Williamson Resigns as Chair of Task Force

Barbra Williamson has officially resigned from the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force, according to this news release distributed this morning by the Task Force:

*** UPDATE: Barbra Williamson has resigned as Chair of the Task Force, but still remains a member of the group. ***


Resignation of Barbra Williamson, Chair of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force

Simi Valley, CA (December 8, 2010) – Barbra Williamson announced today the resignation as Chair of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task force effective immediately.

Citing the perception of a possible conflict of interest due to her recent appointment to the negotiating committee with Mayor Huber and City Manager Mike Sedell on discussions with Waste Management and the proposed landfill expansion, Williamson thought it best to step down.

SVLET member Louis Pandolfi will take over as acting chair.  “The Task Force has exceeded my greatest expectations and I know it will continue in its professional investigation of the impacts of the landfill expansion on the residents and businesses in our Community”, Williamson said.

“Task Force members will surely miss the leadership that Barbra has provided for over three years, during which she has worked tirelessly to protect Simi Valley from the negative environmental impacts that will result from the proposed landfill expansion”  said Charles Blaugrund Task Force Member. “We wish her success in her new assignment with Mayor Huber.”

35 thoughts on “Williamson Resigns as Chair of Task Force

  1. Cool, I think it would be in her, and the Task Force’s best interests if she left the group altogether as she had mentioned.

    While her views are widely known, perhaps it will give her an opportunity to look at both sides again as a neutral party, and see if a reasonable compromise can be made that allows WM to continue adding jobs in our community, while insuring residents concerns are addressed.

    Thanks Barbra!



  2. She still needs to explain Wayne Fishback’s funding and involvement. That makes little sense. Please explain, with detail, Barbra. You have written much on this blog. Brevity will be interpreted as if you have something to hide.

    Who is Fishback?

    Why is he funding the task force?

    And no I do not work for wm. I don’t care about the landfill issue. Like many people in town. But I care about why Fishback is involved. THAT is newsworthy.

    Fishback funding you Barbra? Really? Ouch.

    The guy runs an illegal landfill next to Rocketdyne. He has an agenda. What’s yours?


  3. You’re already accusing me of hiding something so why should I even bother to explain? You have already rushed to judgement so you certainly aren’t going to listen to me, are you?


  4. For the public? Just explain?
    Fishback funding Barbra?
    Where is the proof? I haven’t seen any evidence that Fishback has ever attended a Task Force meeting or donated one dime to the Task Force. It sounds like “Internet” is implying that Barbra Williamson is opening her own landfill and competing with Waste Management. Come on “Internet”, try to come up with something you can prove.


  5. Barbra listed him as a funder of the task force here on this blog. Now that is public; please talk the talk and tell us who Wayne Fishback is and WHY he is giving $$$ to that Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force.



  6. Dream on Internet. The Task Force hasn’t taken a dime from Fishback. From what I have read in the newspaper, he has his own issues with the County and they don’t involve Waste Management. Task Force members pay their own way, maintain their WEB site, pay for their printing and all other costs.


  7. Fishback is running a landfill? I presume he has been convicted of a crime? Barbra’s agenda? Just what is her agenda? From what I see the entire City Council appointed her to negotiate with Waste Mgt., along with Mayor Huber, to make sure the City is made whole or else the City is prepared to litigate against Waste Mgt. to stop its expansion. So just what is Barbra’a agenda, Internet?


  8. Well since Fishback runs a mini-landfill and has a vested interest, why don’t you ask Babs for details? I can get people to confirm Fishback’s truck trips. Do you want that? Interviews with neighbors? Name the time. Dreamer.


  9. Dream on. I’m sure the Councilmember has more important things to do than banter with another nut. If Fishback did anything illegal, the Court will so determine.


  10. Annexation as a buzz word died quickly. You would have thought that Huber would have thought to ask the County what they thought of the concept … But then again, he just needed it as a buzz word for a fast-fading campaign.

    Bob: “Yo County, can you hold off on the vote so we can annex the land. For the record, because that’s what I always say at the end.”

    County: “No.”

    Bob: “Cool. For the record.”



  11. Ed what are you talking about? Talks have resumed isn’t that a good thing?

    Trashmore, Wayne Fishback funded the lawsuit for the task force against the County and WM. If you ask a member of the task force they will answer honestly.


  12. PT, I didn’t realize Fishback funded the lawsuit. My understanding has been that a number of lawyers have worked on the case pro bono.


  13. Fishback was allowing dumping on his land of concrete and other construction materials. He even had employees there to collect dumping fees from the trucks that came there to dump their loads. He doesn’t do that anymore because of pushback from the County but owes money in fines from his County problems.


  14. Read all that about Fishback in the newspaper and in the complaint brought by the County against him. He denies accepting dumping fees, but a caretaker on his property admits taking money for the dumping. I’m not sure what this has to do with whether or not he has made any donations to the Task Force though.


  15. All the residents? Tell you what Internet, you come clean as to who you are and I will consider it. However, I think you have an agenda with Fishback and quite frankly I don’t want to play that game with you.


  16. I wrote that before seeing the Star story. Now I’d like to see Huber’s comment on the annexation thing. “Well shit never thought about that, that the county could just say ‘no’.”

    (in actuality he did but it did not make for good campaign mailers). Thanks badbuzzwords.


  17. Sorry you read that wrong. It does not state “all the residents.” Perhaps better worded, one of the only things Simi Valley residents wish to hear is honest answers.

    I have no involvement with, nor vendetta against, Fishback. I do not know the person, nor care about him or her. I just wonder why he or she is involved at all with the Simi Valley Landfill issue, because in reality he or should be not.

    A person who does not live in Simi Valley who owns property not in Simi Valley is supposed to exert this much influence?

    Explain that, Barbra.

    WHY is Fishback involved?

    Just answer please. Simple question.

    WHY is Fishback involved?


  18. Wrong Internet. The Fishbacks do indeed live in Simi Valley and no, they aren’t involved with the Task Force in spite of what you keep chanting. Like many people in town, they have helped in the fight against the dump expansion.


  19. Wrong Internet. The Fishbacks do indeed live in Simi Valley. As far as them helping with the fight against the dump expansion, why don’t you ask them?


  20. Internet, Mt. Trashmore was right on target. The Fishback’s do live in Simi Valley and have a right to participate in “good government” whether it’s supporting a grassroots causes or fighting one. They can do this in many ways, one of which is dollars. No, the Fishbacks are not members of the Simi Valley Landfill Expansion Task Force, and no they have not contributed any…let me repeat that, they have not contributed any money to the Task Force or any member of the Task Force.


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