Peter Carrube – The Smartest Man in Simi Valley

Peter Carrube is a local businessman, martial artist and self defense instructor in the City of Simi Valley. He’s been vocal throughout the course of the many local campaigns. His reason is always clear: he cares about Simi Valley. What follows is an exact quote that I read from him on Facebook. He posted it days ago, but I just read it today.

I just wanted to point something out that I’ve witnessed during these past few months of this campaign season… First of all, I concider myself to be friends with both the candidates for Mayor, Mr. Bob Huber & Mr. Steve Sojka. I like both …men. I agree & disagree with both men and I find each to be true to their convictions and to the love for our fair city. I’ve shown up at both their events, shake both their hands, speak highly of both and am honored to call each of them my friend. What I have not done is tell anyone which of the two I will be voting for. In return, it is true I have not openly shown support for either man but well, my reasoning will explain why. I have watched as friends of mine, who were friends of each other, just turn bitter to each other, after showing their support for the opposite candidate. I have seen this to be true in many cases. This campaign has changed a lot of relationships and I find it sad and a little silly. Just because we support one over the other, it should not change the way we feel toward each other. My secretive political decisions have saved me from such an ordeal and well, I do not regret my tactics. I will vote next week, for the man I feel will do our city best but I was not willing to sacrifice my friendships, simply to let everyone know of my decision ahead of time. With or without my open support, the outcome would be the same. When this election is over, I only hope bygons will be bygons and my mutual friends of these two friends, will find a way to get back to being friends.

Peter’s statements are dead on. From business leaders to bloggers, this election has been divisive and nasty, causing many, including myself, to lose their way. I believe its true community leaders like Peter Carrube who will inspire everyone to focus on the future so the healing can begin. Thanks Peter.

Good luck, candidates.

11 thoughts on “Peter Carrube – The Smartest Man in Simi Valley

  1. I’m glad I haven’t been the only one to notice this. I wonder if it’s just the climate in general, people are worried and scared of the future since we’re in not so great economic times and it just turns into “hating” each other.

    I’m glad it’s over today. That’s for sure.


  2. It is really sad that people act that way. As seen on this site, as well as other places, people act quite nasty to those who disagree with them rather than acting like a mature adult and be willing to discuss the issues and be accepting of differences of opinion.

    In some cases, it is pretty much a gang mentality in that the person blindly supports “their” candidate and attacks all others. They can not objectively look at things and their view really depends on who is involved. A true friend will speak the truth to another friend, even if it is hard and especially if you do not agree.

    In reading Peter’s statement I see more than just some of the surface issues. It says much about the character of the people involved (not just the candidates) in that they will hold your opinions against you and it could have long term negative aspects.


  3. In a couple of years disagreements between candidates and differences of opinions will fade away. What won’t fade away is how the candidates treated each other. Sojka’s chhildish behavior and his refusal to shake the hand of his opponent will remain in the memory of voters for years to come.

    Sojka should start his re-election campaign tomorrow!


  4. Not a very good start, Skip.

    I went to 1 event only but I see Peter in pictures for most of them for several candidates. Great guy and words to live by.


  5. Interesting post.. However we don’t live in that world.. And we all know this. The very nature of competition puts people at odds. If we all acted like Peter there would be no need to have a public campaign. I think people should act professional while showing actual support for the candidate we think is best. Not smiling and shaking hands with someone that we do not like well enough for our vote. Stand up for what you believe is right, and virtuous. It is sad that people lose friendships during election season, but we shouldn’t hide our opinions, smile and pretend there are no problems. Our country thrives on open discussion and debate. Just don’t be silly about it. Be polite when you disagree.

    I am pleased with the current change. I was however hoping for more.


  6. Craig: Some people thrive on confrontation while others tend to allow things to fall into place. This campaign showed many negative personalities come out and if smiling & shaking hands relaxed such tension at any of these events, then I am for all the smiling & hand shaking anyone has to offer. You hint a thought of unprofessionalism by smiling, shaking hands and keeping your thoughts to yourself. It’s not that one does not “like” the person they are shaking hands with, maybe they have yet to decide and are feeling them out. It of course does not include their personal relationship either. If we all thought like you, we’d have no friends in the end at all… Our country not only “thrives” on open discussion & debate, it also “suffers”.


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