Josie Hirsch Goes Online!

Candidate for Simi Valley School Board Josie Hirsch is ONLINE! If you’re not familiar with Josie Hirsch, then you haven’t been driving around Simi Valley and you haven’t been attending various events (like Burgers with Bob on August 29th). Here’s a brief introduction to Josie:

I am running for Simi Valley School Board because I believe our children and teachers need a strong voice. The families in our community deserve excellent schools and knowledgable teachers to guide the great minds of tomorrow. My objective is to assist the community to provide quality education to our children while supporting the teachers and administrators that serve the great people of our community. With my guidance, our school board will make it easier to raise educated, happy, healthy kids in Simi Valley and provide continuing employment for our community. We will provide the highest quality services to our schools, and we will pursue plans that meet the needs of all students, parents, teachers and administrators. I hope to focus on reducing student teacher ratios, bringing the arts back to our schools, providing healthy hot meal options, and promoting literacy. Additionally, I would like to see lacrosse on the agenda for discussion.

I located that information by browsing Josie’s website. You can do the same by pointing your browser to Cheers to Josie Hirsch for taking her campaign online!

For the Facebook fanatics, join Josie on Facebook by clicking here.

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