Sheriff Bob Brooks Endorses Huber

Bob Huber’s campaign for Simi Valley Mayor continues its momentum with this major announcement. With the endorsement of Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks, this rounds out a very healthy set of endorsements related to public safety, considering the support of the Simi Valley Police Officers Association and the Firefighters Association.

Here’s the announcement from Bob Huber’s Campaign:


The race for Mayor of Simi Valley has added another significant endorsement.

Joining the hundreds of private citizens and office holders, Republicans and Democrats, Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks has joined the effort to elect former Deputy District Attorney Bob Huber as Mayor of Simi Valley.  Huber also has the official endorsement of the Simi Valley Police Officers and the Ventura County Firefighters.

The 37 year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, the last twelve as Sheriff, Bob Brooks endorsed Bob Huber for Mayor by saying, “The people of Simi Valley need strong support of law enforcement as leader of the City.  Bob Huber has taken a vocal role in working to keep the East County Jail open.  Additionally, Bob Huber has been the key leader in the building of the state of the art Fire, Sheriff and Police Academy to ensure the best trained officers.  He is supportive of the needs of strong law enforcement service to the citizens of Simi Valley.”

Brooks joins community business people supporting Bob Huber like Joe Cassella, Mike McCaffrey, Brian Payne, Dick Rhoads and Scott Santino.  Joining them are Congressman Elton Gallegly (a former Simi Valley Mayor), Senator Tony Strickland,  Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, former State Senator Cathie Wright (a former Simi Valley Mayor), former Mayor Greg Stratton, School Board Trustee Rob Collins, among the many endorsers of Bob Huber for Mayor.

Huber thanked Sheriff Brooks for his support, “I appreciate it when people of stature like Sheriff Bob Brooks recognize my support for law enforcement.  Together, business owners, families, law enforcement and elected officials can keep public safety the number one priority of the City of Simi Valley–that is my goal.”

10 thoughts on “Sheriff Bob Brooks Endorses Huber

  1. Actually Laura, I think Geoff Dean may have the lead in the most powerful law enforcement official..or Totten….but Brooks, who I like, is a lame duck, so to speak.


  2. I think it is interesting to read that anytime the “competition” gets an endorsement, there is a reason to discount it from the incumbents. Huber gets the Police Officers Association endorsement and it is because they need a “pound of flesh” as Becerra put it. Now Huber gets Bob Brooks and we have Ms Williamson stating that he is a lame duck, so who should care. Don’t mind that Brooks is a Simi resident and has worked with Mr. Huber for years in developing the new academy and as a friend.

    This is the cronyism that has existed for way too long in the City Council. Get your friend elected, then you get appointed to back fill. They all share the same thoughts and as evidenced by the last council meeting where Foster started to work independently and then dropped into line.

    I am glad that all public safety groups are supporting Huber. They must see though Sojka and his claims of promoting public safety.


  3. Oh come on fella’s!!!!! Of course Sojka would be proud to get an endorsement from Brooks, geez; you guys are getting pretty desperate. Stop reading something into my statement that isn’t there! All I said was Dean was the most powerful law enforcement official. Are you saying he isn’t? Please, get a grip!


  4. Barbara, from your comments here, it is clear you won’t be running again, and are therefore, ” the lamest duck” of all. I just asked the magic mirror on the wall.


  5. It is interesting Ann. Funny, when you’re a candidate, you seek out endorsements, but once elected it’s hard for them to return the request.


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