Campaign Websites

I like to stay on top of the social media tools and how they expand. These are worthy tools for those who are campaigning, including those who are campaigning locally here in Simi Valley.

Facebook is a terrific free way to promote your campaign online. Most of the City Council candidates are using Facebook to promote their events and send campaign messages to their supporters. Recently, Facebook announced Facebook Places, a neat tool for those with the right mobile device. Not necessarily a campaign tool, but a clear indication of the continued growth and expansion of one of the most popular social networking phenomenons to date.

For those of you involved in local elections who are looking for assistance or guidance, I’d like to once again offer my support. I live and breathe this stuff on a daily basis and would be more than happy to share some techniques or offer guidance, no strings attached. I can’t help it. I love this stuff. It’s a sickness!

2 thoughts on “Campaign Websites

  1. People:

    See Steve Sojka’s website? The home page is so dark. He looks a bit sinister on the home page me thinks. It should be more upbeat.


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