Simi Valley Election Results

In a very close race for Simi Valley Mayor, Bob Huber took the election by about 1100 votes in a 51.4% to 47.8% victory. Our next Mayor of Simi Valley is Bob Huber.

On the City Council, Glen Becerra was re-elected with 28.18% of the vote. Mike Judge was also elected to the Council with 21.15%, making his campaign one of the most effective grassroots efforts in Simi Valley!

I owe my sincere gratitude to the candidates for sharing the experience with me along the way. I’ve never seen a harder working group of people digging in to fight for what the believe.

I wish Mayor Paul Miller the very best in his upcoming retirement. He served our City well. The few opportunities I’ve had to speak to him face to face have been a pleasure. I will always look up to him and feel honored to have gotten to know him.

The last several months have been difficult ones as we got closer to this moment. Hate mail and vandalism became common experiences for me, a showing of how passionate the debate had become. Despite that, I will cherish the friendships I’ve developed with so many of you leading up to this day, including the new ones I made last night. I will also mourn the friendships I’ve lost and pray for reconciliation. I’m still inspired by businessman Peter Carrube.

Congratulations to the victors. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get it done!

64 thoughts on “Simi Valley Election Results

  1. What the public needs is a better means of knowing what the Council is doing, as well as what they are not doing, and who the people running are and what they believe in. The public needs a means of demanding answers to questions and being able to push issues in a public forum.


  2. Congratulations to Bob H., Glen B. and Mike J. Each ran on a platform of adding transparancy and openness on the Council.

    While the challengers were more stident in their concerns for changes to improve the business climate in Simi Valley, all of the candidates expressed a desire to make City Hall more effective in the Planning and Building areas. Hopefully, that execution can be done quickly so we can be on the forefront of an economic recovery.

    Again, good luck to all. No matter how we voted or sided with before the election, it is still our City, and we all benefit when good ideas make good policy. I look forward to doing anything I can to support that process.


  3. I am really glad to see the cabal of Simi politics break up. I don’t trust the old group and wish Becerra would have lost as well, but this is a nice change.


  4. I’d like to say thank you to Mike Chandler for this website and all your hard work as well! Congrats to all the winners – Bob, Mike and Glen.

    Peter Carrube – once again, GREAT comments.

    TJ- don’t know who you are since you don’t have the guts to post your name, but the fact that Glen Becerra had the amount of votes he did while standing up to the unions tells us that our city needs him.
    I sincerely hope your bitterness subsides. It’s people like you that will make it difficult for the city to reunite.

    Thanks again Mike.


  5. I liked both candidates for mayor and was not sure what to think when they went after each other in their newspaper ads. it was really hard to decide. I am relieved that both will be able to serve the city. I cant wait to see kinder headlines and see Sojka and Huber working together for Simi!


  6. Just heard the news. Bob, I know that things will go the right direction with you at the helm. Hopefully everybody on the city council will put election hype behind them and make Simi a better place to live and work than it already is!!!
    Congratulations Mayor Huber


  7. Mike, I am curious as to the hate mail and vandalism that you mentioned, especially since you said it became common. Care to share more information? Was it from one side or both sides?

    In any case, I am sorry to hear about that and it is pretty sad as it really shows a complete lack of character of the people who are doing that. It is one thing to be passionate, but quite another to cross the line.


  8. Cathy,

    Who sounds bitter? I didn’t think I was being particularly controversial…just wanted a bigger shake-up in the election.

    You have a great day, m’lady.


  9. Ken is still flying? I thought he would have gone on to other pastures after coming in last place. Rest easy Ken, I doubt a candidate was running around town doing vandalism. Ever hear of the Neighborhood Councils Ken? After all, isn’t that a place where you can demand “answers to questions and be(ing) able to push issues in a public forum.”?


  10. Since Tuesday night I’ve taken up a new hobby: Collecting empty beer bottles.

    I find I’m getting quite good at it.

    Practice, practice.


  11. I’m thinking my next big issue is advocating on behalf of getting a marijuana dispensary in Simi Valley.

    Just putting in the research time should take me 2 years or so, just in time for the next election.

    Or not.


  12. Not Force, when are you going to grow up? I asked a question related to what Mike said and never did I say that it was a candidate. Most likely it was someone like you who feel that they need to do anything and everything to protect their heros.

    While the NC is public, it is not recorded nor is the view very large. I guess you are one of those who prefer to keep things hidden so as to further your agenda and not be harmed by the truth. Also, you can not demand answers from the Council at a NC, but I guess you either don’t know how things work or just don’t care.

    Did you bother to read and understand what Mike wrote? Do you not understand how serious such issues really are? Those who do such things need to be made public so as to stop those actions since it has an adverse effect to the whole process.


  13. Any chance the probably 4-5000 ballots left to be counted in Simi could have any change between Judge and Mashburn or even to the extreme Foster?


  14. Fly on little gnat. Any illegal acts should have been reported to the police and prosecuted by the D.A. Having you babble names of the alleged guilty parties serves no legitimate purpose. You don’t want to speak before the Neighborhood Councils, you don’t want to speak before the City Council, but instead you want a stage upon which you can babble and babble in an attempt to promote yourself. Fly on little gnat, fly on, fly on . . .


  15. Ken,

    I really have no way of knowing who is responsible for any of the issues I’ve experienced but I think we’re fortunate to be at the end of this journey so we can focus on moving on.

    Regarding the results, I wasn’t as surprised as some to see Mike Judge victorious. He did well the last time and I figured with a little more work, he could do better — but he did more than a little more work and he nailed it.

    Mitch, I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor!


  16. JAD: In response to your question…There are always votes that are not counted on election night. These are the absentee ballots that are turned in at the polling places. When people fail to mail by the due date, they can turn them in at the poll and the numbers can be significant.

    Also, there are the “provisional” votes. These are where a name isn’t on the rolls that should be, or where a voter goes to the wrong polling place. They vote provisionally subject to review.

    The total number of votes to be counted can be as high as 20% or more of the total that voted on election day. Adding in the absentees that were mailed on time, what is left to count may be 10-12% of the total. While that is sizable, the chances of a large shift in the vote is unlikely. The election is not yet certified, but Huber and Judge can rest easy with their margins so far.

    So, I suppose we can bid a fond fair well to this process for another year and 8 months. We can always hope that some of those posting above will acquire a little maturity before the next election…but others will take their places.

    Some questions for next time… Will the three hold-overs on the council agree to modify the benefits package or will they hope that issue just fades away? And of course the big question we are all dying to learn…Will candidate Williamson be as free with the “shooing” in 2012.

    Barbra…you running again?

    Thank you Mike for the venue.


  17. Thank you Go Green!

    When I look back on what worked and what didn’t, I believe that waiting for the last few weeks to post signs didn’t help any. If this ever happens again, I’m going to have to stay on the same schedule as the other candidates. Apparently, too many equate “viability” with “visability.”


  18. Hey Mitch… This may come as a real shocker to you but the signs were not the reason you lost!

    Better luck next time and never give up on what you believe in.


  19. Mitch, not to worry, as Faria stated, it wasn’t the signs. Maybe it was the Dem affiliation, not sure, but those on-line look at the issues, debates, interviews, not the sound bit’s or Ad’s. Get/keep on-line as Chandler (thanks for hosting this Mike) told you before. Your a liberty guy, freedom economical and social. Keep and live by that theme. That really is what this country stands for!


  20. Thanks Faria and Jefferson. Your words are kind.

    In my military training, we would always conduct an after action report to discuss the good points and areas in need of improvement. Sometimes the military exercise would be conducted solely to determine what lessons needed to be learned in order to conduct a successful campaign.

    With this exercise over, I remind myself that the primary goal this time out was to gain name recognition and to gain a reputation as a clean player. I hope that I have been acheived both goals. if so, then this campaign was a success as to those limited goals sought.

    Now comes the hard work of analysing what makes a successful overall campaign happen, that is, one that results in a victory as the primary goal. Having had the luxury of sitting in the front row my perspective is different from that of the observers in the audience. Critical comments are always welcomed from the peanut gallery if it may lead to the accomplishment of the primary goal of campaign victory.

    The first lesson that I have learned is the importance of putting up your own website. It is important to be able to put up ones own comments when necessary. From there, the next lesson learned is the importance of linking the main website up to social networks like Facebook.

    There is more, of course, but now its time to return to my day job.

    And a big thanks to Mike Chandler for hosting this website and making us a fun little sand box to wrestle around in.


  21. Mitch Green, you will make a great City Councilmember one day soon. Please stick with it. Next time around, raise some serious money that will enable you to get your platform out to a wider audience.


  22. Congrats ! Close Race. I nvr recievd return answers from Bob last min. ? Did from Steve?> I hope Bob really follows thru w/campaign 4 listening 2 We The People & follows thru . Way 2 Go Bob !


  23. When is Not Force going to get some professional help??? Not Force is not in this reality based on the statements. Still on the school playground. Some of the statements are just lies.

    Did Mike report anything? I don’t know, only he does. I hope that he did, but most likely nothing would be done about it.

    Not Force does not understand the limits of the Council or the NC. That would take some thinking and understanding, instead of just being a good cult member.


  24. Last place Ken is still at it. Everyone lies. Conspiracy is everywhere. Thank goodness Last Place Ken finished last. LPK hammered away at the Landfill Expansion Task Force, but hasn’t made a comment about what the Task Force has put before the Superior Court. Gnats are a nuisance, but really don’t do much harm.


  25. Not Force, please try to see reality. Perhaps you think that everyone lies, but I never said that. Of course, you were wrong when you said that I would not get 2000 votes, but instead I got close to 3000. I guess you won’t admit that you were wrong there and instead make other bogus claims and statements.

    It is so sad that you have to resort to childish name calling, but at least I ran and tried, you just sit there and spew attacks and childish insults, which only hurt you and your cause.

    We shall see what the Court finds. Different statements were made in that than elsewhere, so there is clearly an issue there.

    Not Force, you might want to consider what you are making your Cult (Simi Valley Landfill Task Force) look like, but I doubt that you will ever see that.


  26. Wow, I predicted you would come in last place with under 2,000 votes and you received 3,000 in last place. Some would say I was right on the mark.

    Winning in Court is not the end all. It is, however, a matter of putting your money behind your position for the betterment of the community, something a little gnat could never understand being in last place.

    You are one pathetic and lonely little bug.

    Shoo, shoo, little gnat. Shoo away now…


  27. Not Force, you are such a coward when you refuse to even use your real name. You said that I would get less than 2000 votes, now you have to change what you claim that you said because you were wrong.

    I suspect that your gang will not win in court. I suspect that it is just an attempt to try to delay things and to play games. I don’t think that you have given any thought to what is better for the community, just for yourself. You have also been convinced of things, but that will change if your leaders get what they want.

    Yes, I could take campaign contributions and then owe special interests, like what seems to be the case with the current Council. Perhaps you would think doing such things would be for the betterment of the community, but I suspect that most reasonable, rational people would not.

    Just like you say that winning in court is not the end all, winning the election is not the end all either. It also seems, based on your comment, that you don’t expect the court case to win. That only goes to show the game that you are playing. I have heard what your gang wants in order to allow the expansion to go through. That is not something that they say in public though.


  28. Ask them. I heard the list of 5 things, but I do not recall all of them. Ask why they don’t put up a web page and make these things public.


  29. Oh, then there is what they really want, which, from what I can tell is money. There is a lot of money to be made in developing the land around the landfill.


  30. Ken is one very weird and lonely individual. A gnat’s life is a lonely one. Flap on little gnat. Last place is just where you belong. I admit my error. I told you that I predicted you would be in last place with about 2,000 votes and you got less than 3,000. Well whoopy do little bug. How wrong I was. You are so screwed up about the landfill, it is beyond humorous. Thank goodness the voters recognized you as a lonely bug.

    Shoo, shoo, last place gnat.


  31. 1. Annex dump into the City.
    2. Higher dump fees for garbage from outside Ventura County.
    3. Enact a cap based on a stepped scale over time on how much garbage can come in from outside of Ventura County.
    4. Staged incorporation of 21st Century technology to convert garbage to energy.
    5. Provide mitigation to the City for all negative impacts including environmental as well as loss of future jobs.

    Wow little gnat, those are really secrets. They were discussed at two open meetings of the City Council and printed in two newspapers. But then again, gnats can’t read.


  32. Not Force, you are such a liar. You don’t know me so your statements are just baseless little lies. You show your complete lack of character every time you post sometime. You think that your delusional comments are going to affect me?

    Ask why they really want to annex the dump into the City. Why has the City made no efforts in this respect so far?

    Why not have the dump fees based on the distance, instead of crossing some magic line?

    You do realize that additional jobs are considered a negative impact, don’t you?

    So put all that and more up on a web site. Including the deceptive statements about the “truck trips”, when in reality it is traffic trips. Also include the LNG statements, but make sure you don’t mention the CNG at the bus facility.


  33. Little last place gnat, read that letter dated Sept. 9, 2010 from the dump to the County in which the dump wants the EIR corrected to reflect that the new jobs created by the proposed expansion will be 3.7 jobs per year. Yes, 3.7 new jobs per year. Wow! Yes, little gnat, now I see why you bring up the new jobs created by the dump expansion; a major impact on our unemployment. 3.7 jobs per year that, according to the dump, will be in the “low” to “moderate low” income households.

    Little gnat, you are indeed an idiot. Thank goodness you hold that last place position firmly to protect our community.

    Shoo, shoo little last place gnat. Shoo away . . .


  34. Not Force you really just don’t get it. I can see why you hang with the crowd that you do. You either completely miss the point or just don’t care and instead think that you are something because you can call people names.

    Under the EIR new jobs are a negative. Get it? No? I did not think so.

    All you can do is to repeat the gnat and last place over and over again and you want to call me an idiot???? Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror and see what you see. You must really be a angry, sad person to think that your behavior is normal and/or acceptable. I guess you have to try to do something to make yourself feel better and having mature discussions is just not possible for you.


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