LIVE With the Candidates


It’s taken a while to coordinate the effort, and some of the specifics are still a bit up in the air, but it looks like we have a group of eager City Council Candidates who are ready to discuss the issues LIVE on a streaming audio feed right here on We’ve got a date of Thursday, August 12th, 7:00pm for this event.

For me, this is a huge deal! Simi Valley voters don’t get equal exposure to challenging candidates as they do to incumbents like Becerra and Foster. Both incumbents have a standing history as Council Members, each with their own network of friends and associates who can help spread the word, participate in fundraisers, and assist with distributing signs and literature. Challengers are by no means helpless, but don’t always have similar networks. My hope is this will serve as a helpful platform with which they can spread the word about their candidacies.

City Council Candidate Chat

“The Challengers”

Thursday, August 12 @ 7:00pm

All you need to listen-in on this discussion is your web browser, equipped with Flash (which most browsers support already). If you miss any portion of the live broadcast, it will be available here on the website for replay or you can subscribe to the Podcast feed in the Apple iTunes Store for playback on your favorite music player.

2 thoughts on “LIVE With the Candidates

  1. Hello Wayne,

    This will not be a debate. The participants will be the challenging Candidates for Council member seats only, no mayoral candidates. Keith Mashburn, Mike Judge, Ken Sandberg, and Mitch Green will be participating.

    I fully expect that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all four candidates. All four genuinely have the city’s best interests in mind.


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