New Planning Commissioners

New Planning Commissioners were appointed this evening. Councilman Glen Becerra reappointed Mary Bibb to the Planning Commission. Newly elected Councilman Mike Judge nominated Kenneth Rice, long term Simi Valley resident. Both were unanimously voted in to the Planning Commission.

Mayor Bob Huber nominated Scott Santino who was his Campaign Chair during the Mayoral campaign. The Mayor introduced Santino, discussing his background as a businessman and long time contributor to the community through various community organizations. Scott Santino’s appointment was not unanimous, with votes of opposition from Councilman Glen Becerra and Councilman Steve Sojka. No official word from either on why they voted no, but I suspect members of the press will chase them down for questions and publish something official later in the week.

There has been a lot of speculation from insiders during the past several weeks regarding Santino’s appointment to the Planning Commission. It’s widely believed that Santino intends to run for City Council in two years. Two years of service on the Planning Commission can be beneficial for a hopeful candidate for City Council. Councilwoman Barbra Williamson served on the Planning Commission before being elected to the Council, and former candidate Keith Mashburn was also a Planning Commissioner when he threw his hat in the ring last summer. Being a business owner and Planning Commissioner looks favorable on a ballot, not to mention the added benefit of two years of name recognition and experience in City business.

Though just a rumor at this point, the next election cycle could be just as interesting as the last if Scott Santino runs. He would likely draw the same support from the POA. I plan to stock up on blood pressure medication!

12 thoughts on “New Planning Commissioners

  1. Mike,

    Consider using gender neutral terms like councilmember. I don’t want little girls growing up assuming the standard form of leadership is for councilmen, with councilwoman being a rare alternative. We refer to law enforcement as police officers now. And we don’t refer to Senatormen or Mayorman at all. Sorry about the typos. I haven’t figured out my phone yet!


  2. Scott Santino is a fine man who supported someone he believed would make a beneficial mayor for Simi Valley. He did so with enthusiasm and loyalty. I can appreciate the right to vote “no” on the appointment, but I am sad that Scott had to experience that. His enthusiasm, energy and want to serve the public are a great thing.
    While this last election may have gotten a bit chippy, it is over and done. Like Councilman Sojka said, “let the healing begin”.
    Scott will be a great planning commish. That is all that really matter as of now.
    Best wishes,



  3. Yes, Duke, I also believe Scott will make a good commissioner. Thank you for the positive comments on his appointment. It is appreciated.


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