Huber’s Central Committee Endorsement

I’ve been told now by dozens of people that there is plenty of unpleasantness about a blog that covers local political issues, especially by someone who isn’t a political science expert. There is one good thing, however, and that is that I’m not opposed to publishing a rumor as a topic for discussion, so long as the source is a credible one.

I’ve learned this morning that Bob Huber, Candidate for Mayor of Simi Valley, will be getting the endorsement of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee. For any Republican Candidate running for local office, this is a huge honor. This endorsement rounds out several recent high profile endorsement announcements, including the Simi Valley POA and the Ventura County Firefighters Association. Bob Huber is now being supported by the organization that supports other high profile Republican candidates like State Senator Tony Strickland (for State Controller) and Candidate Carly Fiorina for United States Senate.

This will surely turn a few heads and generate some discussions among unsure voters on what’s been a very competitive and seemingly close race so far. I welcome your thoughts and comments on what this means for the Simi Valley Mayors race.

7 thoughts on “Huber’s Central Committee Endorsement

  1. Huber needs to be running to the hills away from the Stricklands, not toward them. That was a car crash that just occurred in T.O. When an organization asks for interviews a candidate is obliged to attend, as BH and SS did … but man Huber is going to regret this one.


  2. I don’t know who “they” are, but I didn’t say the first two. I stick by the third. Having the Stricklands linked to your campaign in Simi Valley has the potential to harm. Likewise the Central Committee after the bad PR from the T.O. Supervisors race.


  3. Central committee insider marked Sojka a RINO.

    – Sojka seeks massive arroyo earmarks

    – Sojka grows government in with consultants, advocates, arroyo and bike path expenditures

    – Sojka follows Obama playbook with green jobs solution to Farmers exodus

    – Bell salary and pension abuse track back to Sojka’s close police chief buddy Adams.


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