“Leaks” Claims Fair or Unfair?

I feel at times that I’ve openly questioned the motivation behind some of the press releases from Bob Huber’s team, most notably the ones related to E-Verify. In my defense, however, I feel that in doing so I’ve been able to spawn commentary not only on my blog, but via email and in person that have been instrumental in helping me understand and ultimately helping me make decisions. Outside of my own questions, I’ve watched others lay out the pros and cons of both mayoral candidates, and I’ve agreed with some points and disagreed with others.

No one has made my jaw drop as much as the so-called “leaker” who has opted to present points against Bob Huber’s campaign in an anonymous forum on a platform where no one can directly respond. I recently took a break from local issues this past weekend to enjoy some family time and the Simi Valley Days parade, but when I fired up my browser this morning, I saw the “leaker” continues to stay active and posted something as recently as Saturday. I’m all for free speech and the freedom to express one’s opinion openly, but I gotta ask, is this taking things a bit too far?

See the latest by clicking here.

Headlines such as “Grand Jury probes police department,” “Police department hit with three lawsuits,” “Council asks attorney general to probe rape findings,” and “200 items are missing from evidence room,” are the most recent ones to get posted on the website. These headlines go back to 1982, and are followed by these comments from the anonymous author:

SVPD – Past Leadership

All these headlines happened in ONE MONTH in 1982. Some of the items headlined were, and remain, historic for the Simi Valley Police Department.

A City Council’s job is to provide oversight of its departments. Train wrecks like this occur when a City Council fails to properly do its job.

Have you seen disasters like this in recent years? The answer is no.

There are some today who say they want Bob Huber to be in charge of the Simi Valley Police Department. Well, Bob Huber already once held a position with responsibility over the Simi Valley Police Department, when he served the Simi Valley City Council from 1980 to 1984. And the results were not good.

Is one man on the Council responsible for all this? I’ve been slaughtered by blog comments for making much tamer proclamations.

I want to put out a call to this person(s) to show themselves. Give the people an opportunity to put a name and a face to these thoughts and let us answer you. Without an identity to attach to these opinions and a conversation about them, the “leaker” site will soon become a disinteresting destination for those looking for answers.

UPDATE: The author updated their comments based on user feedback according to the new comments below the articles (below). Can anyone raise their hand and tell me if they were the ones who provided this feedback?

All these headlines happened in ONE MONTH in 1982. Some of the items headlined were, and remain, historic for the Simi Valley Police Department.


(Editors’ Note: the rest of this post was deleted in response to reader input. Thank you for your input. We appreciate and welcome reader feedback. Comments and suggestions can be emailed to bobhuberleaks@gmail.com).

11 thoughts on ““Leaks” Claims Fair or Unfair?

  1. And who is anyone to tell someone else how to run their site? I’m sure you’d just love that to death wouldn’t you? And frankly what difference does it make who is putting this out there? It’s not like they’re making things up. They’re pulling articles for people to read through. Why this bothers people is beyond me? Because the author puts a little opinion by the article? Are we saying a site dedicated to giving an opinion is wrong? I mean what are the rules? And who sets the rules? When are opinions okay, and when are they not? Aren’t opinions given on this site daily? Are they wrong as well?


  2. Cool your jets there, Pamala. No one is setting the rules. And I didn’t say his opinions are wrong. My point is that I state my opinion daily but I do so with my real name so people can face-off with me. Hell, I even do it so nameless, anonymous people can face-off with me. However, if this person wants to make a lasting impact, going about it anonymously takes something away.

    To answer your pointed question on my opinions, yes they have been wrong before.


  3. I don’t believe the website is a part of Sojka’s strategy. Every campaign that chooses to has to discuss the potential impact of going negative and how to do it. Going negative anonymously doesn’t strike me as being a move either side would make just because of the natural inclination of everyone to assume it’s the “other side” who is responsible.

    I believe this is someone acting independently and we would see this website published in response to Huber’s campaign regardless of who was opposing him. I interpret the PD remarks as a response to relationships between the city and the PD back then versus now (rather than the Chief Sojka comparison). Of course, and this has been my point, without knowing who is behind the site, this is all entirely speculative.

    LTR is right, the ultimate deciding factor is how each candidate for Mayor will lead the city to success, with the PD, in business, and in the other areas discussed.


  4. Mike,

    Do you know, or do you strongly suspect, who put together the website?

    If you consider it dirty politics ask Steve Sojka to issue a statement asking for it to be removed. If it was being done on his behalf they might listen to him.


  5. I would like to know Mr. Hodge’s opinion about the Firefighters union giving an endorsement after interviewing just 1 candidate. It is difficult not to besmirch something that suspicious.


  6. Leaker Team Member?

    The Factually Challenged Party of Simi Valley Imcumbency and Runaway Benefits conitues refuting itself with it’s own research.

    From The Enterprise 2/24/84
    A member of the city’s affordable housing committee since it’s inception in the late 1980, Huber said, nevertheless, that he hasn’t given up trying to find ways to offer low cost housing.

    One of the things that the committee is trying to do is help people make down payments on homes, using money from the affordable housing committee


  7. Anyone find it funny that he calls people “Challenged” then uses words like “imcumbency” and “conitues,” and does not understand the difference between “its” and “it’s”?

    Don’t quit your day job, Barney.


  8. Cibbarelli. Ted, Bob Huber hired him. Then went, “D’OH!! Never mind. We’ll hire Miller! Sorry about that!” Huber is Rosanne Rosanadanna. Nevermind.


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