Landfill Coverage – City Council Meeting Tonight

Tonight at the City Council Meeting, Barbra Williamson will be proposing that the topic of Annexation of the Simi Valley Landfill owned by Waste Management be placed on the agenda for a future meeting. This topic has been discussed regularly, both online and offline, in the comment sections on this site, letters to editors, newspaper advertisements by candidates, and in candidate speeches and fundraisers. Interestingly, I haven’t had what I would say qualifies as a definitive answer as to whether or not annexation would put deciding control of the expansion plans into the hands of the City of Simi Valley.

Councilwoman Barbra Williamson always graciously answers my questions regarding the landfill expansion and recently clarified that annexation would NOT put deciding control into the hands of the City. However, researching the issue online, I found more than one instance where a landfill expansion was either approved or denied at the City level here in California. Digging further, it becomes evident that despite any approvals at either the City or the County level, State approval is still a requirement before the project can move forward.

We won’t get those answers tonight, however.  Tonight the Council decides whether or not annexation of the landfill can be placed on a future agenda. I suspect that we’ll see that happen.

The meeting starts tonight at 6:30pm.

6 thoughts on “Landfill Coverage – City Council Meeting Tonight

  1. I’m watching the council meeting on the computer. I don’t know who that Louis Pandolfi is, but he made Bob Huber and Scott Santino sound like they had no clue what they were talking about. Pandolfi was well spoken and well researched and he darn sure sounded like he knew what he was talking about when it came to the landfill and annexation. Those other two keystone cops talked in short campaign soundbites. God, please stop wasting our time.


  2. I am watching this on the tube right now. You are right, the guy from the task force really seemed well versed on the issue. Who is Scott Santino exactly and why was he there to talk on that? He came off like a politician, not informed on the landfill project.


  3. For clarification from a different perspective, Huber, Santino and Mackel were on target at the City Council meeting, although perhaps from a someone political angle. It is refreshing to see these longterm leaders of the community come together to recognize the importance of the landfill expansion. While I am trying to understand the wisdom in the Mayor’s decision to shelve the annexation issue for now, I am disappointed that he didn’t support Councilmember Williamson in directing City Staff to prepare a report in which the issues of annexation could be evaluated. That was all Ms. Williamson was asking for. With the involvement of quality people like Huber, Santino and Mackel, the City will be better off, the process will work better, and the dump expansion will be more clearly understood for the monster that it can be. I still have faith that our current Council will show the leadership that we, as a community, require. I expect to see these Councilmembers step forward and strongly express their opinions to the dump expansion very soon. After all, time is running out. Until then, I hope our currently unelected residents will continue to speak loudly.


  4. I completely anticipated that we would see this on a future agenda. Unfortunately, I did not get to attend the meeting or see it, so I missed the discussion that surrounded the decision.

    Louis, can you please contact me via the contact form on this page so that I can talk to you about the landfill task force offline?


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