Bob Huber’s $30,000 Loan

Bob Huber loaned his campaign $30,000 today. Deb Holler included a $1000 contribution. This brings his grand total of contributions from his personal finances and immediate family to $42,000. Most candidates don’t raise that much from their fund-raising efforts throughout the course of their campaign!

One can only assume where that money will go! More local television ads? More newspaper ads? More mailers? More robo-calls? Election day is just days away and it looks like Bob Huber is planning an expensive few days leading up to the vote!

This is fascinating to me to say the very least. Only a couple of years ago, campaign finance reform was discussed as an important topic leading up to future elections. Who cares about campaign finance reform when you have the means to toss $42K into your own campaign coffers?

Watch out, Sojka! Huber’s richer than you!

17 thoughts on “Bob Huber’s $30,000 Loan

  1. Damn this guy’s got bank…….this election is all about the almighty dollar….. a fricken hundred grand campaign for mayor of Simi???


  2. I’m sorry Bob, but the mayor of Simi Valley can’t be bought. It’s not for sale. If you have to loan your campaign $42k, what will you do with the City’s budget? Shame on you for trying to pull the wool over our eyes.


  3. Campaigns are to win. Now we fault a man who is willing to put his hard earned money on the line to battle it out to election day? I respect Huber for putting his own money on the line. It is good to see someone taking risk to get what he wants. Isn’t that what business is all about, after all? It demonstrates that Huber is giving it his all. I can’t imagine a better trait in a Mayor.


  4. This is precisely why the criticisms about the Council’s pay and compensation are lame. Without decent, if not very good, pay and compensation for Councilmembers, all we will be left with on the Council are rich lawyers and people who already have government pensions like retired firefighters and police officers.

    Take Sojka out of the equation and think about it. Who else in Simi Valley could have run a decent campaign against Bob Spender?


  5. As I gleefully watched the Texas Rangers defeat the Yankees, I was reminded that the team that spends the most money doesn’t always win.


  6. I’ll thank God that Bob Huber isn’t a Midas when it comes to spending money to protect the rights of the individual from Mr. Sojka’s elitist attitudes… In my humble opinion, God Bless Huber, for putting his money into this fight… It’s a win-win all around for Liberty and Freedom!


  7. At his advanced age, last chance, emptying the coffers at the end. It’s like Monopoly to Huber. A game, about ego. Little to do about improvements to the Simi Valley community. This is a great place. If indeed Huber could offer improvements – and that is highly debatable – they would be minimally noticed. This is about Bob Huber’s Ego (let’s call it BHE), and that is all, Andrew.

    One day the fog will clear and you might see this. BHE is a powerful thing. It is separate from Bob Huber the person. You, for one, already have fallen for BHE’s spell.


  8. If you look at people with money and who tried to run, most of them did not get elected. You can not buy the election, but what the money does is allow you to get your message out.

    If you don’t like that system, then demand town hall meetings where you can get to know who the person is and what they stand for. I am not talking about the 1 hour forums with short answers, but a forum in which the candidates can bring up issues. These types of events need to occur multiple times and be longer than many people would want to listen, at least all at once. Promote a City web site where this type of thing can occur online. Make it so that those without money (including campaign donors) can get their information out for you to hear.


  9. The problem with giving Ken a forum in which to speak is that he has nothing to say worth listening to. The concept of a Democracy is beyond his understanding.

    Buzzz, buzzz . . . away little gnat.


  10. Not Force, please stop acting like a Cult member, Gang member or perhaps a child on a grade school playground.

    Quite clearly, you are not listening or able to listen and understand. Others are able to.

    The very concept that I was talking about is all about allowing the people to know who they are voting for, which you don’t get. It would help for people to make educated decisions. You also don’t seem to understand that we have a Republic.


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