. Though I didn’t expect it, I’m definitely pleased for Keith Mashburn and send him my sincerest congratulations.

One of the first things Keith Mashburn said to me when we first spoke on the phone was in response to my remark about this race being an up-hill battle.  He said, “I’m up to the task.” He definitely seems to be, and so far so good! His signs are popping up, and this endorsement is huge! Find out more about him on his Facebook page, linked below.

So what does an announcement like this mean for the incumbents and how does the support of the POA shift? According to this recent press release on the City website, communication between the City and Police Union has been successful. Do the police not feel the recent negotiations were a step in the right direction? Weeks ago, I speculated that Elton Gallegly’s influence might shift support towards Candidate Bob Huber after a meeting took place at the Congressman’s home. Are we seeing the result of influence, or a response to events behind the scenes? Remember the highly publicized vote of no confidence in the Chief of Police? And why Mashburn and not Judge? There is a lot to discuss and I’d love your feedback.

UPDATE: Please note, this information was shared with me outside standard communication channels. Press releases from all parties are most likely forthcoming.

39 thoughts on “Police Endorse Huber/Mashburn

  1. Mr. Mashburn,

    Kudos to you for being the type of man the public safety folks would carefully choose to endorse. Having watched them in the past, they don’t just endorse to endorse, and anyone who thinks Simi Valley should earn safest city status again should pay attention. The current leaders are hiding behind some statistic that Simi is “safer now than 20 years ago.” this is a total cop out by leadership to not think earning “safest city” status is important. If it was a true priority, the police department would be 150 strong, and able to actually get a handle on problems, not 103 actual street officers, way below federal standards.

    Hopefully you will take them to task, and win or lose, you will force them to address issues they have cowardly chosen to ignore.


  2. Mike,

    I’m surprised you are impuning the rank and file of our Police Dept by still suggesting that the major reason the POA endorsed Huber is because of Gallegly. What sway does he wield over the POA? Let’s think about this.

    They just had their contract reopened and voted on a 3 year contract. So this isn’t about getting something they want in contract form.

    This is truly about sending the signal that they DO NOT feel supported by the Council. Even Miller took a shot at them in the paper after last year’s chaos and I know they didn’t forget that. So that didn’t help him with his hand picked successor.

    Sojka himself has been lobbying hard for their endorsement since last year. So much so that the common refrain from the street cops was ” the blood hasn’t even dried from our wounds on the last contract war and he’s in here trying to make nice”. It really made their resolve against him galvanized. Talk to the cops yourself and you’ll see.

    And the reason for Mashburn is simple. He can win! He’s a serious contender with good credentials who is the current Chair of the planning commission. He’s an insider blowing the whistle on the problems from a position of knowledge.

    The bottom line is that the distain for Sojka from the cops is huge. Especially when he keeps running around telling everyone about his dad being a Chief. That has only worked to inflame things at the PD. You can’t run around screaming my dads a Chief…………and then put the screws to them during contract talks. It just doesn’t play well. And Huber speaks their language. His credentials resonate with them big time.

    I see Sojkas latest video was meant to mute their endorsement. Wait till you see the facts in the ads they role out. It’s gonna make his video look like a fairy tale.


  3. Mike Judge should get out of the race now and back Mashburn. Mashburn is the chosen union choice. This day marks Mike Judge’s Judgement day. Get out of the race and shut up Mike Judge!!!


  4. Whats with the Sojka video? Now he’s talking about thank you to the cops after he kicked them to the curb and watched Miller tell them “I hoped they learned a lesson”. Talk about biting the hand that protects you.

    I talk to many cops in this town and they will tell you. Sojka DOES NOT support us.


  5. I’m surprised, no I’m shocked, that Simi’s cops didn’t back a fellow cop in Mike Judge. Mike Judge is a real cop who understands public safety. This smells of a backroom deal paid for by Elton Gallegly.


  6. As someone who has been around Simi for a long time, long enough to remember when lawyer Bob Huber got more than a dozen DUI clients off with nothing more than a slap on the hand, it’s interesting that Bob is now getting the backing of the cops. People sure have a short memory…


  7. Wait until the total compensation packages come out for the city manager and all the upper management people. We have our own little baby Bell brewing here. Your going to see Council members running for cover.


  8. I’ve lived here a long time too. The police union has one interest and one interest only… Get higher pay and higher pensions whether we can pay for it or not.

    There is no doubt Mashburn the pension hog and Huber the candidate for the highest bidder can pull this off.

    These two are City of Bell protégés.


  9. Pension reform is the biggest issue facing this City, and statewide, and will be debated heavily during the governor’s race the entire fall. Yet, we have this retired firefighter (Mashburn) who’s living off a pension, and someone who’s spent 12 years as an elected official (Huber) who has not done anything to address the issue while in office.

    Government agencies just cannot keep operating with the pension systems it has today. Mashburn has a problem because not only does he live off one, he also made a lot of money off of overtime with a Fire District that has the same problem as the Simi Valley Police Department – out of control OT costs. A question local newspapers should ask is, did his pension amount increase due to how much be made in OT?

    Huber, well, he always has these ideas, and you always have to wonder, why didn’t he propose them for the College District, where he has sat in comfort for so many years now? He’s surely getting some benefits from them. Why doesn’t the VCCCD use E-Verify for its employees now? Why didn’t Bob Huber propose this the VCCCD? The list goes on and on and on and on. The answer is simple: Bob Huber is really, really desperate to be Mayor right now. You wonder if he brought up that DUI case of his (where he got all those DUI suspects off the hook, and then belittled the Sheriff in the newspaper about it) when the POA interviewed him. Did you ask, POA?

    There are plenty of facts to get before voters’ eyes. The fact that the City of Simi Valley already is addressing pension reform — it is a leader in the state compared with all the cities in California in this regard — is going to tie in really well once the governor’s race ads dominate our TVs.


  10. Ot Soldier,

    Do you NOT know that Sojka Williamson and Becerra have been on the council for 12 years? THEY are the ones who have approved the POA contracts with the pension and OT inclusions. To start ragging on Huber at VCCCD is a such a joke. Sojka and Becerra are both bragging on their facebooks about what a great job they did extending the POA contract for 3 years. Sorry, OUR current council OWNS this one! You cant run away from it.


  11. Public employee unions have destroyed our school system, wreaked the prison system, damaged the college system and now Huber and Mashburn are opening up the backdoor to destroy public safety.

    We’ve never had students so unprepared, a prison system we can’t afford, and mega fires we can’t control since public employee unions began to call the shots.

    Now unions are taking over Obamacare.

    I’m glad I know who represents these interests. Public employee unions seek to control our democratic process.

    We the voters have to stop it.


  12. So Huber asked the Grand Jury to step in. Seems like he wanted an unbiased arbiter to handle the situation. Not sure what your point is.


  13. Ah, if that’s all there was, Tom R. However, after he won, Bob Huber went out of his way to poke his finger in the eyes of both the DA and the very well-respected Sheriff Larry Carpenter. Nice!:

    Ventura County Star (California), November 20, 1997, Thursday

    Crime lab blunders exposed despite DA’s bullying tactics

    By Robert O. Huber

    SECTION: Editorials; Pg. D07

    Thank God for a free press in Ventura County.

    The framers of our Bill of Rights and Constitution recognized that a free, civilized society needed checks and balances to protect the little guy from being crushed by the government. Those checks and balances provided for our protection included freedom of speech and a free press.

    One should look with a suspicious eye upon anyone who tries to muzzle our freedom to speak out even when the cause is very unpopular. We, as young students in school, all learned what happened when Hitler’s Nazis took over the free press.

    The Watergate tragedy would never have been exposed had it not been for an aggressive free press. Richard Nixon, time and time again, attacked the free press for having the audacity to question him. The primary problem Nixon had was that he thought he was above the law.

    For more than six months, the Star has aggressively reported the Ventura County Sheriff’s crime lab mess. Sometimes to get to the truth, one has to be aggressive.

    Unfortunately, feathers of the comfortable government establishment got ruffled in the process.

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.”

    It has been over a year since the Ventura County Sheriff Department’s crime lab started having its problems. On Nov. 11, Sheriff Larry Carpenter admitted “errors were committed” by his crime lab and announced his intention to take serious steps to remedy the situation. Mr. Carpenter also said, “I remain concerned about the potential loss of public confidence in the competency of the crime lab.”

    These steps finally taken by Sheriff Carpenter were because of pressure from the media, primarily coming from the Star. After all, how could the public lose confidence in the crime lab unless they knew about all the problems it was having?
    Just three days after Sheriff Carpenter’s announcement, District Attorney Michael Bradbury, in a Nov. 14 letter in the Star, strikes out and blasts the Star. This is not the first time during the crime lab process Mr. Bradbury has tried to control freedom of the press.

    Shortly after the filing of the crime lab motions in court, Mr. Bradbury sent one of his top lawyers, a chief deputy district attorney, to the Star, attempting to shut down access to the press by charging that it was improper for his opposition to provide crime lab information to the press.
    Fortunately for the citizens of Ventura County, these bullying tactics did not work and the free press has continued to aggressively pursue this crime lab issue.
    In his Nov. 14 letter, Mr. Bradbury waxes poetic, exalting the virtues of Sheriff Carpenter, his longtime friend and political ally. It is easy to see why it is common knowledge that Mr. Bradbury has long been universally considered unquestionably the smoothest elected politician in Ventura County.

    Mr. Carpenter is a decent man and has been a good sheriff, but, contrary to Mr. Bradbury’s exceedingly high praise, he sorely botched the management of the crime lab during his watch as our county’s top cop.

    It makes you wonder about the application of open-minded and fair enforcement in our system of justice here in Ventura County when our top government lawyer continues to attempt to sanitize the sheriff even after the sheriff has admitted to his crime lab’s “errors” and is now beginning to take serious steps to correct them.

    Regarding the status of the crime lab license, Mr. Bradbury states in his letter to the Star that it was “specifically found the license was never revoked, suspended, lapsed, yanked, etc.”

    What Mr. Bradbury neglects to tell the reader about are the results of a request by the California Department of Health Services to the office of the state’s top law enforcement agency, the California attorney general, for a legal opinion regarding the status of the license of the Ventura County crime lab.

    In response to the DHS, the attorney general, Department of Justice in San Francisco, after a view of the situation, rendered a legal opinion on May 15 regarding the crime lab’s license. This May 15 attorney general opinion concluded that the Ventura County crime lab was “not licensed (at present) to perform forensic alcohol analysis.”

    Despite all of Mr. Bradbury’s glowing rhetoric about the sheriff in his article, the proof is in the pudding. Sheriff Carpenter has admitted the crime lab errors and is now taking serious steps to repair these long-standing problems.

    My hat is off to Sheriff Carpenter for doing the honorable thing by acknowledging the problems and taking steps to correct them. The public trust in the crime lab has been severely eroded and needs to be regained. These steps by the sheriff are in the right direction.

    Thank God for a free press in Ventura County.

    Robert O. Huber is a former prosecutor who practices civil and criminal law in Simi Valley and Ventura.


  14. Did he need to go out of his way to have published in the county newspaper a wordy diatribe with statements like this?: “Mr. Bradbury waxes poetic, exalting the virtues of Sheriff Carpenter, his longtime friend and political ally. It is easy to see why it is common knowledge that Mr. Bradbury has long been universally considered unquestionably the smoothest elected politician in Ventura County.”

    Most people would win the case, be happy and move on. This column reveals much about the man.


  15. I’m completely confused Head Shaker. You seem to show evidence to discredit your own point. The obvious conclusion appears to be Bob Huber proved that our very own crime lab ( the only crime lab) was a failure on many levels not the least of which was conducting tests for which it was not licensed. Sounds to me like Bob was quite the crusader for the little guy and took on the mighty Bradbury, a feat not many would dare to take on.


  16. I guess you are right about it reveals much about the man. He obviously is man of principle who does not back down even when going against The County if he believes his cause is just. Secondly he is an astute intellectual communicator capable of handling most any issue that our City many face. I think you have unwittingly made many points for him.


  17. I have been a resident of this great city since 1968. I have seen it grow, sometimes well and sometimes not so well, to be a respectable and comfortable city to live in. I, for one, keep an open mind when it comes to elections as I have seen over the years some candidates will do or say whatever it takes to “win”.
    Having this in mind, I have known and/or had occasion to speak with the incumbents and the challengers at one time or another throughout the years.
    It seems to me that the above one liners need to become a little more educated about their candidates as well as the challengers. This would give them the opportunity to give an educated opinion and/or view of what they are trying to portray. Anyone can through out one-liners about something or someone they know nothing about, but to be taken seriously you need to, at least, back up your claims with with some real evidence.
    I have recently attended a small gathering that Mr. Mashburn also attended and I was able to ask him some questions about his campaign and how he planned to better an already great city. His demeanor and straightforward answers left me feeling confident that he would be a great asset to this already great city and he would be able to lead us into the next chapter in our cities future with confidence and a true want to be the peoples voice.( NOT the voice of contributors from other states who just happen to be developers and/or builders ).

    It’s pretty simple folks. The citizens of Bell just went along with the status quo for years without researching or questioning their public officials and we all know what happened there. DO YOU KNOW WHATS HAPPENING HERE OR ARE YOU JUST GOING ALONG WITH THE STATUS QUO AND WHAT YOU ARE TOLD BY THE COUNCIL????????
    All i’m saying is go out and talk to ALL these people sincerely and make an educated decision on your vote because how you vote now will effect you and your children for many years to come.


  18. Why didnt the Huber campaign and Mashburn campaign make this announcement? If this is such important news, wouldn’t they want to go and shout it to the world? But nothing. Keith Mashburn mentions it on his Facebook page and that’s it.


  19. Because they know the public doesn’t like special interests drowning out their vote. This union is pursuing a better financial arrangement with Huber and Mashburn. Each officer will get showered with gifts while the voter will gets stuck holding the bag.

    Huber and Mashburn should come clean and tell the public what exactly they promised this union if elected. What did the union buy?


  20. I want to know the same as Bill A. You think they each would have a press release. They both earned some bragging rights here didn’t they? Why not brag about it, announce on website, etc, etc, etc.


  21. The column was pompous drivel written by a personal injury lawyer who just got a bunch of drunk drivers off scott free on a technicality.


  22. Mike,

    In the interest of full disclosure I think you should inform your readers that this endorsement has NOT been made public yet and that you received inside information. That is why these candidates haven’t issued any press releases yet. I’m know the POA will be issuing a public press release later this week.


  23. Inside information? Really? Is this watergate or simi valley mayor?? It is ridiculous to withold that kind of information in something like a local election and I demand to know the source. In the interest of full disclosure, tell your readers the source or take the blog down as inaccurate.


  24. Now wait a minute Bill A. Give the union enough time to write Huber and Mashburn’s positions on the union contract. So far, Huber has not told anyone, but his police union what his positions are on union contracts.

    Maybe, voters will soon know what was promised at our expense.

    Strange that Mashburn argues for transparency for everyone, but what he has promised the cops for the endorsement.


  25. Sedell Soldier: I agree. I have updated the article accordingly.

    Bill A.: I received the news only because I agreed not to disclose who told me. This person has a relationship with both candidates and chooses to stay neutral. Since both candidates have many of the same friends and associates, neutrality and a desire to “not get involved” are common. It doesn’t mean anything beyond that.

    Johnson: There’s nothing to lead me to believe that anything was promised to the Police Union. It’s a simple endorsement.


  26. Hi Mike,

    The meeting with Gallegly is an important fact. I think it is important to note that one of Huber’s most powerful supporters met with the POA before the endorsement. You don’t agree?

    The negative comments will come and have on both sides. I don’t wonder why people do not comment on my blog. I do wonder why people get personal in my comments. This morning I deleted a statement someone made about sojka’s son. Its a real problem.


  27. It makes no difference that Huber’s supporters met with the POA first. They can make their own decisions and obviously DID. Go Huber!


  28. Mike C.

    I think what is important that most people do not understand is that a Blog is not a newspaper. It is Mike Chandler’s project and he gets to direct it in any manner he sees fit. I may not always agree with Mike, but I think that he is a decent guy and provides a good forum for Simi Valley Citizens.

    I have been writing my blog for a while now and my readers can disagree with my opinions on real estate all day long and I will leave those comments up as long as they are constructive and do not attack people personally. I’ll be speaking this fall at the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas and until you get around the business end of blogging, there is a misconception between blogging and traditional news.

    Real Estate topics don’t get people crazy like politics do, I don’t have my hands full like Mike does on this blog. Politics & religion are two very difficult topics to keep readers under control. If it were my political blog, I would have reigned in on the anonymous group (whether for Huber or Sojka) more so than Mike, but then again it is Mike’s blog, I can see the direction he is moving with this so I will post and comment accordingly.

    The Papers have really left us high and dry. The Star is now turning into a reprint service for the AP with very little local content any more. The Acorn writers don’t know how to look at their stories with much detail and have poor follow-up, so blogs like these will fill the void.

    For me, I like what Mike is doing here, it may not be exactly how I would do it, but I unless he goes off the reservation radically, I think we should help votesimivalley.com mature; if we do it will be a great resource for our community.


  29. Ted,
    I agree with your comments about this blog. It is a much better way for people to express their opinions than the two “unlocal” papers. The only thing that could make it any better would be comments based on fact.

    Sounds to me like you have a personal problem, with either Huber or Mashburn, that is completely clouding your judgement and/or ability to actually make an educated statement. According to your baseless statements we should immediately ask for an investigation into the gifts and money that was given to each officer when they endorsed Sojka for city council. Baseless comments and inuendo such as yours are the reasons this country is in such dire straights.

    Mike C.
    Keep up the good work. You will always get those that have no clue whats really going on so they will make personal unsubstantiated attacks. The overall good of the city will be served well by continuing to supply a means for people to muddle through the comments and hopefully do some research to vote for the best candidate for the city as a whole and not just to serve their own personal interests.


  30. Gallegly won in 2008 with 57.34% of the vote. The Sojka aligned anti-Gallegly sentiment here and on Dennert’s blog is a story in itself. Who are these people? Are they Republicans or Republicans in name only? Would they express their dislike for our Congressman to his face? Where do Sojka’s Republican endorsements sit with the anti-Gallegly comments (for example, Glen Becerra, Cameron Smyth)? What is Sojka’s congressional choice for November? Maybe you can start a poll or new blog post on the anti-Gallegly Republicans.


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