Bob Huber Leaks Site Discovered

In what has to be the most bizarre turn of events I could ever imagine in a Simi Valley election, I have discovered a website dedicated to revealing news about Bob Huber’s City Council career in a contradictory tone versus his current campaign messages. The site appears to be assembled over the course of several weeks and probably a work in progress.  The website’s RSS feed, meant for syndication of content in search engines and news readers, contains my domain name ( in several of the posts, putting it on my radar and setting off alarm bells in my head.

The content of the site varies widely, but the common theme is Bob Huber. Much of the content goes back as far as 1980 and attempts to contradict statements Candidate for Mayor Bob Huber has made either in press releases or in response to inquiries from me for  For example, an article from The Simi Valley Enterprise newspaper in 1982 covers Simi Valley City Council Members traveling to Sacramento in response to budget cuts to city budgets.  The caption below the photocopied news clipping reads as follows.

Major Exaggerations – Financial Leadership 3

Bob Huber in his 2010 campaign likes to say that he already was a “leader” for the city through a financial crisis like today’s. This story shows everyone else on the Simi Valley City Council got involved – except him.

Further down the archive, readers will find a photocopied article from The Enterprise in 1980 where the City Council votes for a 9% pay increase. An article right beside it discusses a pay increase for the City Manager and the City Council, with the following caption from the author:

Major Exaggerations (An Ongoing Series) – City Budget

Hey, didn’t Bob Huber say in early 2010 campaign materials that the City struggled to balance its budget due to dealing with the impacts of the passage of Proposition 13?

Seems they had enough to give everyone a raise, including the City Manager.

Do you have questions about the origins of the Shop Simi Valley First program? Apparently, so does Mr. Newspaper Clippings. One of the earlier posts on the website shares an article regarding Bob Huber’s remarks in the City Council about Simi Valley being a great place to shop with this caption below the photocopied article from the newspaper:

This was the start of the first Shop Simi Valley program. It is interesting to note that even though it was suggested that the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce be engaged with the process, Bob Huber insisted that only the City drive the program – and therefore only taxpayer dollars would be expended in the process. That’s not quite the “listening” we hear about during campaign time.

The commentary goes on, from comparisons to past moves up against campaign points like E-Verify, to unusual stories about office curtains being installed by outside vendors.  Huh? Yeah, that’s there too.

Yes, you’ll get the link… But I gotta ask, what the hell is this election turning in to? And who has this kind of time?

I will be requesting comments from both Bob Huber’s and Steve Sojka’s campaigns.

From their About page:

We hope to open sunshine on the candidate Bob Huber for Mayor of Simi Valley. We are a group of concerned Simi Valley residents, who wish to retain anonymity for fear of employer retaliation.

To submit a document for public consumption, or for questions or comments, email to

54 thoughts on “Bob Huber Leaks Site Discovered

  1. I’m just wondering if any of you, or all of you, are planning to attend the Candidate Lunch Forum, coming up on October 20. I will be there with many questions. it seems to me a few of you should be there as well. Just do me and everyone else a favor, try to be civil and professional. This race has had enough BS already and quite frankly, I will not be “relaxed” if you start to get out of hand…


  2. Just seems to be a sad pattern emerging from Camp Huber- Slime and malign then threaten litigation against anyone who is not publicly supporting Bob. As someone who is on the job market, and is working hard to promote a positive image for Simi Valley through the Chamber of Commerce (as a member of the Ambassador Team), I’m just curious Mike C…. could you further elucidate? My potential employers are curious.


  3. After Mike Chandler’s “Grassroots or Astroturf” post of Sept. 25, it is difficult to read all the comments without being suspicious!

    They did that since May? I feel duped.

    Who is “Mike C.” who commented here?


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