Arleigh Kidd Goes Online!

The Simi Valley School Board candidates are not only racing for a seat on the board, they’re racing to stake their claim in cyberspace. Arleigh Kidd, candidate for the Simi Valley School Board, has taken his campaign online with a new website. He sent me a link to his website via Facebook, the social media network that is reshaping the online landscape of campaigning on the internet.

From 1990 until 2005 I worked as a social studies teacher at Valley View. While there I continued coaching basketball as well as being a department chair, Quiz Bowl coach, peer mediation coordinator and member of the School Site Council. From 2002 to 2005 I was also elected by my fellow educators to be the President of the local association. Also in 2005 I received an Honorary Service Award from the Simi Valley PTA for my work on behalf of the children of Simi Valley, it was a great honor for me.

In 2005 I was offered a job as a staff person for the state teachers association. I now work consulting with educators and assisting them in long term strategic planning. I also do trainings for educators in areas like the Brown Act and School Site Councils and in reading school district budgets. I am not a member of the local teachers association or state teachers association and I do not work for the local teachers association. I am also not management and not a part of governance.

According to his website, he’ll be joining Jeanne Davis and Bob Huber at an event in Simi Valley at 3:00pm. Brian Dennert will be covering the event, conducting interviews and likely including pictures and video. To find out more about this event, upcoming events, or for more general information about Arleigh Kidd’s campaign for Simi Valley School Board, check out his new website:

8 thoughts on “Arleigh Kidd Goes Online!

  1. Arleigh Kidd will do for SVUSD what our current Congress is doing for fiscal reform. Zero.

    Arleigh stated in the Acorn this week how proud he was of his own college education, but that SVUSD students better be ready to take more woodshop.

    SVUSD union members will breathe a sigh of relief upon Arleigh’s election. Simi’s business and economic development communities will not however, when they begin to hire Arleigh & SVUSD’s “educated” workforce.

    Is it any wonder why most of Simi’s leaders send their kids to private school?


  2. Tim,

    As a teacher I have seen many leaders in our community send their students to public schools. I don’t think you have Data to back up your argument.

    Improving local schools doesn’t have to involve one side winning and another side losing. It usually needs people to come together.

    Before you write me off as a union member and public school teacher, remember I started a Michelle Rhee fanpage. If I saw a compelling reform candidate I would support them too. But the other challengers don’t seem well versed in school reform.


  3. Thanks Brian,

    Are you saying Arleigh Kidd is an expert on school reform? Is that because of his opposition to it?

    I always respected your Rhee page. So why aren’t you running?



  4. Tim,

    I don’t agree with Arleigh Kidd on some issues at the state and federal level. But locally he has shown his dedication to public education and his expertise will help the board through difficult times.

    As an employee of SVUSD I cannot run.


  5. Brian,

    I’ll go ahead and say perhaps I am being unfair. I look forward to hearing what “expertise” you say Arleigh has?

    Is it in Finances?
    Bond Management?
    Salary & Benefits negotiation (oh, sorry, he’s got this, a lot of it)

    Given the financial and facility challenges, a Trustee needs more than being a teacher (this board has that covered). What else, specifically is he bringing to the dais?



  6. Tim,

    Have you seen the backgrounds of the other candidates or are you only comparing him to your ideal candidate?

    Arleigh Kidd has worked with teachers, administrators, and union representatives within the framework of negotiated contracts and state education code. He knows what a local school board is responsible for and what a local school board has little or no control over. He is an expert in school finances and that includes working with restricted funds.


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