Mashburn Fundraiser

Candidate for Simi Valley City Council Keith Mashburn is having a fundraiser in a couple of weeks. Keith’s campaign has built up a noteworthy level of momentum and it’s likely that his fundraiser will successfully raise a fair amount of funding. These are the details:

Keith Mashburn: I am having a fundraiser on September 17.  This will be held at 7 pm at the home of Gordon and Nancy Weeks, 384 Peaceful Court Simi Valley.  This is in the Bridle Path development.  Attire is asked to be Mashburn casual: shorts sandals, etc.  We will be serving adult slurpee’s (blended margaritas) finger foods and soft drinks.  There is a great view of the valley and time to mingle with many great Americans. I will give a short talk and be available to answer questions. Donation of $40 each or $60 per couple.

Keith included some additional comments regarding the recently discussed business challenges in Simi Valley. During our 90 minute “Challenger Chat,” Keith Mashburn indicated that he did not believe the Business Advocate was the answer to some of the challenges businesses face when working with the City of Simi Valley. However, he did want to add these additional remarks:

I would also like you to know, that while I was opposed to the hiring of the business advocate, I will support and assist her in any way I can.  I do want the position to be a success regardless of my view.  Helping the business community is my goal.  I will not stand in the way of anyone working to achieve that goal.  If the business advocate is a success, then we all win.

Thanks to Keith Mashburn for sharing the details. If you’re a Mashburn supporter or you’re interested in learning more about his campaign, join him on September 17th!

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