Who is Doug Crosse

Doug Crosse is running for Simi Valley City Council this election (2012) and something about his campaign so far suggests that it will make things interesting.  He’s well known in the community, having served on the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce Board, been an active Rotarian and served on City committees, among other accomplishments.  And on the front page of his website, he comes out swinging:

I’m also running specifically to defeat an incumbent whose actions and conduct over the recent past have repeatedly been a detriment to our city. He took the safe, pusillanimous path when running for mayor mid term, keeping his council seat safe. I challenge him that if electing him mayor in 2010 was so critically important, then run now when you actually must take a risk of being un-elected.

So far, he has both a cheering session and his detractors.  This morning in the Simi Valley Acorn, a supporter wrote the following:

I heartily endorse Doug Crosse for the Simi Valley City Council. His honesty and straightforwardness are hallmarks of a good lawmaker.

He proved his abilities repeatedly in the past, including serving the community on the Simi Valley school board.

I have known Doug for many years and am pleased about his candidacy. Join with me in electing the best for the City Council.

Also published in the Acorn this morning was a letter from someone who doesn’t care for Crosse’s approach:

His website’s first page is a personal attack against an upstanding incumbent of the current council. I’m disappointed Mr. Crosse stooped to the dirty antics of politics. Crosse has stated misinformation as a means of drawing votes away from the incumbent, who is a well-respected council member. What real facts can Crosse state against Councilman Sojka?

The full text can be read by clicking here.

For those with questions about Doug Crosse’s campaign, browse his website and contact him.  He will respond.  I have yet to follow through on his offer to discuss the issues, but I will and appreciate the offer.

Josie Hirsch Announces Candidacy 2012

CONTACT: Claira Guerra, 805-409-5201

Josie Hirsch files for Simi Valley Unified School Board

“I’m supporting Josie Hirsch… because she can provide the new ideas that will improve the quality of education.” – Greg Stratton

(Simi Valley, CA)— Josie Hirsch officially filed Monday, June 23, 2012 for Simi Valley Unified School District Governing Board Member. Three of the five seats are up for up for election. S.V.U.S.D.’s Governing Board oversees K-12 and adult education schools and programs within the Simi Valley.

Hirsch is a local business owner, community volunteer and mother of two school aged girls. She has over 20 years of experience in financial analysis and budget management. Josie has lived in SImi Valley with her husband, Ken and two daughters; Ariella (7) and Taylan (4), for over 10 years.

Josie is supported by numerous community leaders. Currently, her endorsement list includes Ventura County Board of Education Trustee Dean Kunicki, Santa Clarita Community College Board Trustee Scott Wilk, Former Simi Valley Mayor and Simi Valley School Board Trustee Greg Stratton, Simi Valley City Council Members Mike Judge and Barbra Williamson, Former Simi Valley School Board Trustees Doug Crosse and Mimi Shapiro, and Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Members Elaine Freeman and Kate O’Brien.

“I’m supporting Josie Hirsch for school board because she can provide the new ideas that will improve the quality of education. These are trying times for schools, and the district needs new leadership to adapt to these challenges. Our kids deserve better.” stated Former Simi Valley Mayor and Former Simi Valley School Board Trustee Greg Stratton when asked about his support for Josie’s campaign.

For more information and a complete list of endorsements,
visit www.josiehirsch2simischools.com.

It’s starting again!

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last buried myself in the local political stuff and it’s been a really nice break. A couple of years, 1 new baby and minus 50 pounds of weight loss, it’s starting over again. And while I promised myself I would try to care less, I find myself breaking that promise.

I’m interested to get to know who Doug Crosse is. I see a few signs out there for Keith Mashburn. Barbra Williamson kicked off her re-election campaign on Thursday. And I’ve heard that Eric Halub is running for City Council. Need a reminder of who he is? See below: