Bob Huber Files for Mayor

Huber Files Nomination Papers for Simi Valley Mayor

Friday afternoon, August 6, Bob Huber filed his nomination papers to run for Simi Valley Mayor, at the Simi Valley City Hall.

“I am honored that hundred of citizens, numerous elected officials and many community business leaders are supporting my efforts to bring renewed leadership to City Hall.,” said Bob Huber.

As a candidate for the past several months he has been promoting transparency in City Hall, promoting a free ombudsman program to help our citizens and institute the E-Verify system to create jobs for Simi Valley residents. Huber has been promoting monthly town halls, so that government comes to the people instead of the people needing to go to the government.

“It is important that city government become open, transparent and helpful to the people of our community. An Ombudsman program can be developed, at no cost to the taxpayers. The alternative is a program costing a minimum of $160,000 per year,” Huber said.

“Presidents from George Bush to Barack Obama have created, implemented and used the E-Verify system to limit the ability of undocumented workers from getting jobs meant for legal residents and citizens. The Department of Defense and Homeland Security mandates the use of E-Verify. Over 200,000 companies use the system and dozens of California towns. “Would President Obama, President Bush, and two major government agencies use a system that is ‘unreliable’ — as some have called it,” said Huber in support of his proposal.

Bob Huber is supported in his race for Mayor against a twelve-year city council incumbent by hundreds of Simi Valley residents, small business owners, and elected officials such as Congressman Elton Gallegly, State Senator Tony Strickland, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, School Board Member Rob Collins, former Simi Mayors Senator Cathie Wright (Ret.) and Greg Stratton, along with the Ventura County Professional Firefighters Association.

Huber wanted to make clear this was going to be a clean race, based on issues and policies, not personalities, “The people of Simi Valley deserve a clean campaign where the voters can talk directly with me, reach me via email or the Internet. They need to feel free to ask questions and deserve direct answers. I look forward to serving the people of my hometown, Simi Valley.”

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