VSV Candidate Chat – The Incumbents


I was delighted when both Council Member Michelle Foster and Council Member Glen Becerra agreed to speak to me live on VoteSimiValley.com. Like the challengers a few weeks ago, we discussed topics such as doing business in Simi Valley, the Shop Simi Valley First program, and City Council salary and benefits. I’m pleased to present the recorded playback of our live chat.

For more information about the candidates, see the following links:

There is so much more to cover before the election. I hope to have these candidates back again to cover more issues before the big day.

Thanks go to Michelle Foster, Glen Becerra, and for you for listening in.

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9 thoughts on “VSV Candidate Chat – The Incumbents

  1. I was happy to see the apology, because I moved on after seeing misguided statements such as “Each public $1 dollar you spend requires $100 generated in sales just to break even.” That makes no sense, and the rest of the first post was a screed. Second post appears more heartfelt, and less campaign scripted, something we need more of on VSV.


  2. Jack,

    Chandler is welcome to remove both of the posts. I would be willing to repost an issue only discussion. You are right, it would be the best outcome to stay on the issues. I believe we both want a better city.

    It was discussed earlier on vsv the city gets 1% of the sales tax collected on sales within Simi towards city revenue. Therefore it requires a citizen to purchase $100 gas for the city to get $1. Please correct me if this is wrong. However, That means you need $10,000,000 in additional revenue for every $100,000 spent on this shopping Simi thing to almost break even. Other costs of money and resources should be factored in the cost/ROI too. That is a lot of added sales when you consider they are spending this annually and possibly want to increase the budegt.

    Patricia H.


  3. Shop Simi Valley is a branding and public information effort, something to stop sales tax leakage toward other cities. Expecting it to pull sales tax from surrounding communities to exceed previously established levels of sales tax revenues (essentially the business model you outline) is unrealistic. Conversely, not doing anything could have just as easily lost significant sales tax revenues to other communities, as well as lost the confidence of local businesses that their City and Chamber were not behind them during these difficult recessionary times.

    I’m not saying they should increase the budget, or maintain the program as is. I’m just saying do not confuse a branding/informational marketing campaign that has a significant public relations element to it, with a private business model campaign that would focus on hawking products and/or services directly to market segments for the benefit of private ownership or (such as in the case of Google as you mentioned) investors. There is a huge difference.


  4. I was impressed when the other candidates spoke live the other time and I was leaning toward them but this one turned me around. There are points you can argue against with them but their experience showed I thought.


  5. Hi Paul, I considered pressing on when Council Member Foster said she needed more time to study the issue because I was expecting a definitive answer. I made a conscious choice not to. Her earlier statements seemed to be very much in favor of appointments, and she cited all of the reasons why it was favorable, none of which I disagreed with. However, despite that fact, she opted to give it more consideration rather than firmly standing by political appointments. I saw that as progress and let it lie. It was a judgment call, I hoped and hope it was a reasonable one.


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