DA Declines to Investigate

District Attorney Greg Totten opted not to investigate the allegations that the Simi Valley Police Department intentionally delayed the investigation of the Takasugi fraud case to shield the campaign of Bob Huber, newly elected Mayor and former partner of Takasugi. This comes as no surprise to me at all. Last weekend, I spoke about what caused the delay to occur in the first place which seemed pretty legitimate from my standpoint. Plus, others who are more well versed in these matters also shared with me that even if the investigation were intentionally delayed, regardless of the reason, that would not represent a crime, ultimately leaving the County District Attorney with little to say about it.

According to the article in the Ventura County Star:

In a letter sent to Simi Valley City Manager Mike Sedell, Totten cited a number of reasons for not pursuing it, including the fact that such conduct would not constitute a crime even if true.

The Ventura County Star indicated at the end of the article that the story is developing. I’ll go ahead and suggest that it isn’t going to go much farther than this. With Bob Huber now sworn in as Mayor, stories like this will stop appearing, or when they do appear they will die quickly. The new City Council has already spoken openly about moving forward. In time, everyone else will follow their lead and will stop chasing stories like these. They’re fantasies dreamed up by people with agendas.

Having said that, let’s move on…

7 thoughts on “DA Declines to Investigate

  1. That’s good news! It should have never been sent to the DA. It should have been sent to the IA department inside the SVPD or at most it a IA department of a different LE ( S.O. Or LAPD)


  2. Everyone here will soon enough find out that there is no smoke, there is no fire, there is no story. Stop watching CSI Miami, Hawaii 5-Oh and Dexter. Law Enforcement in the real world just does not work the way it does on TV. Cases are not solved in an hour. Search Warrants take months to process by the banking industry. Paper trails lead to convictions, and criminals really can’t hide when those trails are so blatant. Attorneys do lie to judges, and they don’t take an oath to tell the truth as a witness does. Justice will prevail, you will all see.


  3. This result does not surprise me given this County’s existing political power structures. Anyone with a brain knows that VC has been controlled by law enforcement types since the days of Mr. Bradbury.
    I do find it curious that the City only sent the letter to local D.A. and not the Attorney General. I would think given Mr. Huber’s connections and endorsements to these same folks, having a separate and truly independent body review the allegations would have been good for all involved. In other words, if the AG had made this statement, I think it would have far more credibility.

    And, I am not suggesting for a minute that Mayor Huber was involved here. But the reality is that powerful people promoted him and endorsed him in this election, including the SVPD POA and with contract negotiations coming up there was a real incentive to get their candidate elected.
    Although the D.A. said there is no crime here, I have watched enough Law & Orders to know that “Obstruction of Justice” may be such a violation. Obstruction of Justice does involve “delay” of the “due administration of the laws.”

    The comment by the POA person that search warrants take time seems besides the point as the allegation went to starting the investigation itself. Also, this same POA official suggests that all lawyers lie, well if that’s the case, our new Mayor is a lawyer – so is he lying? Btw – search warrants don’t take much time, that’s when they come and bust down your door and take what they want. It did not seem to be an issue in the Oxnard case.

    Finally, even if there is no possible crime here, there is certainly a perception that favorable treatment was given to a particular candidate so he could advance this public employee unions agenda. At a minimum, there needs to be an internal review which is ultimately made public.
    After the Bell fiasco and everything else that has happened in this Country since 2008, the American public must be given information so it can begin to trust government again.

    Look I have nothing against law enforcement by any stretch, nine-five percent them are salt-of-the-earth hard working men and woman who do a difficult job for all the right reasons but that other five percent are a danger to us all. I have personally seen what these five percent do and it scares the heck out of me.

    The Constitution is a document of restraint and limiting governmental power. We must stand behind it and not let any one person or governmental body violate it or we all lose our rights and freedom.

    Using Bell as an example. Does anyone find it interesting that they indicted everyone but the Bell Police Chief? Maybe he was not involved in the graft but he was being paid nearly $380,000 per year, do you think he had any incentive to investigate the other shenanigans. And, of course, we know he did not. Just his inflated salary alone should have put him on notice that something was amiss in his City. But he turned a blind eye.

    But that’s the danger of these law enforcement public employee unions getting involved in election engineering – they often put individual financial gain in front of doing what is best for the taxpayers.


  4. It is very interesting to me that no one posts on a subject matter that is so serious. I would offer the reason as fear. People are genuinely afraid of the police and what their political cronies might do if they come here and voice their opinions. If true, this is a truly sad commentary on our society and what we think of the police.


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