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Minutes after I sent an email to Councilwoman Barbra Williamson offering to host a website for the Landfill Expansion Taskforce, she replied with a press release announcing the new website for the Taskforce! Obviously, she and the team have been working on this for a while and the website is a solid representation of data.

For information regarding the Landfill Expansion Taskforce, dates and schedules, as well as related documents, check out

Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force Announces Website Availability

Simi Valley –Barbra Williamson, Chair of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force announced today that the Task Force has created a website available for viewing at  Responding to numerous requests by interested community members concerned about the negative impacts of the proposed Simi Valley Landfill expansion by Waste Management, Inc., Ms. Williamson states, “This website makes it easy for members of the public to contact the Task Force directly and share their points of view with us. I receive inquiries daily on how people can get involved in the Task Force and learn more about the landfill expansion. This gives them an opportunity.”

Found on the website is an overview of the landfill expansion, highlights of critical impacts effecting Simi Valley and neighboring communities, links to forward thinking waste-to-energy techniques and documents associated with the Task Force. Enlisting the aid of local college students, the creation of the website is one example of the commitment of volunteers to inform the community of the impacts resulting from a three-fold expansion of the landfill.

The Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force is an independent community group formed in 2007 by Simi Valley City Councilwoman Barbra Williamson and members of the community. The Taskforce is not affiliated with the City of Simi Valley or any other government body. Its mission is to keep the public informed and engaged on issues involving the Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center’s proposed expansion currently under consideration by the County of Ventura.


27 thoughts on “Landfill Expansion Taskforce Website

  1. It is about time that they put up a web site, but quite interesting when you look at the responses I received when I said that they should do such a thing.

    It is one sided and deceptive, but that is to be expected. There is nothing about the positive issues, such as hazardous waste facility so that people can actually get rid of stuff instead of not being able to get an appointment with the City. The LNG facility seems to be completely missing, yet that was claimed to be an issue, why?

    How about that picture? Care to say where it came from? It certainly does not look like it came from the Simi Valley Landfill and instead looks for like a stock picture from some other site.

    There is a claim that it is tripling the size, but the landfill footprint is only doubled and the daily tonnage is unchanged, not increased.

    It also does not talk about the time aspect, meaning the current life of the landfill vs. the life if the expansion is approved.

    The “Vehicle Round Trips For Waste” seems to be false. The current permitted truck trips is 822 and the expansion increases it by 70 to 892. The current average is around 500, so the increase can only be less than 400. There is additional traffic, but a lot of that is moved from the Easy St. facility.


  2. Williamson answers questions even from her harshest critics. She answers the call for transparency with her actions and this website is proof of that.


  3. This is a great start at total transparency on the part of the Task Force. It would also be nice to see the full complaint, WM’s demurre to the complaint and any opposition to the demurrer and reply papers.


  4. Sandberg blows the same old smoke. He is up for an award from Waste Mgt. as patsy of the year. He uses the same nonsense as the dump owner to explain that the expansion will not change the daily import. Garbage! The daily import of garbage doubles from 3,000 tpd to 6,000 tpd. Worse yet, Sandberg apparently spouts off this nonsense for no pay from the dump. This makes him a double fool. Thank goodness this nut came in dead last.


  5. Not Force, the facts are the facts, not matter how much you want them to be something else.

    The maximum daily tonnage does not change, look at everything. What changes is the mix, so if you want to say that, then be honest and say it, but don’t try to deceive people. I did not say that it would not change the daily import, that is just something you made up to try to attack me.

    Yeah, you just want to get paid for anything you say or get something out of it, just like a lawyer.


  6. It is funny that some people don’t like my first post, but what did I say that is not true? Nothing.

    Where did the picture come from?

    It seems clear that some people just can’t deal with the truth and want my statements to go away so that they can be happy and get away with what they want to.


  7. I was just looking at some of the other files on that web site. The claim “Ventura County becomes the home to the largest dump in the Western United States.” is just plain FALSE. There are at least two other landfills, which are 10 times larger, already in California.

    The scenic claim for the 118 is interesting, I guess that they did not care about the view you get with the sound walls!!!

    I hope that people looking at this stuff would actually check to see if what is being said rather than just believing it.

    Separating the truth from the garbage? Yeah, they have separated the truth and are just spewing garbage.


  8. Ms. Williamson, I for one commend your actions. Using a website to keep the public informed is a terrific idea. I still don’t understand why you feel it is necessary to belittle Mr. Sandberg as it is very beneath your position. This is not the way grown, rationale people should behave.

    ps: One more suggestion for your site, please include short bios for each member.


  9. Barbra, please explain what “my garbage” is? You don’t like to be questioned, especially when you have done something wrong.

    Please document where you got the picture from. It does not look like it is from the Simi Valley landfill.

    You could also address the other issues I mentioned, but you have refused in the past, so I expect nothing to change.

    Marty: The reason that Barbra responds the way she does is because she has been caught in a lie and does not want to admit it and there is nothing else that she can say.


  10. id·i·ot
       /ˈɪdiət/ Show Spelled[id-ee-uht] Show IPA
    an utterly foolish or senseless person.
    Psychology . a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.


  11. I think that the voting on the posts is interesting and it also shows something quite interesting. I do have to wonder why some people are voting the way that they are. In some cases, like with my posts, I suspect it is because they are against me personally, rather than looking at the actual message.


  12. Sometimes you notice something is wrong, but you don’t always know what it is, then it hits you.

    Where on the Task Force web site is the list of 5 points that they claim to want in order to accept the expansion?


  13. Ok, so why does someone dislike my asking about the 5 points the task force has mentioned and why my pointing out that the name used seems to conflict with a prior stated view?


  14. Sandberg talks to itself and no one listens. Silence is golden and Sandberg only serves to add background noise to an otherwise quiet Sunday.


  15. Way to go Sandberg. Finding the source of the photo really makes a difference in evaluating the impacts of the dump expansion on the community. Now I feel safe knowing that you are looking out for us and I’ll do more golfing and less worrying about the dump expansion.


  16. Force Not (or Pandolfi):

    Yes, deception and lies are okay if there is a higher purpose?

    Oh yeah and you get to decide what the higher purpose is?

    Another violation of the Simi Ethical code but it’s okay because the City Attorney doesn’t care — doesn’t know — take your choice.

    I love American politics now.


  17. Task Force members keep voting against anyone you don’t agree with or points out that you misrrepresent nearly everything.

    The photo on your website was not Simi. That is the definition of deception.


  18. Oh, and the sunflower that Waste Management uses in all its propaganda to show how “green” they are is really alive and well on the side of the road? Is that what you mean by deception Marty? And who said the picture on our website depecting the landfill was in Simi Valley? No one to my knowledge…


  19. Wrong again Internet. Fishback isn’t funding the Task Force anymore than you are. One has to wonder why you feel so threatened by the Task Force though. Did Fishback do something to hurt you?


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