Barbra Williamson Responds to Doug Crosse

The one thing that anyone can count on is that Barbra Williamson is always willing to speak her mind. In response to the letter that is circulating from Doug Crosse regarding Mashburn’s ballot designation, Barbra Williamson had this to say:

Mr. Crosse needs to stop being such a cry baby and let Mr. Mashburn fight his own battles.

Mr. Mashburn’s own quote said he “reluctantly” used Retired Fire Chief, so he must have known at the get go he was on a slippery slope.  He just didn’t think someone was going to call him on it.

Mr. Crosse doesn’t have a problem with the designation because he supports Mr. Mashburn, however, it the shoe were on the other foot, he, Mr. Crosse, would be calling foul from the rooftops.

Again, Mr. Crosse needs to stop being such a cry baby and man-up.  No one thinks any less of Mr. Mashburn because he had to change his ballot designation.  He’s a hero.  He ran into burning buildings, we get it…I respect that as do many other people.

There is only one retired Ventura County Fire Chief and that person is Bob Roper.

And for Mr. Crosse to bring Ms. Argabrite into this discussion is shameless. If you want to take me on, that’s fine, but a defenseless staff person is pretty low even for Mr. Crosse.

Sometimes when I would walk into a restaurant or office the persons addressing me or introducing me would greet me as Ms. President (referring to the bank) but I never thought of using “Bank President” as my ballot designation…even though I was a Vice President for a local bank.

I could have taken the easy way out and not admitted that I was the person who called him on it, because the city did not release and does not release persons  who make the complaints…. but that has never been my style.

So, now I guess I can expect the wrath of god from Mr. Crosse and Sojka can relax.

Thanks to Barbra Williamson for her very candid and open response.

Doug Crosse on the Mashburn Ballot Statement Issue

Doug Crosse continues to speak out on the issues. A few moments ago, he shared the following letter with me that I believe he intends to send to the Ventura County Star for consideration.  This is regarding the previous article about Mashburn’s ballot designation:

SV City Councilwoman Barbara Williamson’s attack on challenger Keith Mashburn’s ballot designation was petty, personal and politically motivated. Keith started as a volunteer firefighter and over a 31 year career earned his way up to Deputy Battalion Chief and Lead Arson Investigator. For Ms. Williamson to use her influence over a fine city employee to change Mashburns requested designation of Retired Fire Chief is intolerable. It shows once again what many of us already know, there is no low that she wont stoop to protect her job and lavish benefits.

The irony and dereliction of duty by our Registrar of Voters sending it back to the Simi Valley Elections Coordinator for a decision is appalling. Mark Lunn VC Registrar of Voters is a former Deputy Chief for the California Highway Patrol. He listed his ballot designation as “Retired CHP Chief” NOT Deputy Chief in 2010.

No Ms. Williamson this was not an effort to “level the playing field”. It was just another in the growing list of thinly disguised shenanigans you’ve perpetrated to tip that field in your favor. You can add my name to the expanding roster of people who have lost all respect for you.

Doug Crosse

PS The use of the words under scrutiny in the headline distorts the story- fair would have been disputed, questioned etc.

Barbra Williamson is usually never afraid to charge ahead and express her opinion when she feels she is in the right, even if it’s possible that someone will have something to say about it. I spoke briefly with her about this issue and she indicated that she had no intention of hiding when the Ventura County Star reporter called her for clarification, standing by her original complaint.

If I hear anything from Councilmember Barbra Williamson regarding Mr. Crosse’s letter in response, I will share those details here.

Ballot Designation Dispute

According to the Ventura County Star, Simi Valley City Council Candidate Keith Mashburn was required to revise his ballot designation after a complaint was filed by incumbent candidate Barbra Williamson earlier this month. From the article…

Williamson addressed her concerns to Simi Valley Elections Coordinator Samantha Argabrite earlier this month.

Mashburn said Thursday that Argabrite told him last week to change the designation. He said he originally wanted to call himself a “retired fire battalion chief” but was limited by law to a three-word description, so he “reluctantly” put down “retired fire chief.”

“Once you elevate to the level of battalion chief, you’re considered a fire chief, but not the fire chief,” he said. “Now I’ve been forced to technically put down something that really doesn’t best represent me because firefighter is the lowest rank.”

Barbra Williamson indicated that the designation wasn’t accurate and felt it was important for all candidates to be operating on an even playing field. For more details, read the article in its entirety by clicking here.

Randy Nemecek for Simi Valley City Council

Randy Nemecek, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has taken his campaign online with the launch of his new website. From the website’s home page:

I am running for City Council to improve the quality of our local government decision-making and become a positive example for all public service.  As a current member of the Board of Directors of The Samaritan Center in Simi Valley, I plan to donate 100% of my public salary to this charity every year. I will not take a dime from the taxpayers to serve my friends and neighbors in Simi Valley with pride, honesty, and respect.

I first came across Randy Nemecek when I was considering applying for an open seat on the Neighborhood Council. I attended some Neighborhood Council meetings while Randy was the Chairperson. When I was informed that I was going to be a member of the Neighborhood Council, I stopped by again for Randy’s last meeting as the Chairperson and remember how gracious he was to have had the opportunity to serve.

I highly recommend stopping by his website to get a better idea about him and about his campaign. You can find his website at

Huber’s 20 Point Plan

Doug Crosse is an outspoken Simi Valley community leader and former candidate for Simi Valley City Council. As he gets acclimated to the social media world, it’s evident that he has a lot to say about Simi Valley issues. Earlier today, he emailed me an article regarding Mayor Huber’s 20 point plan for Simi Valley. What follows is an excerpt and a link to the full article.

Since the deep recession of the early 1990s triggered by post-Cold War defense cuts, Simi Valley has evolved from industrial center to bedroom community to small-business hub.

Now, Mayor Bob Huber wants to reinvent the city as what you might call Simi Valley 4.0, combining the best parts of its past but bringing more of a startup and tech culture to the region’s second-largest city. He took the wraps off his vision in an Economic Strategic Plan that was presented to City Council on Aug. 13.

The 20-point plan includes developing an online permit process to automate and speed simple projects for homeowners, contractors and small businesses. He also wants to borrow some ideas from San Diego County, which pioneered a concierge style approach to helping property owners and developers navigate the permit process with a one-stop-shopping approach.

Read this article in its entirety by clicking here. Thanks to Doug Crosse for providing the details.

Happy Hour with Keith


SV City Council candidate Keith Mashburn invites all Simi Valley Voters to a meet and greet, to listen to citizens concerns and answer questions about his campaign.

Where: The Junkyard Restaurant 2585 Cochran Ave, SV (just west of Sycamore Dr.)
When: Thursday 8/30, 5-7PM.
Look for the “Mashburn” signs

Stop by, meet Keith listen to what he has to say and most important share your thoughts and concerns. It’s a great opportunity to impact the future of Simi Valley with our next new Councilman.

Meanwhile please visit:

Schedule permitting, he will host an informal “meet and greet” every other Thursday throughout the campaign.

A Mashburn Endorsement

Keith Mashburn, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, announced tonight that his campaign has been endorsed by the Republican Central Committee of Ventura County.

Keith’s campaign has been in high gear for a while now.  In addition to this endorsement, Keith also has the endorsement of California State Senator Tony Strickland, who is also running for Representative Gallegly’s seat this November. Mashburn received the endorsement of the Simi Valley Police Officer’s Association last election, and it’s widely believed he’ll receive that endorsement again this year.