Live Chat with The Incumbents

On August 12th, I spoke live with the Candidates for Simi Valley City Council who are challenging the incumbents. Next week on Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00pm, I will be chatting LIVE with Candidates and incumbents Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra.

If you listened to our last live streaming chat then you already have a good feel for how the challenging Candidates feel about some of Simi Valley’s most high profile issues. This time, hear from Council Members Foster and Becerra on the same topics and possibly more (as time permits).

City Council Candidate Chat

“The Incumbents”

Tuesday, August 31 @ 7:00pm

All you need to listen-in on this discussion is your web browser, equipped with Flash (which most browsers support already). If you miss any portion of the live broadcast, it will be available here on the website for replay or you can subscribe to the Podcast feed in the Apple iTunes Store for playback on your favorite music player.

2 thoughts on “Live Chat with The Incumbents

  1. Hi Rance,

    I haven’t yet spoken to either Mayoral candidate about a live forum, so I’m not sure if either are interested. I’m sure I’ll be chasing them soon to see if there is an interest.


  2. Tim, I do know the Chamber of Commerce has settled on a date/time for a Candidates Forum at the Grand Vista Hotel. The date is October 20th at 11:30am. The panels will be City Council/Mayor, School Board and Parks & Rec. An RSVP is required by October 18th and there is a $25 cost of entry. Call 805-526-3900 to RSVP.


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