Mike Judge Interview

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again. I really like Mike Judge. Challenging Candidates for City Council face more obstacles than incumbents, including verbal challenges from incumbent supporters. I’ve watched Mike respond to hostility from supporters of other candidates without a flinch.

I was really moved when the Simi Valley Police Officers Association opted to support Candidate Keith Mashburn instead of Judge. That’s not to say that Mashburn isn’t deserving, but I figured that as a police officer, Mike Judge would have a good sense of what officers face, both in the field and as public employees. Despite this, Mike continues to press on without hesitation. His campaign signs are well placed, so he’s doing the legwork and getting his name out there. He did very well last election, and he’s working twice as hard this time around.

Mike Judge was interviewed by the Simi Valley Acorn and I told him I would publish a link to it here once it was available online. I encourage you to read it. Mike is a straight shooter, in more ways than one, with a genuine desire to make Simi Valley the nations safest city again.

I’ll send you to the Simi Valley Acorn to read the full article, but I wanted to publish this quote from Mike in the article:

For Judge, public safety is paramount. But in order for Simi to reclaim its safest city ranking, he said, it must support its cops 110 percent—not cut their pay and benefits or try to break their union.

“To get there, you have to have a motivated police department, you have to have a citizenry that cooperates and works closely with the police department to curtail crime,” he said. “If you’ve got a pissed-off bunch of cops, they’re going to be more concerned with looking for another job than doing their job here.”

I think Mike Judge is a confident candidate for good reason. See for yourself. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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