Letter on Waste Management Expansion

This was received via my Contact page feedback form.

Kudos to the Acorn for producing the only print media that attempts to be fair and balanced and actually publishes local news. That being said,

I had a letter published in today’s paper on Waste Managements plans to significantly expand the Simi Valley dump. The Acorn editor edited my original letter and replaced punctuation which totally reversed my meaning. I clearly indicated three items that could not be mitigated they are: “the increased traffic on our streets, the potential for pollution and leaching into groundwater; but more than anything else the fact that the majority of the refuse going into “our landfill” will come from far away places. “ The edit made it sound like the first two items could be solved.

The Acorn editor has graciously promised to post a correction on their website and print one in the next edition, but I needed to take this extra step to clear it up right away.

The letter can be read at the Simi Valley Acorn website by clicking here.

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