Keith Mashburn’s Salary

Candidate for Simi Valley City Council Keith Mashburn believes in transparency. He’s mentioned it several times in person, and has indicated as much in his speech at a recent fundraiser. Now he wants to prove his point.

In response to comments on this blog, Keith Mashburn is sharing his salary details with you. Here are Keith’s unedited remarks about his pay as a Planning Commissioner:

Hi Mike, someone on the blog said I was making about $500 per month on the planning commission.  Here are the numbers directly off my check.  For some reason my scanner is not working or I would send a copy of the check stub.  If that is wanted I will arrange to post the actual stub.

Pay Period 08/30/2010—-09/12/2010

Total Earnings              $250.83

Disability tax                     2.76

Medicare Tax EE              3.64

Social Security Tax EE    15.55

Net pay                      228.88

There are no benefits for planning commission members.

Feel free to post this and again if anyone wishes to see the pay stub I have no problem sharing that with the group.  They pay the bills so they have every right to see it.

Thanks Keith. I don’t think anyone expects you to be obligated to share your pay details in a public forum and I appreciate you volunteering to do so anyway.

10 thoughts on “Keith Mashburn’s Salary

  1. And put them side by side with cities with a similar population, such as Thousand Oaks and Ventura, and maybe Santa Clarita, for comparative purposes. While we’re at it, get the total compensation (salary, medical and retirement benefits) for police officers for Simi and all those cities also and put them all side by side. Let’s see where Simi ranks on everything.


  2. I would also like to see all the additional money the Council members get by being on various boards, including non-government boards. That is how the City of Bell Council got their salaries up so high.

    Also, delayed benefits need to be included with an estimate range of what it could cost us.

    Don’t you really want to know the total that they are getting?


  3. I want Mike Sedell to have his TOTAL COMPENSATION posted. Post the Cops too, as you will see Santa Monica out earns them, Oxnard out earns them (with their most recent 8 percent pay raise) as well as other cities they are comparable to. Mike Sedell, POST YOUR TOTAL COMPENSATION and BENEFITS HERE. I want the Total Compensation of Santa Clarita’s City Manager posted next to it. See what happens….you’ll all be screaming “BELL!” when you see it…. Transparency? Not from him!


  4. Does Mashburn know whether he get’s paid once a month or twice a month? This pay period is from 8/30 to 9/12. What about the rest of the month?


  5. Thanks Laura. I should have made that clear. It is every two weeks. I was not inferring that whoever said $500 per month was incorrect.


  6. I totally agree Laura. But also about the handful of people who post repeatedly under innumerable monikers to attack other candidates, namely Sojka. You can tell by indicators such as repeated grammatical and syntax errors. Folks can change fake names but cannot immediately improve writing skills.


  7. Like you did Laura? Forget running me down, how about saying something factual about your candidate? Mashburn has participated in no fewer than three hearings on the landfill expansion, yet he has the stupidity to say that he has to call his friend Mike Smith for “facts” about the expansion before making up his mind. Smith claims the dump is not going to increase its daily tonnage. Smith can’t tell the truth and Mashburn eats it up like a happy monkey. I still believe Mashburn isn’t worth $500 per month. Perhaps that is why Mayor Miller wants him off the City Council.


  8. NF: There no doubt is more to learn than just what City staff provided in those three hearings you mention. I don’t know if you are correct bout these meetings or the topics covered, but I will assume you are right for the moment.

    When the potential for expansion first came up, I went with another concerned citizen and took a tour of the dump. We spoke with Waste Management people and came to understand what their hopes were for expansion at the time. Issues may have changed, so I won’t take time to repeat what we were told.

    I can say without hesitation that it was an educational experience. I believe we should resist the expansion, but also believe we should have all the facts, all of them, to evaluate before making any kind of decision.

    As to K. Mashburn, you belittle his friendship with Mike Smith rather than take the chance to appreciate that he, even as a candidate and knowing it might lose jim some votes, takes the opportunity to be completely truthful and open. Most people running for office would have kept that background secret.

    Here is my full disclosure, when I ran for City Council in 1992 (against Barbra when she won her seat), the Firefighters Union endorsed me. I met Keith those nearly 18 years ago and found him to be gracious but also quite open with what the believes. Keith told me he believes it is always better to be “caught in the truth” to avoid being “caught in a lie”.

    Diagree with him on policy if you wish. We all have just over another month to evaluate the candidates. One issue I believe I can count on is that should he get elected, he isn’t going to straddle fences to keep the citizens in the dark on a position, and that he will listen of all sides.

    To be clear, I am not saying Glen B. or Michelle F. are not similarly inclined. I do not know the other challengers well enough to have this kind of opinion.

    It takes courage for a candidate for office to be forthright when doing to may cost votes. Again, cudos to Mr. Mashburn for having that integrity.


  9. Sounds to me like Not Force is just an angry individual with a personal vendetta against Mr. Mashburn.
    What happened? Did he qualify for a position you didn’t or was your position overruled in the Bridle Path?


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