Keith Mashburn Campaign Heats Up

I should be at Disneyland right now, but I’m not. A surprise trip to Disneyland last weekend for my birthday resulted in our postponing these plans. “Disneyland overload” is bad for the feet and the wallet. And if you’re wondering if I’m sharing this with you because I want your belated birthday greetings, the answer is yes. I’m a shameless narcissist who craves your attention, so humor me and give it up!

My point is that I’ll be enjoying some Simi Valley activities this weekend instead, including Simi Valley Days. But I started the weekend off with a visit to Keith Mashburn’s fundraiser and was impressed by what I saw.

Mashburn’s event was full of excitement and support. These people are very enthusiastic about their candidate. And the roster of supporters is impressive. There was a strong showing of support by the police force and firefighters, as well as Simi Valley business owners. I saw a few faces that usually are in support of other candidates, leading me to believe that the tide is shifting and candidates like Keith Mashburn have a solid chance of making their way to City Council. This is clearly a serious race, and there is no easy path to victory for any candidate at this point, incumbent or challenger. Candidates MUST compel Simi Valley to vote for them, and that is what Keith Mashburn is setting out to do.

Keith’s wife Shelby is about the nicest woman you’ll ever meet. She gets emotional when she talks about the support she’s seen for Keith and how serious he is about this race. She has a true passion for this community. Her belief in Keith is strong, and she’s taken it upon herself to go door to door, spreading the word to business owners and residents about Keith’s message. When she meets someone who already knows Keith and already plans to give Keith their vote, she is moved. Keith has a terrific lady in his corner.

I videotaped Keith’s presentation to his supporters and I’ve been working on it most of the morning. I’m having trouble finding a way to edit it that complies with my time limits on YouTube while also fairly representing his points. I might just render the raw video and let you see it as I did. Keith did a great job laying out the points and touching on the issues that matter the most in this election. Whether you agree with his positions or not, you’ll see he’s definitely honest about where he stands.

2 thoughts on “Keith Mashburn Campaign Heats Up

  1. How come Mashburn took $500 a month as a planning commissioner? Talk about part time. What is that $250 an hour for Mashburn to regulate local business. Biggest hypocrite of all time.


  2. Running for council is almost impossible in Simi Valley lately. The only viable council candidate running against the incumbents is Keith Mashburn. Putting his stellar business reputation and motorcycle celebrity status along with a seemingly unending amount of campaign signs makes him a triple threat to the incumbents! I just want an autograph and your campaign sign removed from my front lawn when you get elected! Feel free to just autograph the sign. Go Keith Go! We need more people like you on our council!


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