Video: Run Steve Run

Here’s the latest video to come from the Steve Sojka camp. This video is entitled Run Steve Run and was produced by Sojka Supporter Don “Fluffy” Norris. Don enjoys the nickname “Fluffy” because he feels it captures the essence of his gentle demeanor and delicate stature. I really enjoy Don’s work and find his video effects and quick cuts really cool.


2 thoughts on “Video: Run Steve Run

  1. The music was great. All the bouncing around from different photos started to make me sick. Of the few Sojka videos that I have seen recently, all I get is music with a bunch of different photos bouncing all around the screen. Let’s hear what Steve has to say. Let’s hear what is being talked about and what his plan is.

    If I was voting for the Candidate with great music videos…Sojka would have my vote.


  2. The city did not hire anyone for the Business Advocate. If anyone would have attended the first meeting of the new Business Roundtable, they would have learned that the city just moved an existing employee into the position. The existing employee came from the housing area, which is underworked due to the lack of development in town. So the city was able to strategically move resources to where they are needed most at the moment.

    Another key element ignored here is how the Business Roundtable, made up of volunteers from the local business community, is a huge component of what Mr. Sojka proposed in June. The Business Advocate is supplemental to it. What the local business owners determine and recommend, the job of the Business Advocate is to carry out. Attacking only the Business Advocate without mentioning the Business Roundtable is unfair and short-sighted.

    Agreed on the video, I would prefer more verbal presentation from Mr. Sojka, and less jumping so fast from photo to photo. The video does, however, convey excitement about the campaign, which is part of the reason to do a video in the first place.


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