Waste Management Requests Lawsuit Dismissal

Waste Management is requesting a dismissal of the lawsuit filed against them by the Landfill Task Force according to a statement released by Waste Management. WM is confused by the move and objects to the Task Force’s position. Here are a few of their remarks:

We continue to believe what we’ve always believed since the beginning of this project: that all Ventura County groups, residents and business people, and especially all Simi Valley residents, should expect us to be open and transparent about the project. And we have lived up to that.

Those comments, attributed to Mike Smith, Director of Operations for WM in Ventura County, were followed by these regarding the Task Force’s position on the legality of the expansion project:

The actions of Councilmember Williamson and her Task Force are confusing. We have been meeting with Councilmember Williamson and her Task Force since 2007 under the assumption that they were interested in making this a good project that would work for Simi Valley. Then, they file a lawsuit against the County and WM.
Then, they ask us to debate them while the lawsuit is awaiting a decision by the courts. Now, Councilmember Williamson tells the media that the Task Force isn’t suing us, even though they obviously are.

John Newell, Waste Management Corporate Counsel, concluded the statement with this to say about their plans for this case and the legality of the expansion:

WM, in our filing, is asking that the Court dismiss the lawsuit completely. This request is based on the undisputed facts that the proposed project is subject to a reimbursment agreement between the County and WM (i.e., the County is not spending taxpayer dollars) and that an independent body, CalRecycle has already determined that the project is properly described within the County Siting Element.

Simply put, the Task Force’s lawsuit fails on the facts and the law.

No word yet on how the Landfill Task Force intends to respond.

The statement can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

38 thoughts on “Waste Management Requests Lawsuit Dismissal

  1. So, a cursory read of news release reveals . . .,

    Poor Billion Dollar Waste Management is being picked on by a local non-profit group with little money. We should feel sorry for Poor Billion Dollar Waste Management because they so deserve to have a smoldering trash heap next to Simi Valley where the locals get nothing, the County gets a nice annual payoff, and the Poor Billion Dollar Waste Management gets annual profits shipped out to Dallas.

    After all, Poor Billion Dollar Waste Management tossed a few bones to local charities and hosts tours of the dump (and who wouldn’t want a tour of the dump???)

    So why is everyone picking on Poor Billion Dollar Waste Management? Come on everyone, lets call that bad, bad, Barbra Williamson names, like “confusing.” Why, lets blame everything on that bad, bad, Barbra Williamson.

    Hey, if we work it right, we can even get away with kicking the City in the teeth and stomping them to the curb and blaming it all on that bad, bad, Barbra Williamson! (opps, that may be part of the next press release. My bad)


  2. Please make a correction above with respect to Mike Harris who is a reporter for The Star newspaper. I believe the actual text should refer to Mike Smith who works for the dump.

    Mitch Green’s summary is right on point. Waste was told of the legal action in advance, by me, and Councilmember Williamson asked for a meeting with Mr. Smith prior to the filing of the legal papers. Mr. Smith agreed to meet, then refused. Had he met, life today may have indeed been different.

    The dump has a problem with its expansion and it is a complicated problem, however in simple terms it deals with bringing 100,000,000 tons of garbage into Simi Valley; the majority of which will come from Los Angeles. Waste Mgt. has treated the Simi Valley City Councilmembers like chumps with delays, fabrications and falsehoods for months, if not years. Other than chump change thrown to the City leaders for pet projects, the dump has sucked billions of dollars out of the local economy and to Houston, Texas, with many more billions in route. The dump cries like a baby, but behaves like organized crime; not my words but those of our ex-County Sheriff and the District Attorney for San Diego County. Perhaps the new City Council will be better able to deal with this gorilla. Until it does, praise the Lord that we have Barbra Williamson on our side.


  3. Louis J. Pandolfi,

    Do you have any sense of honor or decorum?

    I have been a political gadfly in Ventura County for 23 years. I also know Mike Smith and your comments have crossed the line. For you to state that Mike Smith is involved in organized crime is pure fiction and slander. Mr. Smith is one of the most honest, hard working people I have ever met. You, on the other hand, are not honest. You certainly have no honor. In fact, you would have trouble finding the truth in a phone booth.

    Moreover, having watched you testify recently in the Strickland case, why would anyone believe anything you say? You have been proven to be “less than truthful” on many occasions.

    Here just one instance:

    Below is the clip from the VC Star story on this blogger (Louis J. Pandolfi):

    “Pandolfi’s credibility was undermined by Angeles’ defense attorney, Steven Baric of Orange County. Under cross-examination, Pandolfi told Baric that he and Phillips had met only once to discuss the events of June 17, 2008. That meeting was in the summer of 2008, Pandolfi testified.
    “Only once, Mr. Pandolfi?” Baric asked, then produced two photographs showing Pandolfi and Phillips together outside the Hyatt Westlake Plaza hotel earlier this month.

    Baric, who serves on the board of directors of the California Republican Party, suggested in court that the alleged victims coordinated their accounts and had charges brought against Angeles in an attempt to embarrass Republican Tony Strickland and sway the outcome of his campaign for the 19th District Senate seat against Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson. Strickland went on to beat Jackson by fewer than 1,000 votes in the November election.

    Baric noted Phillips is the head of the Camarillo Democratic Club, while Pandolfi testified he was a volunteer for the Jackson campaign.

    Following the verdicts, Baric said, “We had a lot of faith that when the jurors heard the case and heard all the evidence and heard Joel’s testimony, that we would get the verdict that he wound up getting.”
    Audra Strickland reiterated her belief that the charges against Angeles constituted “a political witch hunt.” But the prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Nancy James, said the charges were based strictly on the evidence.

    A disappointed James said that while she respected the jury’s verdict, “I do believe the evidence was there to convict the defendant. But my understanding is that they had issues with the credibility of many of the prosecution’s witnesses and they found reasonable doubt based on that.”

    Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2009/sep/26/no-headline—nxxfcangeles26/#ixzz15aznhvYP

    Here’s another (and way more serious) instance where Pandolfi’s company falsified testing records for a school (is there anything worse than this?) was involved with being less than truthful:

    Huntington Methane Tests Faked, D.A. Says
    Company charged with filing phony results to show declining gas levels under two city sites.

    Orange County
    October 22, 2002|Seema Mehta | Times Staff Writer

    A company hired by Huntington Beach to monitor potentially dangerous methane gas under a park and a library repeatedly faked the data to make it appear the gas levels were declining, prosecutors charged Monday.
    GeoScience Analytical Inc. of Simi Valley, and its president Fleet E. Rust, face criminal charges of submitting false field test data to government officials. If convicted, Rust could be sentenced to two years in prison and $50,000 in fines.
    “We need to send a message to labs that they certainly aren’t going to get away with that kind of conduct in this county,” said Nick Thompson, an Orange County deputy district attorney.

    Rust could not be reached for comment Monday.

    Huntington Beach hired GeoScience Analytical several years ago to test methane levels at Edison Community Park and Huntington Beach Central Library, which are built atop closed landfills. Decaying waste creates methane, a colorless, odorless gas that is highly explosive.

    The company filed regular reports to the Orange County Health Care Agency’s Solid Waste Enforcement unit.

    However, officials with the agency became suspicious this year when methane levels appeared to be rapidly dropping. A county inspector went to the sites and saw monitoring wells covered in cobwebs, debris and dirt that had not been disturbed in some time.

    The district attorney’s office also sealed the monitoring sites. To test the wells, the company would have had to break the seals. But the seals remained intact, officials said.

    The county district attorney’s office set up surveillance of the sites, and concluded that no one was monitoring methane levels. Yet the GeoScience Analytical reports kept coming in, Thompson said.

    As soon as the city learned of the false reports, it tested the park and the library, as well as 29 homes and a nearby school. These tests found that there is no threat to the public but found that levels were not dropping as GeoScience had claimed, Huntington Beach Fire Chief Mike Dolder said.

    Dolder said he felt “absolutely shocked” by the revelation. “It was disbelief initially,” he said. “Then we focused, and said let’s get in there and make sure the neighborhood’s safe.”

    Arraignment is scheduled Nov. 12, Thompson said.

    In addition to criminal sanctions, prosecutors are seeking more than $30,000 to compensate Huntington Beach for monitoring that was conducted after city officials learned of the false reports.
    The company also has conducted environmental testing at the Belmont Learning Center, an old dump beneath the Oxnard Dunes and abandoned oil fields in Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Brea.
    Methane is not toxic when inhaled, but it can cause suffocation by reducing the concentration of oxygen in enclosed places. It is highly flammable, and levels of 5% to 15% in air are explosive.

    Thompson said the lack of monitoring could have proved dangerous had the methane built up.

    “If it had gone undetected for a period of months, there could have been significant risk,” he said.

    Pandolfi was a principal with GeoScience Analytical.

    California Secretary of State Website:

    Entity Number: C1038463
    Date Filed: 03/09/1981
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 608 XXXXXX CT
    Entity City, State, Zip: SIMI VALLEY CA 93065
    Agent for Service of Process: LOUIS J PANDOLFI
    Agent Address: 608 XXXXXX CT
    Agent City, State, Zip: SIMI VALLEY CA 93065


  4. Unbelievable post above! Louis you are an incredibly dishonest person. To lie in court and now to find out your company falsified monitoring reports, you have some nerve to call WM criminals. I agree that the only company that I see at every event in good times and during this recession is WM. Louis, you on the other hand, are a lying sack of Sh*t…and mask it with your watered down compliments to the electeds…


  5. Excuse me? Why are you claiming that I suddenly got aggressive? I had nothing to do with the above posts, although I have heard comments regarding the honesty, or more actually lack of honesty, of certain people.

    There also seems to be a bit of deception in the claim that the task force has no money since I have heard from multiple people that there is a person with money who is backing them now.

    Based on Mitch’s comments in another thread, I can only assume that he is getting paid for his comments.


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  7. Yep, one of the gang members. Same tactics and a refusal to answer questions or address issues, as well as personal attacks.

    It is interesting that the poor task force does not feel that anyone, other than themselves, can do anything right or follow the law.

    They do not trust Ventura County to do the right thing. They only trust one judge to get what they want and don’t trust any of the other judges. Clearly only one of the Council members is doing the right thing, although she is violating the Council Code of Conduct in multiple ways, says that developers have to give her money in order to get a fair hearing, etc.

    They are good at getting some people to join their cult and sing their praises.

    Mitch, did you EVER actually take a tour of the Simi Valley landfill? A question that you have previously refused to answer.


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  10. So Mitch….how much are we paying you??
    And if we aren’t paying you then we must be spending all that money we’re getting from an unidentified source for our WEBSITE!!!!!!!! Oh, that’s right, we don’t have a WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!! geez!!!!


  11. Barbra,

    Happy to get back on the payroll.

    My firm, which had represented the City for over a decade prior to my hire in April was “dismissed” in early June of this last summer by the corner office 5 days after I was assigned to look at an open file that we still had with you.

    I’m sure its just a coincidence.


  12. I am in agreement regarding Mr. Sandberg. If you do not agree with him, he refers to you as a “gang member” which I find offensive. Overall, I agree that Sandberg is very deceptive and very evasive. I do not believe he is qualified to be representing anyone other than himself on the landfill expansion, and even that representation is questionable.


  13. Nice attack James, but false statements. I only call those gang members who appear to be part of the task force gang. If the shoe fits …

    I only represent myself. I never had said otherwise.

    Please explain your attack that I am deceptive and evasive? That is a baseless attack and has no merit, but it makes for a good personal attack. That is what the task force gang is good at.


  14. So, Mike Sedell fired you?

    This does not make much sense:

    “My firm, which had represented the City for over a decade prior to my hire in April was “dismissed” in early June of this last summer by the corner office 5 days after I was assigned to look at an open file that we still had with you.”

    An open file with Barbra? I hope you make more sense in front of a judge, but the again the above could explain why you were dismissed, as well as your personal attack when someone asks you questions or does not agree with you.


  15. Pardon me Ken, did you say I attacked you? Sir, your tendency to personalize and internalize every word written about you will undoubtedly translate as a personal attack in your mind. I think you interpret things like that willfully and I find it to be one of the many things about you that is very deceptive. I’ve read a lot from you here and I just don’t feel I can trust you. You shouldn’t be trusted and I hope for our community’s sake that you opt out of running for Council again.


  16. Yes, James, it is an attack, especially when you say that you can’t trust me, but refuse to give any reason. You also claim, without basis, that I am deceptive, which also makes that an attack, yet again you refuse to say why. To be quite blunt, I am the most honest person here. I do not have some secret agenda, nor am I out for personal gain.

    I am more than willing to discuss the issues, whereas others just resort to childish comments and personal attacks.

    The only way I will opt out of running for Council again is if Barbra does not run. She needs to be removed and even if I don’t get elected, having the opportunity to speak out will no doubt have an effect.

    Is it astroturf time again?


  17. No, I didn’t work for Sedell when I was at the City, I worked for the City Attorney.

    And if the rest does not make sense, perhaps it is because no one is talking to you.


  18. You go Ken, some of us citizens are behind you all the way! Things make more sense now why Mitch is bitter, he got booted from the city job…tisk,tisk, how sad is that? Hey, since Mitch is into reciting quotes and lyrics…here’s a quote with Mr. Pandolfi in mind…”Liar, Liar, pants on fire”

    Source: Any Children’s playground in America


  19. I don’t think it is a “competitor” who is helping to fund the task force. Perhaps concerned individual or three who can afford to help, but not a WM competitor.

    Nice moniker Hugo. Are you pretending to be the Mexican actor or one of Quinton Tarantino’s imaginary friends?

    “That makes three of us. And at this range, I’m a real Frederick Zoller.” Sgt Hugo Stiglitz.


  20. So now the word is out. Today’s VC Star reveals that WM sent the City a letter earlier in the week essentially telling the City to Flock Off regarding mitigation of the nasty impact of living next to a smoldering pile o’ poo, AKA the expanded dump. And the stretch of a rationale? Big Bad Barbra.

    What WM is doing is to revert to a classic bully position of blaming the victim for the bully’s bad temper. Wife beaters use the same rationale. And the sycophants on the board love using the beaten spouse excuse of “I know WM loves us, we just provoked them, that’s all.”

    So now that WM has shown its true stripes, that of cold blooded reptilian greedy corporate entity, only interested in sucking the life blood out of the community, why should anyone be surprised? You knew what it was all along.


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  22. Mr. Green, I am trying to figure out how and why you cast your lot with this group of miscreants (Pandolfi, Williamson & Fishbeck). You’re better than that. We met a long time ago when you worked for the City and you were quite impressive. I even thought you might on day become City Attorney.

    What happened to you? Now you sound like a poltician, just sticking to your talking points memo. Your a highly trained lawyer — you know that the nothing has been decided yet and if people want their voice heard all they need to do is show up at a hearing or two.

    Why do you feel the need to manipulate everyone into believing what you believe?

    How about just be honest?

    Barbara was not ethical. As a lawyer, you should condemn her for this type of conduct.
    I would say the same thing regardless of who it was.

    This is not an issue about the Dump. Its about politicians doing what they want regardless of the rules.

    Personally, my initial reaction to the Dump expansion was no way. But after the last 3 years as I have watched this great country crumble to the ground, I have realized that we need need more infrastructure not less. I know no one wants electrical power plants, sewer plants and nuclear power plants near them but in order for our country to be great again, we must have them.


  23. Marty,

    I am convinced that the current dump expansion plans to not benefit the City of Simi Valley. Rather, the City gets the impact but not the benefits. I do not believe that is in the City’s best interests.

    In that sense, I am casting my voice (and my lot) with what I think is best for Simi Valley, not for corporate profits that will be shipped out of state as soon as earned.

    Yes, we need the dump and the dump is not going away. But we also need the dump for future generations, and that is my primary concern, not political aspirations (I tried that; it didn’t turn out so well).

    Frankly, Ventura County does not need the current dump expansion plans. There is sufficient space for many decades to come to meet Ventura County’s needs. Instead, we have a request to expand the dump for the sole purpose of receiving Los Angeles County’s excess garbage, which will max out the dump capacity in approximately 43 years. If, instead, we keep the current intake levels of 3000 daily tons rather than the 6000 daily tons requested, we should be able to expect twice the length of time until max out, which means our children, our grandchildren, and our great grand children will also be able to take advantage of the dump. Simple math says increase to 6000 daily tons, max out in 43 years, or maintain 3000 daily tons (Ventura County only needs 2100 daily tons) and max out in 86 years.

    I too find sadness in watching our great country crumble around us. Yet, my concern is that we pass something onto our future generations, even if it is but a landfill. Our great grand children will need a landfill too.

    All the best,



  24. My wife and kids say I can’t remember anything any more but below please find an article on this Council woman’s past ethical problems. I knew remembered something.

    This kind of behavior from elitest politicians drives me absolutely crazy. Why do these folks think they’re above the law?

    Why do they think we work for them?

    Hey, politicians (at all levels), you work for us. Start acting like it.

    Simi councilwoman fined over illegal donations

    By Anna Bakalis


    A city investigation into contributions to Barbra Williamson’s re-election campaign concluded that two of three $1,000 checks given to the Simi Valley city councilwoman from a local business owner were unlawful.
    She was fined $2,000.

    In response, Williamson said Monday she doesn’t think how council candidates receive money should be regulated.
    “Personally, I don’t like campaign finance rules. I think they’re too confusing,” Williamson said.

    The report from the investigation said three donations from Glen Gerson, owner of The Vineyards/Candlelight Kitchen and Bar, were in violation of local campaign finance reform. The rule says a company’s owner can make separate donations under the names of each company he or she owns if the total donations are no more than $1,000.

    The investigation, spurred by a report published in The Star, said Gerson donated three separate $1,000 checks from his companies: The Vineyards, the Malibu Conference Center and the Morris Gerson Family Co. Inc.

    Since Gerson is the chief executive officer for all three companies, the contributions were unlawful, said Marjorie Baxter, acting city attorney who oversaw the three-month investigation, which ended last week.
    But Williamson said the $3,000 given by Gerson, and an additional $5,000 from people who worked at The Vineyards, should not raise concern. She is fine with the results of the investigation, but admits no wrongdoing.

    “If I put down the money I received and how I received it, I think that’s plain enough,” she said. “Then the voters can decide.”

    Williamson, 64, is the longest-serving member on the City Council and won her fifth term Nov. 4.

    She said public concern about the donations does not match the investigation or the media attention to the $8,000 in donations from one restaurant. She said the public doesn’t have an interest in how campaigns are run and the average person doesn’t donate.

    “They don’t even have a clue how much it takes to run a campaign. They think the money is going to fall from the heavens,” she said.

    Williamson said the campaign finance reform rules, which she voted for in 2001 as mayor pro tem, aren’t clear enough.

    But for Baxter, that doesn’t change anything.

    “Whether you understand the ordinance or not, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a violation,” Baxter said.

    If a candidate violates local campaign law, he or she is subject to a civil penalty of up to three times the unlawful contribution — in this case, it could have been up to $6,000. Since Williamson told Baxter she wanted to move on and do what’s right, the city settled on a $2,000 fine, payable to the city.

    Williamson wrote the check last week to the city of Simi Valley. The money was deposited into the city’s general fund, Baxter said.

    Baxter said this is the first time the city has investigated a council member for this type of allegation.

    The investigation dealt mainly with the three donations traced back to Gerson, and not the $5,000 given to the campaign from others associated with The Vineyards. Gerson said he gave money to Williamson after she asked for his support. He also asked his employees to do the same.

    Gerson opened The Vineyards in 2006 and has not had any project before the City Council. But in December, neighbors of The Vineyards/Candlelight Kitchen and Bar complained of the noise and traffic. Gerson says the nightclub attracts around 600 patrons on a weekend night.

    The city required Gerson to apply for a conditional use permit for amplified music and dancing. The application is complete and will be heard before the Planning Commission in 60 to 90 days.

    Williamson received about $46,000 in contributions this election cycle, about the same as incumbent Councilman Steve Sojka. Mayor Paul Miller received about $24,000.

    Sojka said the results of the investigation send a message to the community that there is transparency in Simi Valley government.
    “And we won’t accept any violation of the law,” Sojka said.

    Williamson said campaign finance reform is a strong issue at the state and national level, but finance rules at the local level are a shallow argument.

    “When you start putting so many rules on top of rules, you’re bound to make an error,” she said.

    She added that just because one business donates a large sum doesn’t mean she will “lose all perspective.”

    Williamson said she wants to review the campaign reform ordinance and get public input. The city is expected to review finance rules after the new city attorney starts work later this month.

    “I’ve learned one thing,” Williamson said. “The next time we put an ordinance on the books, we need to make it readable to the layperson and not just the attorneys.”

    © 2009 Ventura County Star. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2009/feb/10/simi-councilwoman-fined-over-illegal-donations/#ixzz15pS8w5AM
    – vcstar.com


  25. The fact is that a Council member of 18 years and who took part in the discussions and votes on the matter should know what the law is. Instead of doing the right thing and returning the money, as others did, Barbra whined about it (see newspaper article) and had to be forced to pay the money back.

    Read the comments, quite interesting what people think of her whining. It goes along with her statement that developers give her money so that they can get a fair hearing. People should get a fair hearing regardless of whether they give campaign donations, but for some reason Barbra does not get that.

    The next election should be very interesting.


  26. Thank goodness last place Sandberg can’t get elected dog catcher. So full of hate, such a know-it-all, but in reality, so pathetic.


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