City Council Video Highlights

The August 30th City Council meeting was eventful, to say the very least. Here are some much talked about event highlights: Steve Frank and Bob Huber discussing E-Verify.

To start, I want to be fair and say that I do not believe Steve Frank has racist tendencies. But when his remarks began to border on racial profiling, an audible discomfort could be heard from the seats around me. Before it gets too out of hand, check out the video and judge for yourself.

Bob Huber is an outstanding public speaker. I think he did extremely well on Monday night. I suspect that he’s an effective attorney in courtroom situations. In this video, he shares his thoughts on E-Verify and answers questions from City Council.

2 thoughts on “City Council Video Highlights

  1. I think it was telling how he didn’t answer the question on why he has not enacted everify in the VCCCD. “we dont have any disagreements there, i would be all for it.” Huber, your in charge, why haven’t you done it yet if its as important as you say it is??? no answer………. i know, i know, i wasn’t supposed to notice that.


  2. Laura, regarding

    “If the VCCCD did, would that make it more compelling for Simi to go along? Can anyone imagine future decisions being dependent on whether a community college district also does the same thing? I can’t.”

    The reason it is important to ask Huber why he has not previously even mentioned E-Verify for the college district — after 2 years of opportunity as the District’s Board Chairman — is, is he proposing it now in Simi Valley because it is good for the community, or because it is good for him? Because if it is primarily because it is good for him, meaning his candidacy, then there is a selfish element involved. And the people should know.

    If indeed it is “all about jobs,” then how many jobs for legal residents slipped by by not having it in place while the college district oversaw $356 million worth of taxpayer-funded bond projects?

    The VCCCD question is important to determine motive. It’s appropriate that a retired cop asked it.


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