Landfill Lawsuit Presses On

The lawsuit filed by the Landfill Expansion Task Force is still on, with a court date of December 13, 2010. The motion is available here for download and if you’re looking for an interesting (and thorough) read, I encourage you to download it and take a look.

This Motion is made on grounds the County of Ventura is currently expending significant monies to process an application for the tripling of capacity at the Simi Valley Landfill, for a location that is expressly and unambiguously prohibited by state law, as expressed in the County’s own “Countywide Siting Element.”  The Countywide Siting Element was approved by all of the cities within the County and by the state’s Waste Board (now CalRecycle), and the Element clealry excluded from consideration the location of the expansion.  Thus, the processing of this application is a waste of public funds that must be immediately enjoined. 

This Motion shall be based upon the attached Points and Authorities, the Declaration of Barbara Williamson, the Request for Judicial Notice filed concurrently herewith, upon all pleadings and papers on file in this matter, and upon such other evidence, oral and documentary, which may be presented at the time of hearing.

The document can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

18 thoughts on “Landfill Lawsuit Presses On

  1. These people don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. If the entire City Council had the fortitude that Barbra and group have, Waste Management would have withdrawn and modified its application for expansion years ago.


  2. What, no comments from Ken? I thought he was so interested in hearing more from Councilmember Williamson about the specifics of the dump expansion. Low and behold, she puts it in writing and before the Court and he has nothing to say? Shocking!


  3. What is the point? You and your gang only want to spread lies and deceptions and not really talk about the issues. Read what was written and you will see what I mean. You also have to ask why others on the Council and/or the City are not doing anything.

    Consider the LNG and the design of such systems, the claim of 600 additional truck trips, which is really traffic trips and is double what people expect.


  4. Keep an open eye, little gnat, and you will see just what the other Councilmembers have been doing later this month. What a foolish little gnat to be so out of touch with what has been going on between the City and Waste Management. Hang in there little grumpy gnat. As for LNG and traffic, the Task Force is right on target with the EIR. It is you, little bug, that is so out of wack with reality.

    Shoo, shoo little Last Place gnat.


  5. I keep hoping the bug will come to realize that certain people make the decisions that drive society while others live in the white noise background. The little gnat flutters here and there, but little else. He is the most angry, grumpy, egotistical little gnat I have ever seen.

    Now go away little gnat. Shoo, shoo, shoo, before the Raid comes out.


  6. Not Force, you don’t even know what I am talking about and only assume things. Your Cult leaders have you fooled into doing their bidding. You claim to have knowledge of what the other Council members are doing, but that is a bit of a problem since it has not been done in public, so if all of them are involved, that could be a serious issue.

    Your childish personal attacks only show your character, or lack thereof. You don’t know me and that makes your comments meaningless to me, other than to show me who you are.

    Barbra, Not Force is clearly not having a meaningful conversation, she is part of your gang and therefore takes after her leaders. Your personal attacks are going to cause you problems. People have told me that they have lost a lot of respect for you because of your actions. Your continued actions will only serve to cause additional issues and convince people to back away from you. Just what will you be when you are not a Council member anymore? How will people treat you when you no longer have power? It shall be most interesting.


  7. Threats, threats and more threats little gnat. Flap on, life as a gnat is a lonely one. “People tell you things” little gnat? Well, there can’t be too many people telling you things or you wouldn’t have come in last place by such a wide margin.

    Shoo, shoo, shoo little gnat.


  8. So “Not Force”, please tell me where you get the “threats” from? The only threats have come from your gang, remember the go away or raid will be used on you?

    All things considered, I think that it was a good first attempt. You can spew the attacks all you want, but the fact is that you have not even tried to run at all (I doubt that your gang leaders would let you). It is also clear, based on all the hatred you have for me, that I have gotten to you and you don’t like it one little bit.

    I think your comments are quite funny. The same with Barbra showing her complete lack of judgment when she said “shoo” at a campaign event in front of numerous witnesses. The comments that the witnesses made were priceless.


  9. Oh so clever!!! Yes, say you have put OFF on your skin and that will make things better in your mind.

    I take it you don’t want to address the inappropriate behavior from one of your leaders. You don’t want to think of how it looks to others and what a joke it makes her like.

    You make things up and then when you get called on it all you can do is make stupid childish comments.

    Things are not always what they seem to be and some people are easy to fool. Not Force is such a person. I am sure that she is the person who ranted at me after a forum. Quite funny really. The comments that others made were also funny because ranting people like Not Force just don’t get it.


  10. Job 21:34
    “So how can you console me with your nonsense? Nothing is left of your answers but falsehood!”

    Poor little last place Gnat. It flaps and flaps, but nothing of substance ever is made. Poor, lonely little bug. It wants to be important, yet the public shuns it. It strives to be a mover and shaker, but it always turns out to be a loser. It can’t tell the truth and it attacks and attacks but lacks a stinger. Instead, it gets swatted and sprayed.


  11. More false statements from Not Force. I have no desire to be a “mover and shaker”, unlike your leaders. You are the one who can’t tell the truth and who attacks without effect.

    I feel sorry for you. You really do seem to have some serious issues. I suspect it start with a very low opinion of yourself and a desire for people to like you. I would not doubt that your gang leaders have encouraged you to take on their childish ways.


  12. Yet another comments which clearly applies to Not Force. She can not be comfortable with herself as shown by all of her childish attacks. But she has put OFF on her, so no one can touch her :-).


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