More Council Meeting Highlights

One of the first things we saw in the City Council Meeting on Monday night was the presentation by the Farmers Insurance representative regarding their departure from Simi Valley. He read the letter aloud that was addressed to City Council a few days ago and then answered direct questions. Council Member Glen Becerra expressed his concerns:

Eric David Halub, former candidate for Simi Valley Mayor, presented a series of thoughts seemingly strung together on the fly. Among those thoughts was the notion that Council Salary/Benefits have been kept secret from the commuity. Council Member Sojka and candidate for Mayor responded during Council comments:

6 thoughts on “More Council Meeting Highlights

  1. Not “everyone in town” was “so shocked” when the council compensation package was published in an advertisement paid for by a public employees union last year. What many people were shocked about was why a public employees union, whose members have protected jobs at a time when many of us are worried about our own jobs and financial security, scared a Council member’s children by picketing his private residence on a Saturday morning. Then residents were unhappy when the same union picketed the City’s 40th birthday celebration.

    Many others questioned why this same police officers union was paying for ugly attack newspaper advertisements in the same newspaper that just months before had published an article with a headline that touted that local police officers had just gotten a 7% raise under the terms of their contract.

    Many of us have not gotten a half-percent raise in half a decade.

    And enough with the multiple question marks. That’s something right out of Santino Grammar School. One will suffice.


  2. “Wouldn’t you think Sedell would have started at a lower pay rate than Koester’s exit?”

    None of the current Council members were on the Council in 1995 so how would they know? Ask Greg Stratton, he was Mayor back then. And I believe it’s Lin Koester, not Lynn.


  3. Excellent articles, Julio, I remember them well. Teresa Jordan, a local gadfly who used to speak on every single Council item, was the only one who spoke on the items. She is a sweet woman. The articles published, and I believe on the front page with big headlines, and few Simi Valley residents cared. Curious why the police union or a candidate did not kick up a lot of dust way back when, like they are working so hard to do now.


  4. The tone of the comments is confusing. Are we still supposed to believe that Steve Sojka and his fellow councilmembers are purposefully hiding their true compensation from the public or has reality finally set in? Have we learned how to find this information yet or is it still Steve Sojka’s fault that you never knew in the first place?


  5. It looks like, judging from Julio’s old articles, that if we had real newspapers in town they could just report the Council actions when they occur and we could have these debates and public discourse when they occur, and not just for opportunistic reasons just before elections.


  6. To me, the problem is that the City Council position is classified as full-time in order to get the benefits, but most of those on the Council have other full-time jobs. I would consider this fraud and a conflict of interest.

    If it is full-time, they should have to quit their other job.

    If it is part-time, the benefits should be the same as for other part-time positions.

    While I know it will not happen, they should have to pay back the expenses for a full-time job when they were only really working part-time.


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