Huber Didn’t Do It

Even though I’ve been on the receiving end of venomous badgering by Huber supporters, I do feel inclined to answer those who have submitted links to the Ventura County Star article regarding Russell Takasugi who works with Bob Huber. Huber isn’t the one being accused of theft, his associate is.  Earlier this week, Huber took proactive measures to distance himself from Takasugi. According to the article:

Huber said Monday that he was “shocked” at the allegations and needed time to look into them. By Wednesday, Huber had dismantled the Huber & Takasugi website and issued a statement announcing the dissolution of their business relationship.

“I have informed Russell that our formal relationship has ended immediately,” Huber said. “Russell’s actions and decisions are not those I can approve, condone or accept.”

Huber said he and Takasugi were in an association, not a partnership, meaning they kept separate trust accounts, files and clients. Huber said his name was not on the trust account in question.

“Russell has numerous cases and clients, most of whom I do not know about,” he said. “He has his clients and I have mine.”

Huber hired Takasugi as his law clerk 27 years ago. Takasugi began having ethical problems with the state bar in 1996, records show. A total of five complaints have been filed against him, several for failure to act competently. The most recent complaint resulted in Takasugi being placed on a two-year probation that began in June 2009, according to the bar.

Huber said he was aware of the disciplinary problems but hoped Takasugi had learned his lesson.

If something shady were happening under Huber’s nose and he simply turned a blind eye, then I’d say we have an election worthy issue. To me, this seems more like a partner or “associate” gone rogue and getting caught screwing up at a very bad time. Huber was smart to drop his relationship with Takasugi, and tearing down the website is actually the responsible thing to do. For Huber, I think this issue will be dead by tomorrow.  Probably not so for Mr. Takasugi…

Read the full article by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Huber Didn’t Do It

  1. I am surprised by your casual granting of a pass for Mr. Huber. Mr. Takasugi was disciplined in the early 90’s, hence Mr. Huber already “turned a blind eye” long before this new scandal.


  2. People do make mistakes from time to time and they sometimes deserve a second chance. I do not know all of the details, but I don’t think it is fair, unless you really know some specific details, to claim that Mr. Huber “turned a blind eye”.

    Since this was an association, the ability to oversee is not the same as if it was a partnership.

    I also don’t see this as giving Mr. Huber a pass. The issue is mentioned so that people are aware and unless and until there is something which shows that Mr. Huber is guilty of something, that is all it deserves. Remember, people in this country are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.


  3. According to the information, it was as an association, NOT as an employee, not as a partnership, etc.

    What specifically did Huber do wrong? Perhaps he did something wrong, but so far I don’t see it. If the claims are true, what could have been done by another person in the association to know that this was happening and to stop it?

    Perhaps it is an election issue since anything which can be used to attack a person is an election issue. As some have said, all is fair, but personally I think it is more important to be honest, ethical and fair.

    Personally, I would be saying the same thing regardless of who it was, including the shoo person. If you want guilt by association, then perhaps you should look around a bit. The main thing is that Huber took action to end the association.


  4. Not making any assumption about Mr. Huber, but merely following up on the concept of innocent until proven guilty. I find it somewhat sad that a 27-year professional relationship was ended before it the allegations in this case proved anything against Mr. Takasugi. At this point they are nothing but allegations. There is a statement to be made here about loyalty.

    And another to be made about timing. If this occurred in a non-election environment, would the association have been terminated? It appears the termination occurred as soon as it was verified that the newspaper planned to publish the story.


  5. Mr. Sandberg’s objective view is well taken, and innocent until proven guilty is our country’s oath for justice. I would be remiss if I ignored that Mr. Takasugi was disciplined in the early 90’s. Huber’s action comes many years too late.


  6. Only in politics does it seem accusations, even of another, are enough to result in conclusions aginst a candidate that is otherise void of facts.

    The California State Bar makes disaplinary actions against an attorny available online. Reading that history, there is nothing to suggest either Mr. Huber was complicit in any way or that he was rash or disloyal.

    The State Bar of California completed an investigation of Mr. Takasugi and by Stipulation with him, established conditions for his continued practice of law. The Bar required additional training and a second passing of the Professional Responsibility exam. It noted that Mr. Takasugi undersood and was remorseful for his administrative errors. Mr. Takasugi complied with the Bar requirements and was allowed to continue to practice law.

    At that point, should Mr. Huber have thrown away decades of association? No. We would consider that harsh and unecessary.

    However, Mr. Takasugi is apparently again in trouble with the State Bar. As a result, Mr. Huber ended the association. Is he right to do this now? I would say yes, unless Mr. Takasugi could prove that the Bar allegations are in error.

    From the available facts, there appears to be nothing Mr. Huber could have or should have done differently.

    Our State is nearing a fiscal crisis that already has effected millions of Californians and can get much worse. What is the media talking about today? Whether Meg Witman should have known a woman with forged documents was in her employ. We are electing our Mayor in a month, and now some seek to topple a candidate because an attorney with whom Mr. Huber essentially shares office space is in trouble with the State Bar, even thought the State Bar has no question about Mr. Huber’s conduct.

    Are we this self-destructive that we would allow these side-shows to otherwise overrule our judgment?

    I have left several posts on these boards refusing to blame Mr. Sojka for acts performed by campaign supporters. Mr. Sojka should only be evaluated only for what HE does or approves of. The same goes for Mr. Huber.

    Instead of jumping on the gossip and collateral issue bandwagon, let’s elect either Mr. Sojka or Mr. Huber as our Mayor based on who THEY are and what THEY will do in office.


  7. Huber had no choice and was put between a rock and a hard place. If he did not terminate the association, then he would get attacked even more. He may also now know more than he did before and that could be the reason that he terminated the association.

    Even in terminating the association, he gets attacked (see above) on the issue of loyalty. Clearly, he can not win nor do anything that makes everyone happy.

    What specifically were the issues in the 90s in which showed that the association should be terminated then? It makes for a nice attack, but making decisions based on a lack of information, in order to promote your candidate, it just not right.

    It would be interesting to see what others would have done, but this is also impossible to know since others are not in that actual situation. It is also hard to know whether everything was done in the right way without ALL the information, which none of us have.


  8. It’s amazing what comes out during a political campaign…even a small town mayoral one. I hope it stops before we’ll be hearing that Huber’s opponent has a third cousin twice removed who stole candy from his baby sister in the third grade! It’s like the election bus is rolling and everyone is getting thrown under it! WTF?


  9. This comment, posted beneath the Star’s article online, is fascinating:

    “Having worked side by side with Russell Takasugi for 15 years I know him to be a honest hard working family man. The accusations against him in the probate matter are just that ACCUSTATIONS. What I find so typical is the first 4 comments written here finding Takasugi quilty without really knowing the facts. Of course, if its in the paper ‘IT MUST BE TRUE’. First they need to get the facts straight on Scott Takasugi’s conviction. Second, I am certainly not surprised at Huber throwing Russell to the wolfs. Having worked for Huber for 15 years I think Huber’s comments are his usual reaction to anything that might put him in a unfavorable light, RUN, HIDE, DENY. Huber you are merely the kettle calling the skillet black. Huber’s loyalty to others is legendary. He has none! After 27 years look what Huber does, he certainly does not stand by a man he has worked with for the past 27, he does not wait and see. No! Huber imediately distances himself, after all Huber is running for Mayor and believe me that is more important to Huber than ANYTHING.”

    On a second note, this entire campaign Mr. Huber has portrayed himself as a businessman or business owner. Therefore, this situation involves the “business” he is operating or owning. The name Takasugi is in the name of the business listed in his statement in the Sample Ballot just received in the mail. This issue most definitely is related to this particular election.

    It might not be, had Mr. Huber all along just called himself a local attorney. But he wanted to be a “Business Owner.”


  10. If the allegations against Tagasuki are true (and he certainly seems to have a shady record), it will show Bob Huber to have very poor judgement to associate with such an attorney for 27 years.

    Sure he wants to distance himself now, but he has run hundreds of local TV commercials for “Huber & Takasuki”. Kind of hard to erase the connection.


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