Huber Robocalls!

Uh oh. The Facebook and blogging community is buzzing about the dreaded political “robocalls” or automated phone calls with political messages. These robocalls are coming from the Bob Huber for Mayor campaign. As you might expect, the public responses in the online community are negative.

I haven’t received a phone call yet and I’m wondering if I will.  I recently refreshed my entry in the federal “do not call” list. I’ll be curious to see if these phone calls cross reference the federal do not call database. I’m actually not clear on how that works and what the obligations are for those who make political ad phone calls.

These automated phone calls are made using an auto dialing service that delivers recipients of the call a recorded message, in this case a message about Bob Huber’s bid for Mayor of Simi Valley. These services are meant to handle large volumes of dial out phone calls to specific blocks of numbers, sometimes as wide as a single area code, but can be limited to area codes and prefixes. Some services provide a way for recipients to “opt out” of receiving further phone calls from the originating dialing party — reports are that Huber’s phone calls do not offer an opt out option.

If you can say that campaign signs being posted at the four month mark is disrespectful to the community, what can you say about robocalls with no opt-out choice?

20 thoughts on “Huber Robocalls!

  1. Robo-calls are an Audra Strickland campaign tactic. Huber also already has paid Audra Strickland’s head hitman, Darin Henry, $1800 for something (See campaign finance documents at, so let’s get ready for some Thousand Oaks-like slime campaigning in Simi.


  2. I don’t like phone calls.

    I searched the internet for a buzzing community of negative responses from robocalls received from the Huber campaign. I only encountered one reference to an actual (“alleged”) Huber robocall. Can you post up multiple links to the buzz? I’d like to connect to those blog sites and Facebook pages as well.


  3. Ted, you’re too hypersensitive. Give you a break because I wonder if I’m going to get a call? Huber’s doing robocalls and people don’t like them. What supporting information do you need? Do you want to “friend” all my friends on Facebook for confirmation? What’s troubling you about this? Are you saying I shouldn’t be mentioning this because I haven’t given you enough examples to qualify this as “buzz?”

    My point is that if Huber’s team is going to suggest that signs are a problem for the community, why is he robocalling?


  4. Ok Ted, that’s fair. But do you feel that you hold me to a blogging standard when I criticize the city but to a higher standard when I criticize your candidate? So far, no one has engaged me on whether or not robocalls are more or less disrespectful to the community than signs up for 4 months.


  5. My question isn’t even about the calls. What I want to know is, what is a “Sedell Soldier”? I see you comment on these blogs, but are you implying that you’re speaking on behalf on Mike Sedell? I may be totally off here but I’m just wondering.


  6. Interesting… Hubers test site for 2012.

    Huber is running for Congress. This is the ONLY realistic reason Gallegly is supporting this guy. They’re not to shy about it either… seems a TON of EG’s deep pocket contributors are already stuffing the pockets of Mr. Huberville.

    Win or lose this mayoral election, Huber gains much needed name recognition as Gallegly’s replacement.


  7. I’m a bit behind here, so allow me to catch up.

    First, the post above that references the website is not at all conneted with Bob Huber, so I’ll just move on…

    I’m actively working on scheduling a live chat with the incumbents to talk about key issues in real time, Ted. This includes the Farmers issue.

    You’re making a big deal about the do not call registry, but I’m not. I wondered aloud if I’d be called. It’s a fair question to wonder. Just because the law doesn’t require them to follow my do not call request, it doesn’t mean they won’t honor it. And so far, they have.

    I think you read a lot of tone and inflection in my posts that actually doesn’t exist. I’d argue with you about that, but I suspect doing so would be futile.

    The basic point is that while some clearly dislike political campaign signs, there are also those who dislike robocalls that you cannot opt out of. It’s really a lot less dramatic than you’re making it out to be. The question was, if you think campaign signs at the four month mark is disrespectful, what can you say about robocalls with no opt out option? Read it in a relatively monotone voice and you’ll get an accurate feel for how I’m posing the question.

    On another note, I do not believe that you’re knocking on doors during Dancing with the Stars. I believe you are front and center in front of the tube watching Dancing with the Stars, fully invested in the weekly outcome.


  8. We don’t know that this site is not connected to Huber for a fact. Suggesting that you do a whois search for the url… then connect the dots.

    Huber has not denied that he is NOT running for congress. He should be more direct with the electorate.

    Further, with the average contributions in the $200 to $250 range, isn’t it interesting that Huber’s contributors are from EG’s camp AND the average contributions are exceeding $500 per person? Why so much $$ for the Mayor of Simi Valley?


  9. Lengthy responses from critics are commonplace. I haven’t received one of these calls. How would I know if it weren’t being discussed online?

    Sorry kids, the post stands as is. You can’t say you respect the community too much to put up signs early and then blast robocalls and not expect anyone to point it out. How does that make any sense? I know Ted pointed out his objections to people indicating that Huber didn’t know the sign ordinance, but that wasn’t from me so I have no response to that.

    I’m totally disarmed on the buzz issue. I got nothing to satisfy you on this. If I pointed to a legion of screen captured remarks, would they just be Sojka supporters and thus disqualified as buzz? Does the volume represent less than a buzz? Maybe a blip? A slight oozing of discontent? I’m not one to admit that he’s wrong when faced with compelling evidence. Maybe you can point me to the online buzz about how delighted people are to receive these robocalls.


  10. Ted, we’re not going to agree on this, so I’m not sure how much more we can discuss. I wondered if I was exempt from receiving calls because I’m on the do not call registry. If I don’t receive a call, isn’t that a good thing?

    No, it is not unreasonable to criticize me for not researching the do not call registry to determine if political calls are exempt. I do believe, however, that services that contract for politicians DO honor them as a matter of company policy and I will believe that to be the case if I don’t receive a call.

    To my point, I do not believe that a candidate can claim to take higher moral ground by holding back on publishing signs only to turn around and blast un-manned phone calls to the masses.

    Ted, is it unreasonable of me to make that comparison?


  11. I hate “robo” calls as much as I hate this blog. I got a robo call yesterday from Bob Huber. Its obnoxious and inexcusable. I still support Huber, but I hate the calls and it should stop.

    Mike, dont spend too much time on Huber. Your problem is the incumbents. They think they got you under there spell and control you. We read this and it looks right on. Get ready to get chased out of town after Huber is elected. Ask me what Williamson thinks of you and your little blog.


  12. I personally do not think that robocalls are even worth mentioning. If you consider Bob’s message, its worth it for him to send it out even if someones doesn’t want to hear it at first because of the importance to the electorate. People may not like it at first until they hear what he has to say. I havent got a call yet but I hope I do and will welcome it.


  13. I don’t think robocalling is immoral. But I also don’t think signs up for 4 months is immoral. I know you’ve said before that it became an issue about Bob Huber not knowing the sign ordinance, but I don’t know where that is coming from. I never believed that Bob Huber hadn’t conducted the proper research into the details of local campaigning. I don’t think you should be able to get away with holding off on a political ad medium “out of respect” for the community only to turn around and participate in something as invasive as telemarketing.

    Of course, that’s just an opinion. It’s already been pointed out that I love political sign season, and I’ve read several remarks from people who despise them.

    On that note, I find golf tournaments as unappealing as robocalling. I’m too uncoordinated to play golf. Maybe I’ll post something about how offensive golf tournaments are to offend the Sojka crowd. Or I can just watching Dancing with the Stars and call it a night.


  14. Mike,

    You should remove the ridiculous comment by Why now. It has no business here. Why do even allow such nonsense to contaminate this blog?


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