Last Night’s Explosive Council Meeting

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What a night.  I’m still not sure what I saw. I’ll try my best to recap the evening here.

To cut right to the chase, the City did implement E-Verify as a pilot program to start, intending to run E-Verify checks on City employs with the purpose of evaluating the service for the course of one year. After a period of one year, they will make a judgment on how to expand the program.

Public remarks on E-Verify were strongly in favor of implementing the program. Most people who spoke positively about the program were greeted with applause when they were through speaking. Candidate Bob Huber took the opportunity to recap the city’s response to the E-Verify issue, first mentioning Mayor Miller’s letter calling E-Verify a “flip of the coin,” next referencing his paid ad in the Acorn responding to the letter, and finally pointing out what appeared to be the City’s about face on the topic and its arrival on the Council agenda. Huber masterfully avoided criticism regarding the Ventura County College District’s lack of E-Verify implementation, saying if the College District were to implement it, he would be all for it, but that’s not the issue here. No one pressed the issue.

Steve Sojka led the charge in challenging E-Verify during council discussions. He questioned whether or not the proposed ordinance would be truly free if a system for audit would be implemented to ensure it’s proper usage. Sojka and other’s continued to press hard to determine whether or not liability issues existed in the event of false positives, and the systems accuracy was challenged. Council Member Michelle Foster seemed truly concerned that an implementation of E-Verify without further consideration might indicate the Council is caving to political pressure. Ultimately, however, the program was approved for implementation in a limited fashion as indicated in the first paragraph.

UPDATE: Foster was supportive of implementing E-Verify for City Hall, but was concerned about implementing it for city Contracts.  Her preference was to vote on its implementation for City Hall separately from its implementation for city contracts.

Public remarks were particularly explosive. One gentleman opted to point out that the City has an illegal immigrant problem, referencing “illegals” that loiter behind the Wells Fargo bank branch on L.A. Avenue. When Council Member Becerra asked the man how he knew they were illegal aliens, the man mentioned they stood around, didn’t speak English and rode their bikes, among other things. Becerra made a suggestion that the man might be racial profiling, resulting in dramatic shouting and the man’s loud refusal to “answer racist questions.” This clearly indicated the emotions behind illegal immigration and certainly the controversial positions some have on the topic.

Particularly noteworthy were the public remarks from former Mayoral Candidate Eric David Halub. I’m sure I’ll take a considerable amount of criticism for saying this, but the gentleman made little sense. He seemed to be annoyed, but his inability to connect the dots in his presentations left me wondering if he felt the Council Members were overpaid or were untouchable gods. At one point, he referred to our President as President Obama Hussein. Cute. I found myself glad that my wife and kids weren’t there, and I took comfort in the fact that I was sitting close to the Chief of Police. I might start bringing pepper spray to the Council meetings.

Additional public remarks varied, some even questioning the pay and benefits of sitting Council Members. Sojka took the opportunity to respond on that topic during Council comments, indicating the Council has always been transparent. Members of the audience questioned this openly among one another. While I’ve known about Council salary and benefits since the Simi Valley POA published the details in a paid ad in the Acorn, most have only recently taken notice after the City posted the details on the City website weeks ago.

The fireworks drowned out the excitement behind the Military Banner program which was approved. The Council also discussed the Waste Management landfill expansion, hearing commentary from the public, including Louis Pandolfi, the most outspoken member of the community against the landfill.  The Council agreed to start communicating with the County Board of Supervisors to represent Simi Valley’s interests on the topic.

A weak recap considering the night was full of excitement. I’ll have more later this week, including video.

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36 thoughts on “Last Night’s Explosive Council Meeting

  1. Huber did not “masterfully avoid criticism” regarding the Ventura County College District’s lack of E-Verify implementation. He looked foolish in admitting that the College District, for which he is the elected Chair of the Board, has 2,000 employees, and a $356 bond measure with huge building construction projects, and yet E-Verify remains not only unpassed but it has not even been brought up for discussion by his Board. Construction projects by contractors are a huge source of jobs for illegal immigrants.

    Who knows how many jobs have been lost for legal Simi Valley residents to illegal immigrants with the college district? We’ll never know. Mr. Huber has been the VCCCD Chair for 2 years.

    If it was really about jobs, E-Verify would already be passed, or at least be under consideration, by VCCCD. The fact that it is not points clearly and undeniably to political opportunism – usage for the sole purpose of getting elected in Simi Valley.


  2. Mike C: I’m not trying to be argumentative in saying this, and I’ll have to review my tape of Burgers with Bob to get the exact quote, but Bob Huber himself has made comparisons of the VCCCD as a governed body to the City of Simi Valley. In fact, he indicates the size and scope of the VCCCD is larger than the City and one of the reasons he’s well qualified for the job. It’s always been my belief that he’s challenged about implementing E-Verify in the College District because of those assertions, but I could be way off.

    Foster stated her case on the record, I don’t think that’s weak. What did surprise me was her YES vote after indicating her preferences as a more localized pilot program. I expected her to cut against the grain on this one, Williamson-style as I call it, after hearing her concerns. I figured the other members of the Council changed her mind, maybe I’m wrong.

    I still have concerns about the E-Verify controversy. To me, it seems like it should be a bullet point on a more thorough plan to combat immigration problems. The topic of illegal immigrants elevates emotions in a big way. If there was anything that I’d like to have an “off the record” chat with Bob Huber about to satisfy my own personal concerns, it would be about the introduction of E-Verify into the campaign. I believe I’m probably the only one left in the City who wants to better understand the big picture.

    I didn’t say it before, but I was very pleased with the dignified presentations by most of Bob Huber’s supporters. One or two carried some drama with them, but most just wanted to make a point and be heard. That part was very satisfying. Not that I was expecting rioting, but I was pleased with how the public comments went overall.


  3. “Barrage of speakers” is quite the exaggeration. There were 10 speakers. We have 125,000 people living in Simi Valley. One speaker was against E-Verify, one was a bitter old failed Mayoral candidate and right-wing operative (Steve Frank), one was a Mayoral candidate who couldn’t get his paperwork right (that Eric kid who needs to take a lot more government courses), and another was yet another candidate for office (Mike Judge). It looked like there were 5 regular Simi Valley residents, not affiliated with any campaigns, who spoke from the heart for E-Verify. Good for them.

    There were more people there last night for the military banners item, and for the ceremony for the police captain’s 25 years of service, than for E-Verify.

    I’ve seen more public speakers before the Council for Animal Regulation issues.


  4. Jack is correct, there were many people there for the military banner portion of the meeting. The crowd thinned considerably when that was over. Regardless of the count of speakers for E-Verify, it was a dignified showing, with the exception of Steve Frank and Eric Halub. Jack, do you think more government courses will help Eric? I thought a more pharmaceutical solution might be in order.

    One speaker, a gentleman named Wayne Evans who I met this past Sunday at Burgers for Bob at Rancho Park, also spoke during the E-Verify portion of the meeting and expressed his trust in the Council to do the right thing, but I don’t believe I got a feel for whether he was for or against the program.


  5. These sitting council members (Incumbents) need to be thrown out! They really don’t speak for the average citizen of Simi Valley. Sojka, Miller, Beccerra seem to be “water carriers” for the developers and big business in town. They could care less about a small independent business and that’s probably why our city is becoming more homogenized everyday. You want vibrancy in town, then you must support our local businesses and by doing so we will see more creativity amongst our offering of Mom and Pop buinesses.

    As for keeping Miller’s Lap Dogs in office, it is liking voting for “Rubber Ducks with Rubber Stamps!”


  6. Jack,

    Good Grief, you know, people here hide under anonymity, just like you. They lack the Character to put their name to what they stand for. Last night those of us who had no problem putting our names to what we stand for, stood in front of council, the citizens of this city and not only put our names to what we stood for but also our faces and put it on public record.

    Not everyone can get up in front of a crowd or their city council. It’s not easy to get up in public for many, especially when you are on the opposite side of the issue.

    I consider the people on council community peers and I hope friends even though we disagree on issues, but you are so far out of touch with reality it’s sick.

    You should change your moniker to “Spin Cycle”


  7. Ted, I am absolutely in touch with reality. The reality is, one candidate in this campaign is quoted in the paper saying Simi Valley residents “really, really” care about this issue, and that “thousands” of jobs will be freed up with E-Verify. Then, you could count the speakers last night with your fingers, and data shows 2 jobs have been freed up in the 3% of California cities that have adopted use of E-Verify. Good grief, if the issue is about jobs, this is not going to do us much good.

    The reality is, you made statements on this blog that the Target on Cochran near Sycamore would close when the new Target on Madera opens. Then last night, lo and behold, Michelle Foster announces that Target has entered City planning to initiate a remodeling of the Cochran facility. If the Cochran Target is closing, why would they remodel it?

    The reality is, one candidate in this campaign sent a Tweet and posted on Facebook that the City’s lack of leadership made Farmers take its jobs away. Then a Farmers executive last night stood up and said it had nothing at all to do with the City and was entirely a business-driven decision.

    A speaker last night actually said with a straight face, “When you guys turned down the training facility for Farmers, you knew what was going to happen.” The City and City Council NEVER turned down a training facility for Farmers. Where did the speaker get that information, Ted?

    If anything, my moniker should be The Realist. Our residents deserve honest dialogue, not exaggerations and supposition.


  8. Mr. Chandler, now that you have made your decision to support Bob Huber (we all saw you waving your camera around at Bob Huber’s park picnic), are you now going to insult our intelligence and pretend your still impartial by questioning the “E-Verify Controversy” ? Give me a break! You should be honest and change your web site blog to Vote Bob-Huber .com


  9. Fanboy, my vote belongs to Eric David Halub due to his public ranting skills. But thanks for the suggestion.

    Regarding Council Member Foster, I was fortunate enough to video tape her remarks and I’ll have to isolate that segment of video and copy it for anyone interested. Foster was supportive of implementing E-Verify for City Hall, but was concerned about implementing it for city Contracts. Her preference was to vote on its implementation for City Hall separately from its implementation for city contracts.

    Playing it back, I realize I left that out of the initial post, so I wanted to comment before I updated it.


  10. Mike, just talk to the Owner of Green Acres or how hard is to get the city to do anything we it comes to refunding funds from their own mistakes… I.E. long term sewer statement overcharges. Or, talk to the businesses that are made to have water fountains in front of them when doing new construction. What does a fountain cost to build, maintain and repair? Yet, to get approval for the project the business owner is made to take on a long-term commitment of “cost” for using water that should be spared. Then, it’s all the other “red tape!” Big businesses can roll the cost amongst their many locations… One small fry business guy can not! In this dire economy having the upkeep of a water fountain could be the difference between keeping the business open or closing it.


  11. Jack, could it be that the number is low because the use of E-verify is a deterrent to an “illegal” undocumented job applicant. How many illegals didn’t even try to apply for new positions once E-verify was instituted in those cities? There’s an old saying the may ring true in this debate… “Figures Lie and Liars Figure.”

    I want e-verify instituted so a message can be sent… Let it be a deteerent.


  12. Jack, I’ve spoken up at council meeting to oppose their marvelous nit-wittery several times… most times I’ve attended when it comes to issues our citizens have and not the issues where Waste Management fills the halls with its employees, you might get 3 maybe 4 speakers… to get 10 is a Barrage!


  13. Jack’s Reality Show,

    Losing Farmers Insurance after 28 years is a result of SV City Hall being reactive instead of proactive regarding business in our city. 9:03 AM Aug 12th via web

    8/12/10 AFTER Farmers decides to leave SV along with 1200+ jobs, Mayor Miller adds the “Red Team” idea to the 8/30 CCouncil agenda. 2:16 PM Aug 13th via web

    Neither of these are valid observations? These Tweets hardly fit even with your shoehorn.
    Great point about the Target Remodel. Actually I think this might be a great discussion.

    The Target remodel, from what I understand, is so Target can expand their grocery operation and add a produce section. There are several problems with allowing Target to move forward with the remodel on this basis.

    The citizens would like to see a Whole Foods and Henry’s has been rumored for the Mervyns location.

    Allowing Target to shift the Cochran location into a competing grocery store solves a political problem for the Council but creates an economic problem for the Sycamore Cochran business district.

    The Council can claim hero as Target will now have the component it needs to sustain two stores in Simi Valley.

    Expanded grocery operations at the Cochran Target location will create competition for Trader Joe’s and Albertsons plus damage the demographics for a Henry’s or Whole Foods.

    This is quite a conundrum we are in at the Sycamore and Cochran business district.

    Reality can bite. 😉

    As far as the Farmers Insurance training center issue goes, I listed a number of issues related to that in comments on this blog before I’ll try to briefly summarize this complex issue.

    When a property owner gets an idea that they want to alter their property, before spending any money you go to the counter at the planning department. This is a very informal over-the-counter discussion at staff level. Staff will inform you of building height limits, setbacks from property lines and check to see if your project has sufficient parking.

    The likelihood that anyone above counter staff would have knowledge of such a meeting is slim to none.

    We know that Farmer’s Insurance built a larger training facility in Westlake, ceased training operations in the Simi Valley location and moved those operations to Westlake. A reasonable question is why was that facility not built in Simi Valley?

    Farmers Insurance started unraveling back in 2007 when Farmers sold its building to a real estate investment trust. Any claim of surprise or astonishment that Farmers was leaving Simi Valley shows poorly on the city.


  14. Hi Jackie,

    I mentioned this above:

    Additional public remarks varied, some even questioning the pay and benefits of sitting Council Members. Sojka took the opportunity to respond on that topic during Council comments, indicating the Council has always been transparent. Members of the audience questioned this openly among one another. While I’ve known about Council salary and benefits since the Simi Valley POA published the details in a paid ad in the Acorn, most have only recently taken notice after the City posted the details on the City website weeks ago.


  15. What a night indeed! At one point, I looked over to make sure Chief Lewis was still in the room in case someone was “packing heat” (Eric Halub and Steve Frank).

    As far as “Sedell Soldier” is concerned, it’s difficult to take you seriously when you’re not “man enough, or woman enough) and need to hide behind anonymity to state your opinion.

    The Council showed absolute support of its citizens last night when they voted to implement E-Verify as a Pilot Program. I’m sure the Bob Huber supporters will say it’s because “Bob Huber” pushed the issue. But its difficult to believe that since Bob chose not to attend ANY council meetings regarding E-Verify prior to his political campaign. The council chose not to implement E-Verify months ago b/c of potential problems and lack of effectiveness. The fact that they are open to testing it as a pilot program shows they listen to our citizens. I still wonder where these citizen were months ago.

    Ted- although I don’t agree with you on most of your issues, I respect you. You are intelligent and well-spoken. However, when I saw you shake hands with Steve Frank last night I was sick to my stomach.

    Mr. Frank came across as an extremely racist man last night. The fact that he referred to illegal aliens as people who don’t speak English and ride bikes is a true testament to his intelligence or lack thereof. Thank God Lance Armstrong speaks English – I hate to see him arrested.


  16. I taught some classes at Farmers while I was still with the fire department. I retired in 2005 and sometime after that I was teaching a class at Farmers and was advised that the training center was moving to Westlake. I asked the Farmer’s employee “why were they moving”? I was told, it is to difficult to work with the City of Simi Valley to expand the current building. This employee said there were issues with parking that would make expansion not practical. There was also talk of adding a second story to the existing building. I can only assume this employee had some inside knowledge of what went on between the City and Farmers. I do not know that representatives of Farmers actually met with the City. I do know that this kind of talk is common in Simi Valley and has been for years. I think we need to get beyond what has happened and work to do all we can to prevent future departures of all businesses regardless of size. I think the Red Team is a good idea. After witnessing the behavior of the council last night, I am concerned that their immaturity and self serving rants, would not provide appropriate Red Team leadership.


  17. Ted – good stuff, points taken. Got a good laugh at “Jack’s Reality Show,” needed it this afternoon! And “Reality can bite” is pretty funny, too.

    Jackie – anyone at any time can get any of those figures, and could have at any time even before this current Silly Season, by just calling or emailing the City and asking. Anyone, reporters, residents alike. That it suddenly must be posted on websites is beyond me. Are we all that lazy?

    In 1995, 2000, 2005, January 2010, whatever, anyone could have called or emailed the City and requested any of that information, and the City would have asked “When do you need it by?”

    It’s completely transparent and has been for a long, long time. It’s just that some people are just now learning for the first time how to get information from government. When did your friend Eric start attending Council meetings? Did he ever call the City and ask for any information?

    Are people afraid of the telephone today?

    Public employee salary and compensation figures are public record. If you want to know how much local police officers make in overtime each year, call the City and make the request. If you’re not satisfied with what is presented, Google “California Public Records Act”. Find a form, use it as a template, write your request and submit it. Within 10 days you should get what you need.

    Yet certain people (usually running for office) pretend it’s hard to get this information, and they tell people as such. It’s an exaggeration.

    A lot of people are whispering in Eric’s ears right now, telling him what to ask and what he “should” do. It’s rather unfortunate. He should carefully consider their motives.


  18. Keith,

    Thanks for your comments, I hope people realize what it is you are trying to convey and not turn it into a debate about Farmers. We need to work with what we have now and ast night I wanted one of my solutions to be on record. And I will restate it here.

    I believe that the Planning department should maintain a list of our 50 largest companies. Anytime any of those companies come in and talk with staff at the counter, even for the most minor issue, the Assistant City Manager and City Manager need to be notified. The City Manager should be require to inform the members of council.

    I figure that between our 7 top level city leaders, they can then take appropriate measures (if any are required) and hopefully ferret out any possible needs these large companies may have.

    Being surprised is no longer an acceptable answer in light of the Farmer’s move. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.


  19. Understood, Jackie. But the information was never not within the reach of you or anyone else. All anyone had to do was ask. Was anyone purposely hiding it? That’s pretty speculative.

    This benefits/perks hype is cyclical, typically surfacing during really bad economies and during election years. I remember a series of articles regarding the County of Ventura around 1992-93. Same stuff.


  20. This is fascinating. The Steve Frank who spoke last night, back in 1994 he talked his candidate into injecting immigration late into a campaign to appease polling data. It’s interesting, with the polling debate last night under the “Burgers with Bob” post.

    Los Angeles Times, October 26, 1994, Wednesday, Ventura West Edition



    Declaring Proposition 187 a defining issue in the race for Ventura County supervisor, Moorpark Councilman Scott Montgomery on Tuesday criticized his rival Judy Mikels for not taking a public stand on the ballot measure that would bar most public services to illegal immigrants.

    “I think the public has a right to know where she stands before they vote for her, whether they agree with her or not,” Montgomery said. “What has she got to hide?”
    Mikels said Montgomery, a staunch supporter of the controversial statewide ballot initiative, is desperate and is using scare tactics in an effort to salvage his campaign.

    “This is not a countywide issue,” the Simi Valley councilwoman said. “It’s a state and federal issue. What he’s doing is acting in desperation.”

    But Montgomery maintained that voters have a right to know where the candidates stand on all issues. He pointed out, for example, that he has not been afraid to make public his anti-abortion stance.

    “I think candidates should divulge how they feel about every issue,” he said. “I’ve tried to do that. . . . I don’t ant to have any hidden agendas.”

    Mikels, however, said Montgomery was exploiting the illegal immigration issue to boost his candidacy for a countywide post that has little say over the issue. The two candidates are running for a seat being vacated by Supervisor Vicky Howard, whose 4th District includes Simi Valley, Moorpark and the Santa Rosa Valley.

    “He hasn’t shown me that he’s been supporting this all along,” Mikels said. “He just sees that it’s popular in the (public opinion polls). He’s trying to ride on the coattails of 187.”

    Mikels said she believes illegal immigration is a major problem facing the state and that more needs to be done to beef up border patrols and enforce laws against employers who hire people who are here illegally.

    “What we’re not doing is enforcing the laws we have,” she said.

    In a debate Tuesday night sponsored by the Simi Valley Women’s Club Federated, the two candidates were asked their views on illegal immigration.

    If elected, Montgomery said he would support transferring illegal immigrants incarcerated in the Ventura County Jail to federal authorities.

    “I think it’s important for elected officials at all levels to address this issue,” Montgomery said.

    Montgomery also called for county officials to support a constitutional amendment proposed by Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley) that would deny automatic citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants in this country.

    Mikels agreed with Montgomery in supporting Gallegly’s efforts.

    Mikels said the county needs to lobby state and federal officials to come up with a program to transfer illegal immigrants incarcerated in county jails back to their country of origin with the guarantee that they would be jailed there.

    “Just sending them back on a free bus trip is not the answer,” she said.


    Meanwhile, in a surprise move Tuesday, Barbara Williamson, Mikels’ council colleague and chief rival in the June primary, announced that she was endorsing Mikels in the supervisor’s race. Williamson had previously said she would remain neutral in the race.

    Williamson, who has occasionally clashed with Mikels over fiscal issues, said she believed Mikels’ experience as a Simi Valley council member has better prepared her for the job of county supervisor than Montgomery’s experience on the Moorpark council. She pointed outthat Mikels has worked with a city budget twice the size of Moorpark’s.

    “She’s the best-qualified candidate,” Williamson said. “I just think she has a real handle on budgetary items. And that’s exactly what this county is going to need.”
    As for her past criticism of Mikels, Williamson said, “We don’t agree on everything. But I think that sometimes is healthy.”

    Last week, Moorpark Councilman Bernardo Perez announced his support of Mikels, saying Montgomery had distributed a mailer in favor of Proposition 187 that he found offensive to Latinos.


    The Montgomery flyer, mailed to 12,000 absentee voters, featured a picture of illegal immigrants on the cover and the words: “This isn’t ‘immigration.’ This is an invasion. And you’re paying for it.”

    Like Mikels, Perez said Montgomery was trying to take advantage of the emotionally charged illegal immigration issue to appeal to voters.

    Montgomery denied Perez’s accusations, saying he believed there are some things the county could do to reduce the cost of illegal immigration.

    Steve Frank, who is coordinating the Ventura County campaign in support of Proposition 187 and who provided advice on Montgomery’s mailer, said it is important that each supervisorial candidate take a stand on the immigration issue.

    Frank said the county is spending a great deal of money on health, education and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants and that voters should know where the candidates stand on the matter.

    “This is a county issue,” he said. “This is not something that someone running for an elected office can hide from. That’s what being a political leader is all about, taking a position on the issues.”

    Frank said it was of no consequence that the current Board of Supervisors voted 4-to-0 to oppose Proposition 187. Supervisor Vicky Howard, who has endorsed Mikels in the race, abstained.

    “We can’t vote on the current board, but we can vote for one of the candidates in this race,” he said. “And there is certainly a clear-cut difference.”


  21. Jack,

    The Council and City Manager compensation is not Transparent and we have asked and it is still nebulous.

    I am still waiting for the breakdown by council person and the City Manager. If they want to include the City Attorney, that is fine too.

    The point is we have asked and we are still waiting. I pulled it up last night at the meeting and still no detail, just generalities.


  22. Dear Sedell Soldier,

    After sitting back and really thinking it through, I understand the whole concept about not revealing who you are. I get it now – and you’re right. The reality is others can make our lives miserable. We may not always agree, but we should respect eachother’s opinions. After all, that’s what makes our country great. Sincerely – Cathy


  23. Anonymity for some has much to do with employment protection – from Google and search engines. We like to participate in community discussions online, but are unsure how our employer would view it. Even positive commentary can be misconstrued. Why chance it?


  24. Sedell Soldier, I’ve heard supporters on both sides tell me that there’s a lot of fear involved in revealing which candidate you are supporting and that the “other side” will take action if they hear about it. No one has really given me any concrete examples or names of anyone that I can follow-up with and ask, so I’ve considered most of it to be fabricated. If you have any examples, I’ll listen and take it seriously. So far, no one has been able to offer any up.


  25. Sedell Soldier,

    Interesting observations. I can tell you that in a certain service club there exists a large group of people who have given me the cold shoulder over the last five months. As in how dare I run, they didn’t invite me to run, and how dare I make it tough for one of their friends. I’m hoping this changes back to “normal” 9 weeks from tonight, win, lose or draw.

    And I can confirm there exist many people who tell me that they are happy to help me behind the scenes, yet they don’t want their name connected to me for any reason. Period.

    And at same time there have been many prominent connected people who come up to me and in whispered tones comment that the council needs to be shaken up; that it isn’t an “entitlement;” and that the entire council should be voted out on their ear.

    Whether the Emperor has no clothes or not remains to be seen.


  26. Mike,

    I appreciate you bravely taking on the people that make outrageous statements at council meetings. Please isolate the rantings of Frank and Halub for us. I’d really enjoy it.


    In a free market society why should city planners get involved with determining what Target can and cannot sell?


  27. With the new relaxed City regulations until Farmers is leased again, I want to see a huge dinosaur, just like the one in Ted’s photo, on top of Panera, just like the old days on top of Hudson’s! (Though going by memory, way back when it was Spuds McKenzie).


  28. Mr. Chandler, How can you call yourself a reporter? You are so unprofessional;
    Mr. Halub has never called the President “Obama Hussein”. YOU make little sense as a reporter and You sound very unprofessional. Maybe you need some professional ethics classes.


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