Shameful Sign Vandalism

This troubling statement was released from Team Huber this evening regarding sign vandalism:

Unfortunately, the negative side of the campaign season has reared its ugly head, and we need your help.  Over the last 24 hours we have had five of our large campaign signs stolen and as many have been knocked down and vandalized.

We need your help to be the eyes and ears of the campaign.  If you have any information or see anything suspicious regarding campaign signs, please let us know ASAP so that we can assist the police with their investigation.  In addition, please let us know if you see any signs vandalized or missing.

A lot of money, time and effort goes into putting up these signs.  Your help in preventing future thefts/vandalism is greatly appreciated.

Vandalized sign

Frankly, I find this practice disgusting. I was a volunteer on a campaign for an underdog in an election and when you are a single person putting up signs, every last one of them means something important to you. To have even one of them stolen or damaged feels like a personal assault.

The time and the cost involved to put these signs up throughout the city represent a significant effort by passionate volunteers. It’s my belief that if you take the time to read this blog it’s because you appreciate the political process and that you do not participate in vandalism.

UPDATE: I requested a comment from the Steve Sojka for Mayor Campaign on this incident and received a reply from Councilman Sojka directly.

Being on vacation, I was unaware of this incident and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I personally take this very seriously. We recently issued a statement to our supporters to respect our opponent’s signs as follows:

“Just a friendly reminder to all our Team Sojka supporters… as campaign season kicks into high gear, please remember that tampering with our opponent’s signs is illegal and will not be tolerated by the Sojka for Mayor campaign.”

10 thoughts on “Shameful Sign Vandalism

  1. this is absolutely disgraceful. thank you for posting a blog piece on this, as it is an important issue. i hope the police find all of the responsible parties and hold them accountable. i fully support bob huber, and i hope that this is the last of any kind of vandalism that the campaign deals with.


  2. Elle,

    Some people who have issues will take down signs. Many times those people who may be supporters of the opposition will do bad things on their own much like the anonymous posters here.

    As a real estate agent I see some pretty funny thing happen with open house signs. Kids will kick signs over, throw them in bushes etc. I have had disgruntled neighbors remove my open house signs, throw them on the freeway. Whenever possible I knock on door and ask before putting my sign out, but weird things happen.

    Part of this is malicious and part is just the goofy stuff that happens with kids and people acting out not related to the opposition.


  3. Hmmm… hoping that surveillance cams can help discover who is responsible for this.

    One reminder- in the past to draw attention to their cause, candidates would sabotage their own signs to call attention and point out to the ‘savagery’ of the opponents supporters.

    Not saying this is the case here, but once the surveillance video surfaces… and it most likely will, who ever is responsible – should be held accountable.


  4. Mike C:

    I think both Don’s remark and yours are out of line. No one knows who did this for sure, but we should all agree that it’s disgusting and pathetic and shouldn’t be done.

    A true supporter of either candidate wouldn’t dare mess with the signs of an opponent. It completely goes against the wishes of their respective candidate.


  5. Mike C, you said that Sjoka supporters were behind it in your first post, that’s what’s out of line.

    Honestly, schools out and there’s a lot more kids walking around, my guess is that some kid kicked it over to make his buddies laugh.


  6. Mike C: Don’s comment pours salt in an open wound, I agree. But the automatic assumption that Sojka supporters are behind this is the type of accusation to fan the flames further.

    It’s the natural reaction for sure, but enough to spawn a war of words. This is an upsetting turn of events.


  7. Come on people, there are always going to be acts of vandalism with street side signs. Knowing both the candidates and the integrity they hold, as well as their supporters, I’m sure this was a random act of someone walking by and kicking it over simply because it was there… it’s people like some of you who then throw it out of wack and cause it to explode into something that should just be forgotten and one can just hope it doesn’t happen again…


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