Huber’s Simi Valley Lawsuits – How Many?

As election day draws closer, the letters to the Editor of the Simi Valley Acorn are heating up. The letters regarding the Mayoral race were squeezed into a single entry in the Letters section in the online version of the Acorn this morning.

The letter that startled me this morning is pasted below. The basic summary is an accusation that Bob Huber has filed multiple lawsuits against the city, as many as 10 lawsuits according to this letter. Admittedly, I was aware that one or two lawsuits existed, but I was taken aback when I read the letter this morning. I have been unable to find any solid data to prove or disprove the claim.

The unedited letter that was published in the paper appears below:

Regarding the letters on Oct. 9 from the two widows supporting Bob Huber filing the lawsuit against the city of Simi Valley, while I sympathize with their position to back Huber’s opinion of the lawsuit he filed against the city, it does not justify that lawsuit. Nor does it present justification for the other nine lawsuits Bob Huber has filed (and lost) against the same city he wants to be mayor of.

Bob Huber, our former city councilman, has filed 10 lawsuits against the city of Simi Valley over the past 20 years, an average of two per year—including the case referenced in the Oct. 9 letters where a bicyclist lost his life in an unfortunate accident with a motorist. A jury did not believe there was any liability on the part of the city.

For the other lawsuits that Bob Huber filed against the city of Simi Valley over the past 20 years, the same conclusion was reached. He lost. They were unnecessary lawsuits that cost Simi Valley taxpayers who knows how many thousands of dollars to defend.

I’m saddened by the case referenced in the Oct. 9 letters where a bicyclist lost his life in an unfortunate accident with a motorist. To the widows—I, along with the members of our community, am terribly sorry for your loss.

The lawsuits Bob has launched, and lost, against our city have had nothing to do with anything to make Simi Valley a better place—they appear to have one purpose only—to enrich Bob Huber.

The changes to that roadway were planned before the mishap and would have happened regardless of whether or not the lawsuit was filed.

Take the proven and successful track record of our current Simi Valley leadership team, then compare it to the documented litigious history Bob Huber has against our city, and it becomes crystal clear—there is only one candidate involved and interested in improving the Simi Valley quality of life.

Bob Huber is not worth the risk. The city of Simi Valley cannot afford Bob Huber’s leadership.
Don Norris
Simi Valley

18 thoughts on “Huber’s Simi Valley Lawsuits – How Many?

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  2. You should know that Bob Huber filed lawsuits against the city on behalf of his clients. The question I would like to have answered is whether or not the lawsuits were filed based on his urging as an attorney. I used to work for a personal injury attorney and I can tell you that most often a client doesn’t come in with the intent of suing the city. If injured in public they come to the attorney to find out WHO they can sue and the attorney advises them. Technically the client is doing the suing even if the attorney encourages them to do so.


  3. To answer the question in the headline: too many. We have the choice of electing a guy who has made a living raiding the coffers of the city in which he lives…? Or Steve Sojka, a man who loves his community and who constantly gives back to it rather than taking from it? I think the answer is clear.


  4. This is interesting to say the least. I mean I’m not voting for him at all (actually already mailed off my ballot with a vote for Sojka) but I wonder if this has in fact happened? I’d like to see some facts to back it up.


  5. And Mr. Sojka spends his time ‘buttering the bread” of those business people that buy ads from his Money Mailer coupon franchise… So, what else is new in the world? To complain about Mr. Huber doing the job he’s paid to do is, quite frankly, political savagery. I think Huber will make a great addition to the council as he will be an excellent council to Tracy Noonan, the city attorney. Think of it, One attorney for $200,000 and the other for $15,000… seems will be getting our money’s worth out of Huber!


  6. Andrew

    I’m sure you have proof of your “buttering the bread” accusations.

    My question is if, by chance, Huber became Mayor of Simi Valley would he take a break from “doing his job” (suing the city) during his term as Mayor? If so, who would he refer these cases to? And, if he “loves this city” as much as he claims, why hasn’t he been referring these cases to another attorney all along? From the looks of it, Huber’s “excellent council” has already cost the city much more than $15000 a year. Just the most recent lawsuit has cost our city $247,000…that’s roughly $12,000 a year for every year since Huber left City Council.

    The city of Simi Valley cannot afford Bob Huber’s leadership!


  7. $247,000 was 1 lawsuit.

    Multiplied by 10 = $2.4 million.

    Don’t short-sell it, Kevin. Bob Huber has quietly been responsible for who knows how many dollars lost for Simi Valley taxpayers for many, many years.

    Lawyers BLOW.

    ESPECIALLY personal injury lawyers.


  8. I was not aware of this. That is surprising if you consider his reputation. Does Don Norris have details to support this? I would like to see the details before election day for obvious reasons.


  9. Ok this is NOT a reason to flip out. He sued as a attorney for others, not for himself. It is his JOB to tell people to sue the city if that is the best way to be compensated and if it is LEGAL. Everything he did complies with THE LAW.


  10. ER: See very first link posted here; it’s all about personal choices. Decisions about what is good for yourself (ie. about your pocketbook, or JOB as you stated, even though it was not his “job” but in reality his lawyer decision to pursue a revenue stream) versus what is good for YOUR CITY.

    Life is about decisions, and, often, sacrifices. Sometimes you have to forego making money for future aspirations.



  11. This thread once again explains why pollsters ask what people think, rather than what they know.

    For those that think a lawyer has much discretion on whether or not to bring a claim against a governmental agency, you need to think again. To avoid malpractice, a lawyer must make every claim where there is a reasonable possibility of success. Few lawyers like to bring actions against a governmental entity. There are various immunities that allow a City or County to avoid liability, even when the same conduct from an individual or corporation would make them liable. Government entities can be much harder and more expensive to sue.

    If an attorney brings an action that did NOT have a reasonable possibility of success, that attorney can be held liable by the court for attorney fees and costs of the defendant. In addition, there is great cost in hiring experts, obtaining documents by subpoena and paying cost for court reporters at deposition. An attorney that wants to go broke brings specious cases against government entities. And, with those additional immunities, defense awards in favor of a City are more likely than against citizens or companies.

    I don’t know the cases brought by Mr. Huber over these years, and we can bet those pontificating above don’t know the cases either. However, it seems easier for the likes of some to criticize what they don’t know rather than trying to stick to the issues of what a candidate will do if elected.

    On the links to the right and below, Steve and Bob exorted people to stick with the issues and avoid personal attack. I think the both meant it and encourage those posting here to honor those requests as well.


  12. Norris wrote 10 lawsuits in 20 years, an average of 2 per year. How can you believe someone who struggles with simple math. 2 per year would be 40 lawsuits. 10 is one every 2 years. Norris has knowledge of nothing including 1st grade math. He is not smarter than a 1st grader.


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