Josie Hirsch Campaign Picks Up Momentum

Josie Hirsch is running for Simi Valley School Board, but not as an incumbent. She would be a newcomer to the board, so she is working hard to reach out and make her presence and her positions known. She has made a lot of progress over the past several weeks. Her campaign signs have good placement, suggesting a solid level of support. Recently, she made an announcement regarding her new endorsements:

Josie Hirsch has received additional endorsements for her run for Governing Board Member of the Simi Valley Unified School District. In addition to the VC Republican Central Committee, SVUSD Governing Board Member Eric Lundstrom and many teachers and parents, she has now received the endorsements of Steven Hintz, Superior Court Judge, Retired; Jarrod DeGonia, District Director for Assembly Member Cameron Smyth; Don Facciano, President Ventura County Taxpayers Association; and Raymond Cruz, University Development Officer.

Josie Hirsch is dedicated to joining the current school board to add her skill set to assist in the financial management of the SVUSD. Her financial experience will greatly compliment the existing team, as her focus for over 20 years has been budget planning and budget adherence and cost savings and cost avoidance programs.

You can learn more about Josie’s campaign for Simi Valley School Board by checking out her website at

17 thoughts on “Josie Hirsch Campaign Picks Up Momentum

  1. One thing all of these endorsements have in common: They are from Republicans. Who runs for school board bragging about their endorsement from a political party? The VCRCC has a majority of their partisan party activists from outside of Simi Valley. I doubt most of them could tell you who is on our school board.

    Josie Hirsch accepted Lundstrom’s endorsement and then went on the attack against the school board members that, like Eric, were endorsed by the union.


  2. FTW,

    Wow, Ballot statement? Really? Do you know how much the county registrar charges for a ballot statement? I have heard between $800 and $1300 so far. I also see on Josie’s facebook page that she has set herself a budget of $1000 for her entire campaign. The ballot statement may have put her over that budget before she even started. I do not see anyone else publishing their campaign spending, do you? Who paid for the other candidates statements? Hmmm… The union that endorsed them maybe???

    Isn’t the school board’s budget management and spending habits in question? You and people like you are focusing on ‘union stuff’ when it comes to Josie’s campaign. Josie is seems focused on the board;s spending habits and she has strategies on how to save the district money and “Put the taxpayer’s money back into the classrooms”.

    : Why would anyone be more interested in the kids then the teacher’s union?


  3. All candidates have to publish their campaign spending. The fact that her platform brags about a basic legal requirement is really funny. True transparency would include mentioning how far right she really is from the start.

    If unions control the board as she alleges, they control Eric Lundstrom. He was endorsed by the same union she is now blaming for all problems in local education.

    The check was due for the ballot statements long before the SEA endorsed any candidates. That was way back when she was hiding her true views.


  4. Heather,
    To be honest I am still looking int to the compensation schedule for the board members. To my understanding, it is approx $350 per month plus health care benefits.

    I make this promise to you here:

    Whatever the compensation is, I will give back monthly to the schools via the PTA/PTSA or the Education Foundation. I am currently in negotiations with several paper vendors so I can donate paper to the classrooms in the most direct route possible every time I receive compensation.

    Though compensation is supposed to be public knowledge, I have been researching since August to determine what the compensation is an CANNOT find it. If anyone knows, please let me know.


  5. Josie,

    Why not ask Eric Lundstrom? He endorsed you. I’m sure he knows how much it pays. He is in office now so you could also ask him to make it more transparent.


  6. Ms. Hirsch recently attended an event sponsored by a non-profit. She showed up with a box full of campaign fliers and wearing her campaign button. She came under the pretense of “volunteering.” Although no phone call or e-mail of an offer to volunteer was made prior to that day. She was told that the fliers can not be distributed and that she needed to remove her button, which she did. A couple hours later she was spotted wearing the button again. Her response when confronted, “Oops.” Why doesn’t her extensive financial background extend to what is appropriate and legal behavior under an event sponsored by a 501c3. Also, can she explain her statement in her literature that, “the administrators and teachers in Simi Valley are among the highest paid in the nation, yet they are always crying for more money.” Apparently she is not looking for support from the teachers. Finally, how about the statement that her kindergartener attends a private school because she wanted to give her one more push before putting in Township Elem. Doesn’t sound like someone who have much faith in our teachers or schools.


  7. Hmm, While I was at this event, I had the opportunity to meet Josie. I didn’t know until later that she was a candidate for school board, and I spoke with her quite a while. She even showed me pictures of her little ones on her phone.
    I did learn later that day from another person that she was running for school board, and I asked her why she didn’t mention it. Her reply was very respectful as she explained she was not allowed to discuss the campaign at the 501c3 event. She then told me of a mutual friend to speak with to to get her contact information as she did not have any cards or printed material with her number on it with her.
    She was an amazing volunteer, and made the day a lot of fun! We still talk about our encounter with her. What a great hearted woman!


  8. Very amusing response and also very laughable. Especially the comment about Josie as a “volunteer” that day. A volunteer doing what exactly? As far as not being allowed to discuss her campaign, there are MANY people that can attest that she did in fact discuss her campaign. Come on Josie, at least be honest about it.


  9. I can tell you that Josie was discussing her campaign openly that day. Also are we to believe that both “Josie Hirsch Supporter” and “golfer” are conveniently linking their names to Josie’s Facebook page or that they are the same person?


  10. What a surprise…”Josie Hirsch Supporter” and “Golfer” the same person. Could it be that Josie is not as honest as she would like us all to believe? Now we just have to figure out whether she wants to go by Josie or Golfer.


  11. Wow, such hate for someone with such good intentions. If what RS says is true, then ‘oops’ is right, Josie may have made a mistake. However, you are calling out her supporters for linking to her facebook page? Who are you RS? No link, no name? Her supporters linked to her page. Good for them, they made you look. I don’t know Josie and I don’t know you. I am trying to find out as much information on all the candidates as I can and I keep finding Josie and links to her website. The other 3 candidates have little web presence at all. I know I have to choose between and incumbent, a union rep, a student and a financial professional/parent. Josie appears to be the unique candidate and there is lots of information on her out there. Looks to me like this is a Teacher’s Union race. With the union or support the teachers? Have to chose, right? RS, who do you think we should be voting for? Please share your thoughts and why.


  12. Jennifer,
    If I truly believed that Josie’s intentions were honorable I would be the first to say so. The “oops” was not an oops at all. It was complete defiance of something she had been specifically told not to do. As a matter of fact her comment afterwards was to tell someone she got caught. As Chris said, she spent the day talking about her campaign, although told that she couldn’t. I have no respect for anyone who thinks that rules don’t apply to them. Josie used a non-profit event, designated for a specific purpose, to her advantage. If she had just offered to volunteer and not tried to capitalize on the event , it would have been a totally different story.

    I began my interest in her as a school board candidate who I was considering supporting. As I got to see her in action and look at her printed materials I realized she is not someone who should be elected to that position. Sadly, the options are not many. I support Jeanne Davis for re-election. I feel she has a lot to offer and truly has an interest in what is best for the kids. As for the other position….I will support Arleigh Kidd. Not because I believe him to be the perfect candidate, but because I do not think the student is mature enough to handle the job and I can not support Josie.

    I have heard that there is a school board candidates forum on Monday, October 18, at 7PM, in the City Hall Chambers. I encourage you to be there to hear what they all have to say.


  13. Jennifer,

    Arleigh Kidd has two children. One is a graduate of Royal High school and one currently attends Royal.

    Jeanne Davis has two sons that graduated from Simi Valley schools.

    Why do her supporters keep mentioning she is a parent as if that isn’t something she shares with most of the candidates?


    Have you contacted Eric Lundstrom yet? He endorsed you and he is currently on the board. He should be able to answer your questions.


  14. Brian,

    I have spoken to Eric Lundstrom and he confirmed the information I provided above.

    I am a parent as are the other candidates. My children are very young, a 12 year old step daughter (who attended Township), and a 5 and 2 year old daughter. Our 5 year old is finishing her preschool/kindergarten program and will attend Township next year, and my youngest is in preschool. The other candidates children are in High School or have already graduated.

    Thank you supporters who understand my vested interest because my children are just starting in the SVUSD next year.


  15. Josie,

    According to some of your campaign material you are planning on having a “Meet and Greet” at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. You even give the time you will be there. Apparently you still do not understand that you put the non-profit organization in jeopardy of losing their 501c3 status, by bringing political messages to a non-profit activity. You have already done this at the Education Foundation Golf Tournament. Are you really going to try that again? Please tell me you have more of a moral value than that. No one should piggyback on such an important event like the relay.


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