Full Video: Burgers with Bob

It’s a little raw and it’s definitely lengthy, but if you have 40 minutes to dedicate to watching this video, I recommend doing so. I figured the best way to present the video of the Burgers with Bob event was to show you the raw footage, which does include cuts here and there for sound adjustments and to replace a battery.

This includes Bob Huber’s presentation along with a question and answer section. Topics covered are business in Simi Valley and E-Verify, among others.

description=”Burgers with Bob”

9 thoughts on “Full Video: Burgers with Bob

  1. funny, I looked around and I don’t see really long videos on this blog for Sojka. Can you explain to everyone who reads this blog how that is fair.


  2. But, admittedly for Fanboy, please refrain from complaints about the lack of long videos from one campaign, when there might not be any long videos submitted. Mr. Chandler only can work with what is submitted to him.


  3. I call BS. Gang up like you always do and circle your friends to protect them. Ted I don’t think you know what kitchen pass means, look it up. This blog has basically been a extension of Bob Huber campaign since he got the police endorsment. This blog puts up a pro Huber message, then Ted comes in and badgers anyone who challenges it. Do we need to read anymore of this since there is a pattern I found here??


  4. In my defense, I post the content I get. Plain and simple. As an added bonus, you also get my opinions which are often hotly disputed and sometimes proven incorrect. But I’m never too humble to admit it.

    Bottom line, this is really just a video of an event that I attended. I’d appreciate it if the comments were geared more towards the content.


  5. Fanboy,

    Several times I thought about starting another Simi political Blog. I could list many articles Mike has written that I could not disagree with more, but again it’s Mike’s blog, he gets to call the shots.

    I guess if you can’t engage in our discussion like councilwoman Barbra does then you can call me “Bucky”. 😉


  6. Fanboy,

    That was pretty good I have to admit. 🙂

    I think my real estate blog is enough work to keep up on, so you don’t have to worry about Ted’s Political blog ever taking any form soon.

    FYI there are some fundamental issues that would keep me from voting for Sojka as Mayor, so if Huber was not running against Sojka, I still would not be a Sojka for Mayor fanatic. So you might as well just put tedsaysvotefor_______________.com


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