Barbra’s Expansion Presentation

Word for word, these are Barbra Williamson’s comments from City Council last night:

As a 40 year resident of this community, I feel compelled to comment on recent actions taken by Waste Management as a part of their aggressive campaign to turn Simi Valley into a “mega dump” for Los Angles garbage.  I am completely stunned by the false and inconsistent comments made by Waste Management.

At the same time they are promising the community transparency and claiming a willingness to address the impacts of their proposed expansion of the dump on Simi Valley, they are strong-arming our Mayor and City Manager with promises of discussions that never happened and documents that never were created.

Let me point our specifically what I mean.  In Waste Management’s court filing presented to the judge on November 15, 2010, they acknowledge their understanding of the clear separation of my role on the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force, and my position as a member of the City Council Member.

In their statement of fact they write, and I quote, “The Simi Valley Landfill Task Force is not associated with, or acting on behalf of, the City of Simi Valley.  The Landfill Task Force is an unincorporated community group.  Although Barbra Williamson is both an officer of the Task

Force and a sitting Simi Valley City Council Member, SHE IS NOT ACTING IN HER OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS A COUNCIL MEMBER BY PUIRSUING THIS LAWSUIT” unquote.  On this point I could not agree with them more, but they seem to speak out of both sides of their mouth.

In their own words, Waste Management repeatedly promises our community openness and transparency yet they say one thing in their court filings and another in their press releases and letter to the city.

The day after they told a judge I was NOT acting in  my official capacity as a Council Member,  these same people issue a press release in which they stated, and I quote, “The actions of Council  Member Williamson and her Task Force are confusing” unquote.  Then they send a letter to City Manager Mike Sedell calling off mitigation discussions they had promised to hold with Mayor Paul Miller and the City Manager who were OFFICIALLY appointed by the City Council to meet and come up with a plan that would work for both Waste Management and the residents of Simi Valley.

They claim in their letter to Mr. Sedell that, and I quote, “recent actions taken by one of your city Councilmember’s have created serious obstacles to continue discussions with the city”, unquote.  The recent action they are referring to is the request filed by the Task force for legal clarification regarding the County of Ventura’s processing of the Application for Expansion of the Simi Valley Landfill.

I believe it is clear that any questions regarding my role as a Council Member and my efforts to bring together concerned residents as part of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force have been addressed.  I trust my colleagues will agree that Waste Management’s actions are a blatant effort to deflect the real issues facing the community and to avoid having an honest and thorough discussion of the impact this expansion will have on Simi Valley for years and years to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Mayor and fellow Council members, tonight we have an opportunity to stop the sound bites and the he-said she said game playing and give the people of Simi Valley a truly transparent discussion and offer Waste Management the opportunity to maintain their previous relationship with the City of Simi Valley.

To that end Mr. Mayor, I would like at this time to make a motion that we place a discussion of the impacts of the proposed landfill expansion on the next City Council Agenda.

Thank you.

66 thoughts on “Barbra’s Expansion Presentation

  1. OK Sandberg, you are correct. I should not make any further jokes about your lack of sanity. Henceforth I shall not. Let the record be clear. I think Sandberg is a raving idiot who came out of a hole in the ground and craves attention. I think Sandberg has nothing worthwhile to say, is a dead on loser, last place finisher, lousy campaigner and has no following in the community. Lastly, I hope he goes back into his hole and lets us all continue doing the community work we have been engaged in for decades.


  2. Not Force, try maturing and having an reasonable, rational discussion. It seems clear that you are the one who seeks attention by constantly posting stupid statements and lies.

    You want to continue doing community work? What a joke!! You are a coward who refuses to use your real name and you constantly attack those who don’t agree with you and refuse to actually discuss the issues. Perhaps it is community service that you are actually talking about, but people like you should not be involved with the community at all and instead locked up to keep the rest of the public safe.

    You have said that you would stop, yet you can’t control yourself and keep coming back to make nasty comments that say nothing other than you have no honor, no character and are unethical and dishonest.

    I decided to get involved BECAUSE of people like you. If you and your kind would go back to the cess pool that you came from, then I would not need to get involved. You are also wrong about many things and your lies don’t mean anything other than letting others know the type of person you are. Sooner or later you will be uncovered and all will know exactly who you are. The Internet is a very small place, as some people have found out after thinking that they could hide.


  3. Not Force, you are simply delusional and are seeing things which are not there.

    What causes you to lie? What causes you to post knowingly false statements? What causes you to make childish attacks instead of dealing with the actual issues?

    Why can’t you respond to issues? Most likely because you know you are wrong and can’t come up with anything to say in order to defend your bogus position, so all that is left is to make things up and to personally attack people. Quite sad.


  4. No trauma, except for dealing with people like Not Force :-).

    So, Not Force, why won’t you answer as to whether you took a tour of the Simi Valley landfill? It seems that you are not willing to lie about certain things, but are more than willing to make up other things in order to attack people.

    Care to explain why a Council member of 18 years would not have enough sense to know to not sign both as a Council member and as the task force?


  5. Of course I took the tour of the dump and of course the Councilmember had the right to use her Council title along with her Task Force title. She earned them both. And of course she notified the Court that she was not filing the document in her capacity of Councilmember. But then again, why would you know all this. All to do is blabber and blabber and never listen.


  6. Not Force, you really need to get educated. A Council member can NOT represent themselves as a Council member when they are not speaking as a Council member, but as a private citizen. Perhaps you should find her post where she admits that she made a “mistake”. I personally think that she though that she could get away with it.

    Go check with the City, you will find out that you are completely wrong. She can only use her title as a Council person when she is acting in that capacity. If she was acting in her capacity as a Council member AND as the task force chair, then she was doing exactly the issue that WM seems to have with the letter and her actions.

    So, it seems that you are the one who “blabber and blabber and never listen”. In some respects you seem educated, but then in others you show that you are completely clueless.


  7. Wrong again. She can always say she is a Councilmember. What she must add with respect to the Task Force is that she is not acting in her capacity as a Councilmember. That has been done to the satifaction of the City and the Court. Waste Mgt. is full of hot air.


  8. She did not do that in the letter to WM requesting a debate. She has to make it clear that she is not acting as a Council person, which means that she can not use the title when not acting for the City, especially in a letter. So, you are just plain wrong in what you think she can do.


  9. Everyone in the City knows I am acting as a resident, Waste management knows (declaration to the Courts, or didn’t you read that?) The City Council knows, The City Attorney knows, everyone except you, and you really know it to, you just want to argue…


  10. Barbra, you earned the title of City Councilmember, you carry a badge, use it wisely and proudly. You verified the Writ as founder of the Task Force that filed the Writ and you challenged Waste Mgt. to a debate as Barbra Williamson, founder of the Task Force. No need to hide from being a City Councilmember. Without you, where would our residents be with respect to the dump expansion?


  11. You might want to ask an attorney about what everyone knows. When you sign as a Council member, you are stating that the letter is coming from you, as a Council member. You admitted that it was a mistake, are you now saying that it was a mistake to admit the mistake?


  12. “Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”

    Nora Ephron


  13. Internet, you are like a cancer spreading. You crave attention that you can never get. For one more time, Fishback isn’t funding the Task Force. But if he was, eat your heart out. Seems you are a bit hurt that Fishback has money.


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