Free Hosting for Simi Candidates

If you’re a Candidate for any position in Simi Valley and you are without a website, I’d like to help. Cost is a huge factor in any campaign, but communication is critical and a well informed Simi Valley has ALWAYS been my ultimate goal. If you don’t have a website, I’d like to provide you with free hosting to get one online.

Of course, there are conditions.  They are:

  • You’ll need to register a domain name or the “dot com” name for your website
  • You’ll need to be willing to drift outside your comfort zone and learn how to use a content publishing tool (I can help)
  • You’ll need to update the website regularly with campaign news, information, announcements, etc.

If you can commit to that, I can help you get online and spread the word about your campaign. Consider it a celebration of technology that happens to work as an advertising channel for your Simi Valley campaign.

Interested? Contact me and I’ll help you get started!

Let’s make this the most informative, most competitive election Simi Valley has ever seen!

2 thoughts on “Free Hosting for Simi Candidates

  1. OK, OK, I get it!

    Yes, Mike, thank you for the offer, I’ll take you up on it. And thank you for the offer. As far as time to put a website together, well, sleep is so over rated . . .


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