Josie Hirsch Endorsed by Eric Lundstrom

Josie Hirsch who is running for Simi Valley Board of Education shared the following letter with me a few days ago. I had heard that Josie had received this endorsement already, but this letter is probably the official notice of endorsement. It comes from Eric Lundstrom, current Trustee on the Simi Valley Board of Education.

Dear Josie,

It is my pleasure to officially send you my support in the upcoming election for Simi Valley Unified School Board.  Our discussions about Finance and Operational procedures have me excited about having you replace me on the Board.  I believe your desire to make the District stronger for the children of Simi Valley, coupled with your work experience from the business world will be an extreme asset  in which the parents within our community are looking for in a School Board Member.  Again, I look forward to having you replace me on the Governing School Board.  All my best wishes and I look forward to working with you in the future to help make our District much stronger.


Eric Lundstrom
Governing School Board Member

3 thoughts on “Josie Hirsch Endorsed by Eric Lundstrom

  1. I have a lot of respect for all that Eric has accomplished and tried to accomplish on the school board. I just don’t understand how he can be endorsing Josie. This is especially true after observing her in two candidates forums. I will concede that she says she has an extensive financial background, and that it is probably needed, but she has no idea about what goes on in the schools in Simi Valley. This was evident by the responses she gave at the forums. Also, her blasting of the teachers union was very concerning. Doesn’t she realize that those very people she insulted are the same people she would be working with as a school board member? She actually said numerous times that she is “scared” of our schools. Where does she think she is? I implore people to really look at all that she has said and make an informed decision at the polls. I can honestly say that I am “scared” of what will happen if she is elected.


  2. I sure hope you are right. I can not believe how many people actually support her. She doesn’t even like our schools. Sad how so many people are so motivated by change that they will accept anything or anyone just for the sake of changing it.


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