Public to Weigh In on Landfill Annexation

Ask and ye shall receive… or something like that. My Old English is a little rusty. What I’m trying to say is we’ll all get an opportunity to discuss our thoughts on the expansion of the Simi Valley Landfill on a date that has yet to be determined. The Simi Valley Landfill Expansion task force announced that Council Member Barbra Williamson (a task force member) will be requesting that the topic be placed on the agenda for discussion.  Here’s the news:

With the current application for expansion of the Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center and the resulting negative impacts on the community, the issue of annexation of the landfill site and contiguous property owned by Waste Management to the City of Simi Valley should be of paramount importance to the City.  Therefore, at the September 20th Simi Valley City Council meeting, Council Member Barbra Williamson will request scheduling for public discussion the annexation of the landfill and adjacent Waste Management properties.

Established three years ago to inform the residents of Simi Valley of the potential impact the expanded Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center would have on our community, the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force remains committed to its mission. Having completed technical reviews of the project’s draft environmental impact report, the Task Force is focusing its efforts on actions that will protect present and future generations from the adverse environmental impacts proposed by the expansion and to avoid any economic repercussions caused by the landfill’s operations. The Task Force’s position has always been to explore annexation of the property as a means to strengthen Simi Valley’s decision making capacity, and as the host City for the landfill, to safeguard our community. Now that the landfill project objectives and scope are known, it is time to investigate the possibilities and options annexation may present to the City.

Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force

Here’s your chance, folks! Pay attention to that council meeting to see how that goes. Once a date is determined, you can bet that I’ll be publishing it here.

7 thoughts on “Public to Weigh In on Landfill Annexation

  1. One of the themes mentioned during the EVerify discussion was that there were not many other cities using it. That seemed to be an excuse as to why Simi Valley should not use it.

    There are two problems with that. The first is that it was mentioned that they were not sure of how many cities use it because they can not get the information from EVerify, so the information came from a web search. This means that the number is questionable, at the best. It could be much higher. The second and most important aspect is that it does not matter how many other cities use it or don’t use it. The Council should look at the issues and decide if it makes sense, regardless if no other cities use it or if most of them use it.

    The issue of auditing is completely separate from using EVerify, but it seemed to be used as an excuse as to why it should not be used. It was completely missed that the City requires contractors to hire legal workers and that the auditing requirement can be same as whether they use the tool or not.

    Back to reacting, Mayor Miller wrote a letter to the editor defending the lack of action, then a short time later it was brought up again. What happened between the letter and bringing it back up? I am sure that there was a lot of feedback saying that the Council was wrong. This means that the Council reacted due to the pressure.

    The same is true with the landfill expansion. Only Barbra has been vocal about the issue. The task force, not the City, has attempt to communicate with WM. If the City was really business friendly, they would have started communication BEFORE the task force and the task force might not have even needed to be created. So now, just before the election the Council decides it is time to talk to WM and deal with the issue. This is a reaction, not leadership.


  2. Ah gee annoying little gnat…and here I thought it was just me….Actually I thought the EVerify conversation was over with, am I missing something?

    Ted, It may not seem like it, but sometimes I learn more by listening than talking…


  3. I am sorry that you don’t get that the Council is reacting instead of providing leadership. Perhaps Barbra can explain why the Council has not talked to WM about the expansion until they just recently decided to, years after they should have started talking.

    Yes, I can well see that the Council would like the EVerify conversation to be over with, but it is not. It is a “pilot” program for one year. They did not require businesses in Simi Valley to use it. And add to that it was clear that they did not want to do it, but were forced to because of public pressure, brought on by Huber. Look at the non-issue of the “audit requirement” as well.

    The question is whether the people will remember and understand what really happened.


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