New Sojka Fan Video

I wish that I had the guts and determination as a highschool student that Kyle Quiroz displays so effortlessly. He put together another video in support of Steve Sojka for Mayor. In this one, he’s written some new lyrics, worked on some choreography, and edited together a music video with family and friends, with an appearance from the Mayoral Candidate.

4 thoughts on “New Sojka Fan Video

  1. Dear Kyle,

    Wow, that was really a nice, creative thing for you to do for the Sojka campaign. Some criticism: you could try to stay in tune a little better, but that was a heck of a first try for a political campaign commercial, or should I say music video? You’ve got talent.


  2. I’ll take it! Thank you. I’m by no means trying to have a singing career. Just wanted to show some support to a local candidate. 🙂


  3. Kyle,

    I run entertainment clubs. I watched your videos. Very nice of you to try and help with Mr. Steve Sojka’s campaign, but even Simon Cowell would tell you to find another career.

    Mr. Steve Sojka’s campaign suffered with a very non professional plan. Very disappointing to see him lose with such a poor campaign.

    I wanted Mr. Steve Sojka to win, I want to bring one of my entertainment establishments to Simi Valley.


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