Josie’s Concerns

Josie Hirsch is running for one of the open seats on the Simi Valley Board of Education and she’s got some concerns. She posted these remarks on her campaign’s Facebook page, but she shared them with me as well. Public safety is everyone’s concern, and Josie is especially concerned that our kids may be in danger. I’ll let her explain in her own words…

Our Kids Are In Danger

Simi Valley used to be the safest place to live in the US. Now we are ranked in the top 35 places to live. We are no longer safe, and our property crimes continue to rise.

With only 103 street cops on our streets, lets do the math. That rounds Up to 15 officers on the streets of Simi Valley ever 24 hours. If they work 12 hour shifts, we are lucky to have 7 officers on the streets. If they work 8 hour shifts, we have only 5 officers at a time on the streets of our ENTIRE valley. Do you feel safe now?

How about our kids? The DARE program is gone. Gang problems in our schools are increasing, drugs are everywhere, just ask the high school students. These children are telling us they are scared. They are asking parents to drive them to Oak Park so they do not have to go to our schools. What is the district doing about it? One Wood Ranch parent wrote to the Board and Superintendent here in Simi Valley explaining why they were leaving SVUSD and received a letter back wishing her son better luck in Oak Park.

We ,the citizens of Simi Valley must raise our voices to the city and school board and demand more officers. With almost 127,000 residents, we should have 127 officers on the streets, plus the officers who keep the police force optimized from the desks.

Once elected to the Simi Valley School Board, I will fight along side my friends and parents to work with the city council to get to police coverage we need in this community and the police presence we need at the schools, so the gangs, drug users and dealers, and bullies know we mean business. We want our city safe for our children.

Josie Hirsch
Candidate for SVUSD School Board

11 thoughts on “Josie’s Concerns

  1. Where have I heard this before? Oh that’s right, from Huber and Mashburn. Is she seeking the endorsement of the POA? You have to love the fear tactics here. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy it. I’m voting for Davis and Kidd.


  2. Typical Josie….She jumps on whatever band wagon she thinks will promote her campaign. She mentions how unsafe our schools are. I wonder how many schools she has actually visited.


  3. Josie’s Victory Party
    Tuesday at 8:00pm
    Republican Headquarters, Simi Valley

    So much for non-partisan. Another example of how clueless Josie really is.


  4. I am curious, do you have information to show that what Josie is saying is incorrect? Those in power and control tend to be selective in the information which is released so as to help them stay in power and control.

    The reason I ask is that I am running for City Council and have personally seen the deceptions used by many, including the incumbents. Based on information from the City, the crime rates from 1998 to 2002 are lower than from 2003 until present (2009) and that property crimes have increased 18.3% over the last 8 months, BUT Steve Sojka has been saying that crime is lower today than 20 years ago and that crime is lower today than in 2003, both of which are true, but are deceptive and give people an inaccurate impression.

    The deception goes on, for example Glen Becerra said that if the public did not want them to have the benefits, the Council would get rid of them, but has done nothing to allow the public to vote or voice their opinion on the matter. I raised this issue at a forum and Steve Sojka claimed that he would bring the issue to the Council AFTER the election, which means that you won’t know how they stand until after it is too late to change your mind on who to vote for. When asked about appointments, Glen Becerra said that he could see no reason to have a special election, does he not understand it is to allow the people to vote on who they want instead of having the Council decide? Michelle Foster said that she would have to research it. It seems to me that neither really want to say that they are for appointments as it keeps the gang of 5 as they want it to be.

    The list goes on. I could give examples regarding the deceptions regarding the landfill expansion as well. People seem to not want the truth often.

    Many of the candidates for City Council associate with a political party, including the incumbents, but Republican and Democrat. I am sure that it is cheaper and easier to have a “victory” party at a place in which you don’t have to do much. So do you want to claim that most of the Council is clueless as well?

    So, before you attack, you should try to look at the facts, all the facts, not just those which help your position or are useful for attacking another.


  5. Ken,
    I attended the Acorn’s candidates forum and found a lot of what you had to say to be very insightful. Therefore I put a lot of validity into what you have to say.

    Sadly, Josie has proven to be a person who is not honest. She has done some things that violate the law of 501c3 status as well as insulted those very same teachers who are educating out children.

    Josie attended the Simi Valley Ed. Foundation Golf Tournament under the pretense of volunteering. She came armed with a box full of her fliers and wearing her campaign button. All in violation of a non-profit activity. When asked to remove the button she did so, only to put it back on a few hours later when she thought no one would see.

    Another example is that the American Cancer Society in Simi Valley had to contact her to tell her she can not host a Meet and Greet at the Relay for Life. She had advertised that she would be doing that. This is an event that is near and dear to a lot of people and she was going to bring her campaign into it. She was told that if she showed up there she would be asked to leave.

    Just those two issues alone prove to me what an unethical person she is. I have zero respect for someone like that. I have made sure that everyone I know does not waste a vote on her.


  6. I do not know Josie, although due to some of the campaign events I have talked to her a couple of times, so I can not say anything regarding her personally.

    All I can say is that there is deception going on regarding the crime rates, especially by Sojka. So, if someone says there is a problem in the schools, you can not dismiss it without further investigation to see if it is true or not. It might not be true, but it also could be. What seems clear to me is that those who are in office really don’t want the public to know the truth.


  7. Ken you should be commended for exposing the many deceptions by City Hall. Your tireless work has not gone unnoticed. For the good of Simi Valley I hope you continue to fight for the truth. Why does City Hall want to hide the facts and what is behind that??? Keep fighting Ken Sandberg we are counting on you.


  8. Those in power want to stay in power. They do not want to say how much money they get from the various boards nor other means. I heard a rumor that the banning of the RV parking could have been due in part to people having an interest in RV parking companies. The mobile food vendor ban seems to be pushed by stationary businesses based on Barbra’s comments regarding costs.

    Take, for example, Barbra Williamson and some of her comments regarding the landfill expansion. She could tell the truth and not be deceptive, but she seems to feel that she can be better served by deceiving people so that she can get what she wants. I am not sure of what exactly is in it for her, just that there is something. She said that if the expansion went through there would be 600 more truck trips, but that is deceptive, at best, and is really false since she change the terms and should have used the term traffic trips, where each direction is counted, not a round trip. In the documents to stop the landfill expansion, it is said that a majority of the trash would be coming from LA, but that is questionable since the last I heard it was claimed that it would be 40%. Using “from LA” is playing on emotions as it deals with crossing a magic line, rather than the distance traveled. Also, it is not mentioned that the City is going to have their trash shipped by train, so it seems that the trash would only be coming from other means, not the normal trash pickup.


  9. No other candidates can offer up this much detail on the truth. Mr. Sandberg please elaborate on the landfill facts. I didn’t hear about the trains.


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