Video Evidence: Sign Thefts

I’m glad the election is over. While it may not have been as heated as other elections in other areas, it was bad enough for Simi Valley. One of the most memorable moments for me will always be the theatrics surrounding sign thefts. The accusations from supporters on all sides, the letters to the editor, and the blog and forum comments on the topic were heated, to say the least. The editorial in the Acorn regarding the stakeout of the Huber for Mayor sign yielded an even number of people both agreeing and disagreeing with what happened with that incident.

I think its a fair assumption that considering the obvious support Bob Huber’s campaign had from the Simi Valley Police Officers Association, his signs were considered a bit more sacred to those on the POA. That’s something that has been hotly disputed, but the videos I found recently I believe are further evidence of that. I’d bet comfortably that the POA doesn’t have any video evidence of sign thefts of any other candidate. Admittedly, I have no details on how these videos were obtained.

A YouTube user named svpdpoa401 uploaded the following three videos. The quality is somewhat poor because it appears to be video shot of a video monitor playing the actual videos. The producer of the videos included amusing title cards and upbeat rock music. The origin and background of the video is unknown because the metadata on the uploads contains no detailed descriptions. However, you’ll clearly see hooligans swiping Huber signs and running away.

30 thoughts on “Video Evidence: Sign Thefts

  1. My fiance fixed my bumper in our driveway over the summer and someone kept smearing their finger in the wet paint EVERY NIGHT!!! Stake outs and videos would have been nice!! LOL!


  2. Its not a laughing matter if you ask me. These punks caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people and these escapades were a lot more expensive then these kids can probably afford.


  3. I am one of the probably hundreds of people who had my Huber Mayor signs stolen right from my front yard. Why videos like these being passed around on YouTube?? This is evidence of crimes and those people should be investigated and prosecuted!


  4. G Pinnard, that is incorrect. It was edited to upbeat rock music, not dance music. Big difference. While you can definitely move to the soundtrack, it’s not something you would hear in today’s dance clubs. And what you call extraordinary, I call delightful. The music enhances what would otherwise be repetitive loops and slow motion replays. I think the editor deserves lots of credit!


  5. Hold on George thats an assumption that its SVPD evidence. this could just be video from a resident. It could be from a SVPD officer who lives in simi and was having there signs ripped off, but never caught the suspect. No one ever “used” this video, Chandler just found it and posted it.


  6. I see no political exploitation in these YouTube videos. That’s really a stretch. The owner has signs, captured his/her property getting vandalized/stolen, sent a copy to SVPD, and posted another copy to YouTube. It’s almost like giving a copy to news outlets to get the word out. Any sort of political gain you could conjure up is whatever you make of it.

    A more valid inquiry is whether Mike actually had permission from svpdpoa401 to re-post the same videos onto his channel; although, that hardly even matters in my opinion, since credit was given. Also nobody will profit from it with such low views anyway.

    If anyone is physically caught and charged, I doubt it will change their behavior… unless maybe their punishment includes public humiliation. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the perpetrators have already had previous run-ins with local law enforcement.

    At this point, we can only hope these people grow up, and we can teach our own kids (if applicable) to be better than that.


  7. 1) the signs were stolen from a police officers house.
    2) the perpetrator here was contacted and dealt with.
    3) it was decided to process him for methamphetamine possession versus the 20 Huber signs he had in his possession. ( more serious charge )
    4) this video is not attached to a police report, hence the cool music, so it is only evidence of one mans stupidity.
    5) everyone here speculating about the past need to cool their jets. Let’s stop the harshness and heal with the process.


  8. Alexander,

    The video speaks for itself. Naming reasons this kid did this now is not relevant to the future of our city, the Police Association, the new Mayor, old Mayor or anyone else. The victim officer decided not to press the issue. That is all you need to know. Please leave the negativity.

    Mr. Chandler, this particular Blog appears to only fan flames of hostility. Maybe you should consider taking it away? Shouldn’t we be looking forward to positive changes instead of dwelling on the past of who likes or liked Bob or Steve? Have you asked yourself what you are trying to accomplish? The time for this discussion was pre-election. It is old news.


  9. Brian,

    Absolution only happens in front of God.

    Resolution is where we are at. Nothing positive comes about from this issue living, naming names etc… We are over it, and I think we all need to put the proverbial stake through the heart on this issue. Thanks.


  10. POA Speaker,

    There’s not much in the way of naming names on this post. I don’t think the random comments of a few are representative of the majority, and obtuse remarks or comments way off the mark are par for the course and hardly do much to change peoples’ opinions. Letters to the editor and comments on this blog and others suggest that Huber’s supporters believed Sojka’s supporters were stealing signs. These videos along with your comments suggest otherwise, and I think that has value. Nevertheless, I understand where you’re coming from and I’m just as eager to move on.

    I’ll post some additional articles to push this below the fold. As always, I appreciate your input.


  11. Mike-

    “Letters to the editor and comments on this blog and others suggest that Huber’s supporters believed Sojka’s supporters were stealing signs. These videos along with your comments suggest otherwise, and I think that has value. ”

    The fact that the guy was busted with 20 Huber signs does not suggest otherwise.


  12. yeah seriously! play the video back veeery slowly and you can actually see a Sojka for mayor bumper sticker!! and the fourth video shows him jammin in a sojka sign in the same stake holes left by the huber sign he rips off! that’s the video they don’t want you to see. hmmmmmmm…….


  13. Mike, are you going to be pressured to shift direction? Will you willingly offer up complete editorial control due to intimidation by someone who claims to be a speaker of the POA? Do you not realize that he or she can be anyone with a keyboard? Removing this content would be an error.


  14. “The victim officer decided not to press the issue.” Because the perp was not aligned in any way with the campaign the officer opposed.

    Leave this stuff up, Mike Chandler. It serves a great purpose, sending a message to a lot of people (criminals and otherwise) how not to behave in future local elections.

    PS: Why did he have 20 signs in his possession? Was he saving them to use to build a skate ramp? Waste Management refuse to accept them?


  15. hahahaha “from the citizens of democracy”. that first video the guy snags the first sign then stops at the neighbors to get their sign too!! Call 911!! Call 911!!


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