SVPOA vs. Glen Becerra

Glen Becerra’s ad in the Simi Valley Acorn this past Friday indicates his appreciation for the Simi Valley Police Department for keeping Simi Valley safe. However, the ad begins with a claim that the Police Union is funding the campaigns of challenging candidates, effectively buying seats on the council, and distorting facts.

The Police Union responded by saying the information in Becerra’s ad was processed for him by the city expediently, unfairly supporting his incumbency, that his ad represents an attack on Simi Valley Police, and included a strong urging to “Vote Them Out!”

Becerra’s ad is a response to the “Ask Any Cop” ad that was originally published in the Simi Valley Acorn last Friday, October 22nd. See the ad below on the left. The ad on the right is Becerra’s ad, which was published yesterday, October 29th, in response.

The “safest city” designation is one of the sticking points in this argument. I can remember being proud of that label. I was younger when Simi Valley was the Safest City, so statistics and the analytical data to back that up were not interesting to me back then. They are critical facts in the argument, however.

The preferred way to judge the crime rate seems to be by criminal activity per 1000 resident, so let’s look at that. In 1982, there were 37.9 crimes committed per 1000 residents in Simi Valley. However, in 2009 there were 17.3 crimes committed per 1000 residents… and that is after two decades of significant growth in the City. In 1982, there were over 1100 burglaries in the City. In 2009, on the other hand, there were fewer than 400. This does NOT represent an increase in property crimes at all.

To look at precise figures, you can turn to the 2009 FBI Crime Statistics Report and the Simi Valley Police Millenium Report. In 2009, Simi Valley had 378 burglaries which is lower than in 1999 when we were the Safest City in America — we had 383 burglaries that year, and a smaller population. Has safety improved in Simi Valley? Considering our burglaries in 1982 were at 1155, it certainly looks and feels that way to me.

It’s unfortunate that this election has become so heated and competitive that these ads exist. Personally, I am proud of this City, proud of our Police Department, and feel that Simi Valley is a safe place to raise my family. Hopefully you all do as well.

57 thoughts on “SVPOA vs. Glen Becerra

  1. I did not listen to those commercials. I personally think it is funny for the task force gang to post the childish comments as it shows then for what they are.

    Try to get them to answer in an honest manner. At every turn they are deceptive. Barbra claimed that if the expansion went through that there would be more trash on the freeway, but that ignored the strict requirements on the trucks with regards to the tarps & such. Then look at the list of 5 things that they are demanding and see if it is the emotional issues that they are playing on in public. What it really comes down to is money and power. It seems to me that they are trying to get WM to give them what they want in order to allow for the expansion to go through. I am sure that WM could just pay them off and they would go away.


  2. Not Force, does not the Bible also say to not bear false witness? Well, that is exactly what you are doing.

    Also, “Common Sense” posted a really nice response:

    It’s unfortunate that Not Force has descended to the depths of disrespect exhibited by his silly and moronic comments. His characterization of Ken Sandberg as a “gnat” is childish and small-minded. Hiding behind the cover of biblical passages is a slap in the face of all spiritually minded people and is disrespectful to all who believe in God. Not Force has said nothing to indicate that he can carry on a meaningful discussion without belittling the advesary and insulting the intelligence of us all. Shame…


  3. That last comment really applies to Not Force, quite clearly she has gone insane as she can not deal with reality. It seems that she is being a bit more honest with that statement!!


  4. Barbra, you are again quite wrong. Where in the world do you get the idea that I can’t decide whether Not Force is male or female? While I am not 100% sure, I am fairly sure that Not Force is the same person who ranted at me after a forum. I have never seen anything to change my opinion on that, but you come up with strange things and the truth does not matter to you. You know exactly who it is and you know if it is the same person, so why not confirm or deny it? Not, that I would trust what you said though.

    Care to explain why you apologized to me at the campaign event for your walking past and pointing out me and saying “shoo”? It reminded me a child who got caught and was forced to apologize, which I am sure is what happened. Based on your continued behavior, it is quite clear that the apology was a lie, you were not sorry for what you did, just that you got caught by the wrong person.

    I am not mixed up at all. I know that you are dishonest and deceptive and that you refuse to answer simple questions. You have your own personal agenda, perhaps for special interests, but most certainly not for the best interest of the community in which you were elected to serve.


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