Burgers with Bob

Oksy, I’m going to the Burgers with Bob event on August 29th. I had sworn myself off of fundraisers because it’s hard for me to get anyone to speak openly about any issues once they find out I publish this blog. I do not represent hard a hitting news outlet by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, people aren’t comfortable chatting with me at these things if it has anything to do with the City’s hot topics. Or, I have bad breath… It’s one of those.

This event is different. Here’s the ad on Facebook:

Come on down to have a burger with Bob and his brigade! Discuss your thoughts and ideas for improving our great city with the man who will be the People’s Mayor. Bob wants to hear from you! Bring your family and friends to meet Bob, Hear all about his vision for our city, and share with him what matters most to you! Lunch is only $5 per person, so bring the whole family!

August 29th, Sunday, 12:00 – 2:00pm @ Rancho Community Park: 1765 Royal Ave.

To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty hungry for some real discussion on the issues. If this is the event where that will take place, then I’m all for it.

3 thoughts on “Burgers with Bob

  1. Donna- You might want to reread the snipit that Mike posted. It’s $5 per person. That’s not “free.”

    By the way, Jeanne Davis has endorsed Steve Sojka for Mayor.


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